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  • It is rare that an ornamental plant can bloom in one place for many years. Daylilies, varieties with photos and names of which are described below, can not only grow, but also flourish, annually striking a variety of shapes and colors.

    Today, flower growers keen on these plants have tens of thousands of large and miniature varieties available. Large flowers that appear above the foliage illuminate the garden with all shades of yellow and red, pink and lilac, white and thickly purple.

    It was possible to achieve such a diversity of daylilies through complex hybridization using species plants.

    Species and hybrid daylilies

    It is not the brightest and most spectacular species that today are common in gardens and parks, became the ancestors of hybrid daylilies, far exceeding the “natural savages” by the brightness of colors, flowering time and unexpected forms that floral baubles received due to breeders.

    Three species forms are most known and widespread. Daylily is brown-yellow( Hemerocallis fulva) with pointed linear leaves, growing in sunny areas and in partial shade, forms powerful curtains. Above them, peduncles are clearly visible with orange flowers, rocking on the peduncles up to a meter in height.

    Daylily yellow( Hemerocallis flava) resembles the previous species, while its leaves are more likely to wilt as they grow. Corollas of flowers with a diameter of about 10 cm have a sunny yellow color.

    Another natural species, which became the ancestor of modern hybrid plants, is the daylily lemon yellow( Hemerocallis citrine).Plants up to 120 cm tall with elegant light yellow or greenish flowers bloom massively from the second half of summer.

    The first cultivated varieties of the daylily were created using intraspecific selection, therefore, retaining the characteristics of their ancestors, they received larger flowers, spectacular terry corolla, began to bloom longer and depend less on growing conditions. The names and photos of these varieties of daylilies are still familiar to flower growers. But the most popular managed to win the hybrids, for which, due to the abundance of forms, colors and other characteristics, a special classification was developed.

    Existing hybrid daylilies are distinguished by flower shape, highlighting:

    • are simple, most close to the natural species;
    • terry, with a double or triple set of petals;
    • arachnids, with elongated petals that make the corolla look like an insect;
    • of unusual or indefinite form;
    • as well as multi-forms and polymers, which for one reason or another can be attributed to several groups at once.

    No less important than the shape of the flower, for a grower, the duration of flowering and the time it starts are important. On this basis, the plants are divided into several groups from early to very late. There are daylilies that bloom only once a year, but increasingly, breeders present hybrid plants, in which bud formation occurs in waves, several times over the summer.

    As each day-day corolla lives only 24 hours, there are varieties of night, day and long-term flowering. Knowing the peculiarities of the culture, you can choose varieties for the garden that will make it unique at any time of the day.

    The sizes of the daylily themselves and the colors revealed on them are seriously different. Miniature varieties do not exceed 30–40 cm in height, and giants can produce peduncles up to one and a half meters. Corollas up to 7–8 cm are considered small. The most spectacular flowers have a diameter of about 15–17 cm.

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    Daylord Frans Hals, Frans Hals

    Bright yellow-orange coloring of the petals for daylilies is “native”, natural. But the creators of the Frans Hals variety were able to achieve a unique combination of these shades, turning the flower into an incredible spectacle of spectacularity. Opening, the corollas of the daylily Frans Hals amaze with the saturation of the wide orange petals, “stitched” by the yellow median vein. The corolla neck is yellowish-green, the trio of narrow petals is deep yellow.

    As seen in the photo, a daylily variety called Frans Hals is a great decoration for any garden where there is a well-lit playground for the plant. Peduncles reach a height of 1 meter, the diameter of a flower in dissolution is 12–15 cm.

    Daylily Bonanza, Bonanza

    A modern variety with yellow flowers decorated with bright red-wine spraying in the center of the corolla, tolerates moisture deficiency, likes the sun and carelessly lit upany area. Daylily Bonanza or Bonanza is a diploid variety with an average flowering period. It is characterized by regular flowering, resistance to freezing and attacks of pests.

    When grown in the shade, the hybrid daylily blooms, but not as intensely and long as in the sun. But the shadow contributes to the growth of foliage, which retains its richness from early spring until snow falls.

    Daylily Longfields Pearl, Longfields Pearl

    The cultivated species of the daylily are very different from each other, and sometimes in shape can more resemble lilies or gladioli than their relatives. From the first days of August until mid-autumn, the Longleaded Pearl Daylily variety reveals corollas, which at first glance can be easily confused with yellow-cream lilies. Broad petals form a flower of a wide-conical shape. The neck is colored with greenish-yellow tones, which gradually warm up, becoming creamy, creamy. The diameter of the corolla is 10 cm. The leaves are green, narrow-pointed, linear.

