House for ducks with the help of Urban Coop Company


This story began a long time ago. Monty Twining, the owner of the company, drew creative ideas from everywhere - those who are familiar with it, are not surprised by this! His family grows and breeds ducks as well as chickens, so Monti wanted to build a house for them. He turned to me, because he knew that I was also engaged in ducks, and asked if I would like to participate in the development of a new house for these birds. Of course, I took the opportunity! The idea seemed to me excellent, and most importantly - useful and very attractive. When Monti told me that he wanted to make a house for ducks from a regular chicken coop, I was delighted! And although the chickens shared a chicken coop with ducks, I always believed that for ducks there must be a house of their own, which is designed for them. Our first conversation with Monti led to the fact that in April of this year we visited the Urban Coop Company in Texas.

I was shown a lot of interesting things - and it was truly fascinating. It turns out that all their chicken coops are made right here in America - MANUALLY! Such work done using conventional tools is worthy of respect. And the duck house, according to the drawings and other drawings, will be a real spa-pleasure for ducks.

After a little visual training, they pointed to my workplace gave me tools and a glue gun, as well as the first task - to cut out the necessary elements for the future structure. Monty helped me by drawing a drawing of the duck house plan. We walked back and forth, discussing all the important nuances: what will be outside, how it will be inside, since all proportions of the house must be taken into account, up to the measurement of the ducks. Finally, we came up with a design and were ready to begin the main work. From Monty's scribbler on paper, we were able to build a real 3D drawing on the computer.

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After a couple of months, Monti finally announced that the first assembly of the duck house was a success. And a week later I had a house for ducks, which I had to test and say my own opinion. The quality of manufacturing products from the Urban Coop Company is excellent. All products are packed in separate boxes to prevent any damage during delivery. All drills and other hardware are in reliable packages.

All you need to build a duck house is a cordless drill, which you need to purchase yourself.

The remaining tools are already included in the kit, including drills.

It takes about 4 hours to build and all this together with interruptions. All instructions are written in an accessible and understandable language, they are very easy to follow, as everywhere there are colored sketches and photographs to properly connect the details. Two people will be able to manage with the assembly of the house in 2 hours.

Of course, there are differences between the size of a duck and a chicken. The first, as a rule, do not sleep on the roost, but they also need an additional birdhouse and a place for breeding chicks. Ducks enough to be at ground level. I and Monty were sure that they needed a place for swimming and a sunny side.

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Here's what includes some of the features of assembling a duck house.

Secure Lockson all doors and gates, which must be firmly closed. Any open latch, even for a raccoon, can be a simple way to get into the house. The snake can not get inside, since the wire is 1x2. The only vulnerable area is the perimeter. So that no predatory animal could reach the ducks, you need to protect the house with pavers or stones to make a decent fence. It will look like a barrier so that other animals can not unearth and penetrate inside. And for ducks, this protection will be 100% safe.

Hidden place of nestingwhere ducks can lay their eggs. Make a small door, which is easy to get to collect eggs. In order for the ducks to be comfortable, it is best to fill the place with straw or shavings - let them make the nest themselves, as they want.

Patio with grass- here ducks can pinch the grass, walk, eat. By the way, you can feed them using an automatic food dispenser. Here you can also make a small pool for ducks, setting a ramp to the side fence to help the birds do not roll over and keep their balance. House for ducks is easy enough, it can be moved to any other place - in the taek or in the sun.

Certainly,birdbathand the sunny side (bathing platform) is a very interesting addition to the duck house. So, for example, the pool can be filled with 20 gallons of water using a conventional garden hose. The platform is needed for the ducks to easily enter and exit on the platform for bathing. Under the platform, install a drain pan that will drain water from the pool into the sewage system through the hose.

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For those who want to do it themselves

If you want to make a house for ducks yourself, then you will need the following tools:

  • Reciprocating saw (or any other that can saw a tree);
  • drill;
  • self-tapping screws, nails;
  • measuring tape;
  • pallets (3 pieces);
  • any box size 8x6;
  • plastic for the roof;
  • plywood;
  • door hinges, hooks, locks;
  • any decor elements for decoration.

Construction of house for ducks

It is enough to take a strong box 8x6 and cut it in half to get 2 identical sides for the left and right side of the house. Dense plastic will serve as a roof, which must be attached to the top.


As a holding platform, it is better to use pallets to keep the balance at home.

The front part will be the door for the duck, which should open easily. Attach the back to the hooks or place a good lock. Inside the duck house you can make a floor or simply pour straw. To keep the birds cold, insulate the inside with plastic, so you can prevent disease of ducks even with strong gusts of wind.

Necessary means for decoration

  • balloon with paint;
  • carved knife;
  • stencils (to nail to the house).

Such decor can be an excellent decoration for the house, and birds will be pleased to be in it.

A great addition to the prefab house will be a large pond:

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