Why does yellow aglaonema and how to help the plant?

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Quite recently, fans of indoor plants got acquainted with aglaonema. Tropical plants are accustomed to grow under the canopy of large trees, tolerating a lack of light. It could not be better suited for breeding in dark apartments with a lack of sun. Prized flower for decorative leaves. If aglaonema turns yellow, all the beauty of the plant is lost. And since the plant belongs to the aroid family, the special conditions of the Tropican woman in the apartment should be created.

Agrotehnika aglaonema

This plant was opened for gardeners only in the last century. Breeders engaged them closely only in the 70s of the last century. Distribution and new hybrid forms have appeared in the set already in this century.

The main value in the relative simplicity of aglaonema. It does not require such care as ornamental flowering aroid. Grow a flower feasible newbie. And yet the plant loves:

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  • fertile, loose, light soil based on peat and heather land;
  • content in heat without direct sunlight;
  • moderate watering with warm soft water;
  • wiping leaves with a damp cloth, warm shower and spraying, though not frequent.

Aglaonema does not tolerate drafts and cooling below 15, even for a short time.

Dishes The plant likes a wide, drainage layer for it is optional. For aglaonema is not terribly random one-time overwetting, it is more patient. A flower can live in shading conditions, where other flowers wither. In the shade the leaves become juicy and more contrasting in coloring. That is why aglaonema is suitable for beginner flower growers.

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In the language of plants, they signal problems in the content by changing the appearance. A diseased or starving plant may give a signal. Dots may appear on the leaves, the plant will lose its torpor and the leaves will wilt, the edges of the sheets will begin to dry up or the coloring will be lost. If the leaves of aglaonema turn yellow, she is uncomfortable, and you should look for the cause.

Aglaonema is a poisonous plant with a caustic juice. When care should be taken to protect. You need to put a flower out of the reach of children and animals.

What do aglaonema leaves say?

If the flower gets everything you need and the content matches the biology, the plant is beautiful, the leaves are bright, shiny, fleshy. There are no points on them and the stems are clean. When aglaonema slowly grows, it is not a deviation, but a varietal trait. In normal development, 5-6 sheets appear in a year. In a too warm room, the plant is drawn out and loses its decorative effect.

If the leaves change color in the direction of darkening and change shape, then it is necessary to increase the watering, the plant dries. But when a gray bloom appears on the leaves, it means that there is not enough fresh air in the room. Draft cannot be created.

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  • improper watering, waterlogging or drought;
  • is not enough light;
  • watering with chlorinated non-settled water;
  • watering with hard or not enough warm water;
  • malnutrition;
  • pest infestation of a plant:
  • root rot due to systematic overflow;
  • drafts and content at reduced temperature;
  • natural dying off of the lower leaves, as a symptom of aging.

Often the yellowing of the aglaonema signals a lack of light. Another common cause may be improper watering. In this case, overmoistening is accompanied not only by yellowing, but also by wilting of the leaves. Sad flower should be put in a warm place and temporarily stop watering. If this does not help, it may be that the roots have rotted and then the plant needs to be transplanted.

Regular feeding will help the plant cope with the situation when the flower spike appears. Yellowing of leaves during this period is a consequence of starvation. Feed every two weeks with liquid fertilizer to correct the situation.

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It is important to use soft, settled water at room temperature for irrigation. The plant does not tolerate calcium salts, chlorine and tobacco smoke in the room. But excessive stiffness will additionally create brown spots on the leaves.

Danger of insect infestation and aglaonema diseases. Resistant plant with systematic overwetting and cooling can get fungal diseases. Leaves may suffer from gray mold, become spotted. Such plants will die without treatment with fungicides.

The yellow leaves of the aglaonema, upon careful examination, are infected with sucking insects:

  • ;
  • worm;
  • shield;
  • red spider mite;
  • thrips.

Only insecticides can help with large occupancy. If there are few pests, the treatment of leaves under the shower and solutions of soap will save.

It is necessary to process plants with household chemicals at home only with approved drugs and not exceeding the dosage. For the period of processing all other animals from the premises should be removed.

Insects can move in when quarantine is not observed for new plants. Contributes to the multiplication of spider mites dry room air. You can lime it with the help of Aktellik.

Mealybugs will ruin the leaves, but you can escape with soapy water or Carbaphos. Aphids can be destroyed by feverfew. But if she turned the sheet into a tube, then you need to delete the entire plate.

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