    The plant is unpretentious to the conditions of cultivation, needs regular watering and cleaning of the soil under the sockets from weeds. To maintain decorativeness, faded flowers are removed in summer, and after 5–7 years, the daylily is transplanted.

    Daylily Stella de Oro, Stella D’Oro

    Many are accustomed to considering daylilies as large garden perennials. However, today in the long list of varieties of these plants there are more and more true miniatures, no more than 30–40 cm high.

    The daylily variety Stella de Oro with star-shaped yellow flowers can rightfully be attributed to them. The diameter of the corolla of a pure, yellow shade is 6–7 cm. Plants with a compact rosette and a very long lush bloom, despite their modest size, are sure to become true garden “stars”, fully justifying the name of the variety and photo of the daylily.

    The Stella D’Oro day lily blooms in waves almost from June to frosts, it can be grown in open ground, as well as in large portable pots.

    Daylily Katerina Woodbury, Catherine Woodbery

    Daylily Catherine Woodbery does not hit with terry flowers or the incredible size of the bush. The peculiarity of this variety is a very gentle quivering-lilac shade of petals, especially advantageously looking against the background of a light greenish neck.

    The simple flowers of the daylily Katerina Woodbury reach 12–16 m in diameter. Flowering occurs in the second half of summer. The yellow-pink tone prevails in the sun in the opening corolla, which in the penumbra acquires lilac sophistication.

    Daylily Night Bacon, Night Beacon

    A variety with an unusual contrasting combination of thick purple-wine and yellow hue cannot be called a novelty. Day Beacon Daylily is known to flower growers for a long time not only due to the spectacular color of 8 cm flowers. Corollas of the classical form, proudly rising above the green, slightly drooping foliage, do not grow dull in the sun.

    The unpretentious and bright daylily Night Bacon feels great in the sun, in the partial shade the flowers are somewhat less common, but the violet-purple hues on their petals gain true depth.

    Daylily Double River Wai, Double River Wye

    River Wye Yellow Terry Daylily belongs to semi-evergreen varieties that delight in lush greenery in late spring and late autumn. This plant has a day bloom. It takes about 16 hours from the opening of the double river bud to the daylily to its withering, during which the garden is lit up with exquisite yellow shades and light aroma of large, 13-centimeter flowers.

    The beginning of flowering is in July, and the last flowers with a double set of petals unfold in September.

    Daylily Bestseller, Bestseller

    The advantages of this variety of hybrid daylily are many. These are large flowers with a diameter of up to 14 centimeters, and green foliage caps well visible in the garden, growing to a height of 60–70 cm. Flowers varieties Bestseller painted in lilac-pink delicate tones. The petals are edged with a bizarrely twisted frill with green and yellow edges. The plants of medium-sized blooms adorn the garden from June until mid-August.

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    Daylily Divas Choice, Diva`s Choice

    Another variety of hybrid daylily, whose flowers can be easily mistaken for garden lilies. Similar to daylily Divas Choys, the tender pink and cream color of the petals adds similarity. The hybrid, launched in 2012, will not leave indifferent either the novice surprised by the diversity, nor the venerable connoisseur of culture.

    The lemon yellow hues in the depth of the neck become creamy yellow, warming, turning to pink and coral salmon. Along the edge, Diva`s Choice petals are corrugated. The diameter of the flower in full dissolution reaches a record 17 cm, while at the same flower stalk can simultaneously open 3-4 buds.

    Daylily Pandoras Boxing, Pandora’s box

    Pandora's real box in the daylily world! The magnificent hybrid, since 1980, has not tired of striking flower growers with the brightness of contrasting shades, the stability of flowering and the compact size of the plant. Pandora’s box daylily is a miniature variety. An adult plant in height does not exceed 50 cm, it blooms very abundantly and for a long time, delighting the owner with real bouquets of 10 centimeters flowers.

    Greenish, lime neck corolla, tasty, like a handful of cherries and blackberries, pith and creamy cream petals. Daylily Pandora Boxing - an irresistible temptation and a center of attraction for everyone's attention!

    Daylily Sorry Mi, Pardon Me

    Among the popular miniature varieties there are plants with simple and double flowers of all shades. But one of the leaders in attractiveness can be considered the daylily Pardon Me. A hybrid plant, the lush green of which rises to 40-50 cm, every year pleases the appearance of densely cherry flowers with a lemon neck. It is this contrasting bright color - the main "highlight" of the daylily Pardon Mee, blooming from July to September.

