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To equip the room with taste, and at the same time to save space will help folding doors interior book. The design received its name because of the mechanism's peculiarity - when opening two doors fold in half. To pay attention to doors of this type is actual, if the sizes of an apartment are insignificant, and apertures narrow. In the process of manufacturing the product, various materials, fittings and mechanisms are used. Realizing what kind of folding doors the interior book is and how they should be installed, it will be much easier to equip the interior.

Main advantages

Installing the product is convenient in any room, except for the toilet. The door will also function as a screen in the dressing room or wardrobe. If the kitchen works well extractor and smells do not reach the apartment, then the door is actual to install in this room.

Many in the design of apartments prefer folding doors to the interior book because of such features:

  1. When opening, the structure does not go beyond the doorway. This feature allows you to save space in the room and will not take up free space in a small corridor.
  2. The product is safe for small children. The design is opened smoothly, so you will not be able to hit the kids about it.
  3. The product opens in both directions.
  4. It is not necessary to set the threshold here (in particular, if the product is completely suspended).
  5. Looks in the interior of the model is very unusual, helping to emphasize the merits of many stylistic solutions.
  6. The door is made of a folding inner book from various materials, as well as a standard model. In the production process, an array, veneer and laminate covering are used.
  7. The design is considered much better than the door of the accordion. It uses a smaller number of canvases and joints, which makes the canvas much stronger.
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Disadvantages of the model

When installing the folding doors of the interior book, you will encounter such drawbacks of the model:

  1. Poor sound and heat insulation. The presence of folds, a seal in the upper part, as well as a guide with rollers leaves a small distance through which noise and cold penetrate.
  2. When installing the product, you can not do without specialized hardware.
  3. The folding mechanism is not as strong as a door made from a single piece of fabric.
  4. If the door is too heavy, then you will need to additionally install not only the top mount, but also the rollers from the bottom, and this is unnecessary costs.
  5. When the door leaf is decorated with glass inserts, it is necessary to open the product neatly or to equip the mechanism with a door closer so as not to break the decoration.

How to install self-adjusting doors interior book

Before you start the installation you will need to prepare construction tools. Take a tape measure, a chair, a pencil and a saw. Do not forget to prepare a screwdriver, perforator and electric jigsaw.

You will need to pre-purchase platbands, wooden bars, as well as a mounting foam to seal the cracks. During the work, fixing fittings for platbands and gates are useful. Another important detail is the MDF panel 2-2.5 cm thick.

Taking all the necessary tools and materials before installing the door book go to the installation. First of all, start with the doorway, removing the old box. Carefully align the slopes, and mount the accessories (slats that perform the function of the door frame). Use a jigsaw to prepare suitable slats from the panels. With the help of dowels, fix them in the form of the letter "P". Do not forget to take into account the dimensions of the opening when preparing the dobors.

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Install the resulting structure (letter "P") in the doorway, and drill it with anchors. Mount the fixing hardware of the door book, drill it at the same distance, as this will avoid distortions. Additionally, use the level to make measurements correctly. Dodings will hold better if the gap between the wall and the panels is covered with foam.

Attach the door leaf to the box. When installing the door, first select which way the structure will open. Use the hinges for the door book, it only takes 3 sets, they will be able to withstand great loads.

Do not forget that when mounting the structure, you must drown the loops in the canvas, so that the distance between the canvas and the dolly is the same. If you do not adhere to this condition, it will lead to a skewed door.

Features of installation of the sliding mechanism for doors the book

Before assembling the slide mechanism, prepare a carriage with rollers, a rail and a roller guide. When using the latter parts it will be easier to attach the carriage with the rollers to the door.Do not forget about screws and stoppers. It is thanks to the restraints when installing the doors that the book leaves will not beat against the wall.

The process of assembling the mechanism involves the following stages:

  1. When using the level, horizontally, attach the aluminum rail to the upper area of ​​the box. In the groove there must be a carriage with rollers.
  2. Make sure that the carriage slides smoothly in the middle of the groove.
  3. At the edges of the rail, attach the stops.
  4. Attach the roller guide on one side of the door leaf. Thanks to this procedure, the guide and the carriage with the rollers must be connected.

The folding door system will work as high as possible, if at the end of the assembly you miss it with lithol. Due to this type of lubrication mechanism will not be corroded and will start moving as smoothly as possible.

Additional measures

Equip the door frame with the floor roller system if the door is heavy. This measure will avoid skewing the door and various deformations of the mechanism. Try to install the door book according to the instructions and, if necessary, additionally mount an aluminum rail into the floor surface. Install a carriage with rollers into the rail, and then, through the roller guide, attach it to the bottom area of ​​the door. Such a system is additionally equipped with anti-dust brushes, which prevents the accumulation of dust in the rail.

Experts advise to use when installing the door leaf door closer, when the model is oversized or if the mechanism is often opened. Such a system will smoothly close the door leaf and will not touch anyone.

While fixing the hardware, pay attention to the handles that are heated in the door leaf. In the process of closing and opening, such a handle will not damage the wall and the box. Do not forget that in this case the protruding handle does not fit, as it can damage the wall or touch a passing person.

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The installation of a folding door is not an easy process, but the result is worth the effort. The simplest way is to install the door of the book on video, where all the steps are shown clearly.

Steps of installing the door book - video

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