How to care for a room rose at home?

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Passing past the display of a flower shop, it’s impossible to take your eyes off bright miniature rose bushes. And how do you want to see such a miracle on your windowsill? However, the purchase of many scares stories of frustrated inexperienced flower growers, in which the plant a month later turned into a blackened dry bush. At the same time, neither transplantation nor dressing saved.

The main problem of the death of a plant is the lack of knowledge of how to care for a room rose. It is possible that the plant is distinguished by its complex character, but by observing the basic rules of cultivation, it will thank its owner with royal flowering and an amazing aroma.

Choosing a room rose

Choosing the right shrub in the flower shop is a fundamental factor in the success of growing it at home.

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Typically, the trading network offers the following varieties for sale:

  • Poliant. This undersized variety is obtained by crossing climbs and tea roses. Blooms profusely all year round with small( 2-4 cm) terry flowers;
  • Miniature. In the photo of the room rose of this variety, you can see very small double flowers, which distinguish them from other species. The plant is bred in China and has neat, densely-leaved bushes;
  • Hybrid tea obtained by crossing remontant varieties with tea varieties. The bush is distinguished by the flowering of exquisite large( 10-14 cm) terry flowers with a pleasant aroma.

When choosing, you should give preference to a plant that has fewer flowers, but more young shoots. This will guarantee that the shrub is in the growth phase and will facilitate the care of the room rose.

How to care for a room rose in the early days?

As soon as the rose was at home, do not rush to immediately replace it. Give her the opportunity to get used to the new conditions. In order to prevent a few days later, the bush must be treated for possible diseases and pests. To do this, it is enough to cover it abundantly with suds and rinse with clean water. With special attention should be handled inside.

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Accustomed to new conditions, the flower is ready for transplanting into a nutrient substrate. After removing the rose from the pot, carefully check the roots. On a healthy plant, they must have a light color and be strong. Having found rotten areas in the root zone, carefully remove. At the end of the treatment, the rose is placed in a pot with a nutrient mixture, at the bottom of which there must be a drainage. In order to improve survival rate, all flowers are removed from the bush.

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Create optimal conditions for the room rose

How to care for the room rose at home so that it has abundant flowering and a healthy appearance. For the plant is very important where it will be located. It is desirable that this was a window on the east or south side with sufficient lighting. Otherwise, with a lack of sunlight, the plant will have to be further illuminated, especially during the flowering period.

Looking at the photo of a blooming room rose, it is safe to say that the plant received the necessary amount of moisture, nutrients, and the necessary humidity was maintained. Room rose is very demanding for watering, but an excess of moisture can cause the occurrence of the disease. It is watered as the earthen coma dries in a pot of distilled warm water. It is very important for the bush to provide optimum humidity at a temperature of 23-25º C. It is recommended to humidify the bush by daily spraying with clean water. In hot, dry weather, this can be done in the morning and evening.

When you take care of a room rose, you shouldn’t forget about periodically loosening the soil in a pot and regularly adding supplements. As fertilizer, it is better to use liquid complex types or specially designed additives for these plants. The number and frequency of watering is determined by the manufacturer on the packaging.

Also, indoor roses need to be pruned periodically. It is carried out from the moment of awakening of the buds and the appearance of young shoots, which indicates the beginning of active growth of the bush. Removal of dry twigs and weak shoots will speed up the formation of buds and prevent disease in the room rose.

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Room rose diseases

Also, difficulties in growing can occur due to room rose disease. Most often it is dominated by aphids, spider mites and various fungal parasites. To prevent diseases, the leaves of roses must be subjected to regular inspection.

But how to save the plant if pests were found?

  • Spider Mite. Most often it can be found in hot weather. He entangles the leaves of the finest cobweb buds and leaves, which gradually begin to dry and fall off. Cure the plant can be sprayed with the drug "Fitoferm."
  • Aphis. With a small amount of pests can be collected hands, after which the plant is treated with the drug "Intavir".
  • If rust, powdery mildew and gray mold and other fungal diseases of the room rose occur, a spraying of Fundazol will be required. In addition to the main treatment, it is necessary to adjust the air humidity, reduce watering and ventilate the room where the rose is located.

Treatment with drugs is carried out in the open air. The plant is left for a day at the site of spraying, and then entered into the room.

Room Rose Care( video)

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