    The plant does not require frequent transplantation, it is very unprincipled and perfectly adjoins with other miniature varieties.

    Day lily Night Embers, Night Embers

    Those who are not indifferent to rich tones, bright colors and lush forms, will like the hybrid daylily variety Night Embers. On medium sizes, up to 75 cm, terry flowers of diameters up to 12-14 cm with truly unique color are revealed to plants. The petals of the Night Embers variety are as if made of velvet of a noble crimson-purple hue. Their edges are exquisitely corrugated, through the deep tone of the petals peeps through the warm yellow color of the neck.

    Lacy Dolly Daylily, Lacy Doily

    It is amazing how such luxurious plants as daylilies can be so unpretentious, not afraid of frost, it is easy to tolerate drought and to give growers a lot of original bright flowers every year.

    Lacy Doily Daylily is no exception. From July on the bushes with a height of 60 to 80 cm appear elegant terry flowers of salmon or delicate pink color. The corolla core is yellow with a lemon or greenish tint. The Lily Doli Daylily variety is distinguished by its stability, long flowering and wintering without problems.

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    Daylily Double Dream, Double Dream

    Incredible plant for the most exquisite garden! Double Dream Hybrid Daylily is a truly double dream, a plant with huge, up to 15 cm terry flowers of luxurious salmon or creamy cream color. At the same time, the day lily Double Dream, like all its immediate relatives, is not afraid of frost, it blooms early, easily suffers a water deficit and is ready to grow in the sun itself.

    Daylord Red Ram, Red Rum

    Red daylilies are not so frequent, therefore, every such variety is of great interest to growers. Daylord Red Ram blooms from July to August. At this time, flower stalks with actively crane flowers with a diameter of about 10 centimeters appear above the green foliage up to half a meter in height. The corollas of a simple form in the depths seem to shine thanks to the greenish-yellow throat and the yellow rays radiating from it in the middle of each petal.

    Daylily Black Stockings, Black Stockings

    Daylily Black Stockings - a novelty that Russian growers have yet to study well. However, you can love this flower at first sight! Appeared in 2015, the variety immediately attracted attention with 15-centimeter flowers, shaped like a lily and colored in a thick purple-violet hue. Corolla core yellow. In the depth of the neck visible lemon-green tones. At the edge of the black day stallion petals, there is a refined corrugated ruffle.

    With outstanding sizes of flowers, the daylily itself is not very large. Its height reaches only 60 cm. The plant is characterized by repeated flowering, the main wave occurs in July and August.

    Daylily Little Anna Rosa, Little Anna Rosa

    The gentle touching flowers of the daylily Little Anna Rosa can not be overlooked even though the variety belongs to miniature plants. The height of the foliage and peduncles does not exceed 40 cm, and the flowers that open at the end of June, and then, for the second time in the second half of summer, have a diameter of 8 cm.

    Little Anna Rosa Daylily is a semi-evergreen variety that tolerates winters and is one of the firstmeeting spring bright greens. Pale pink beaters with a rich spot in the center, deeply colored with rich lemon tones. The edges of the petals are crimped, bright white rays come along the top three.

    Daylily Mildred Mitchell, Mildred Mitchell

    Like many modern hybrid plants, the daylily Mildred Mitchell is characterized by double flowering, unpretentiousness to growing conditions and generous thanks to a grower for a modest care. Hybrid bloom lasts about a month and flows first in June – July, and then closer to the beginning of autumn. Lush clumps of narrow lance leaves at this time are decorated with flower stalks with one or 2–4 large haloes in lilac-pink tones.

    Daylily Mildred Mitchell - a kind of record for flower size. The corollas in full dissolution have a diameter of 18 cm, which is quite a lot for a plant 60–70 cm high. In the center of the corolla of a simple form, it is easy to notice a lilac spot, a lemon-yellow neck, closer to the edges are corrugated petals painted in delicate pink. Lilac color from the center of the corolla in the form of Kant goes to the frill. The middle line of each petal is decorated with white or silver brushstroke. The same shade on the edges.

    Daylord Burgundy Love, Burgundy Love

    Hybrid tetraploid day-lily with a thick cherry shade of petals can not pass by lovers of this garden culture. Daylily Burgundy Love belongs to the "sleeping" varieties that easily respond to changes in weather and season. Therefore, it is necessary to wait from him not one or two, but several full blooms. Flowers varieties Burgundy Love, revealing, reach a size of 15 cm. Hardly corrugated, as if the brocade petals are painted in a noble shade of red wine. The neck is yellow, a light pastel stroke is applied along the center line of the petal.

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