Necessary in the kitchen thing - a protective cover from China

As a rule, when working with a mixer, splashes constantly arise that stain the entire kitchen, including the table and the walls. In order to avoid this, many housewives trick themselves in different ways: some try to slowly mix products, others try to find a bowl position where there will be less spray.

But why suffer so much? After all, there is a special cover that protects the kitchen from splashes. It is suitable for almost any tableware.

protective cover is easy to use. First you need to cover the bowl with a lid, and then carefully push the mixer into a special hole. Do not do this when the mixer is working. Only when the mixer is already inside, you can begin to mix products. If the lid is not entirely suitable for the selected dish, just hold it gently.

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The advantages of the protective cover:

  1. Simplicity. It is enough just to cover the bowl with a special lid while working with the mixer so that the kitchen remains as clean as possible.
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  3. Clean. The lid is much easier to wash than the entire kitchen.
  4. Convenient to monitor the process. Thanks to the transparent part of the cover, you can safely follow the mix of products, without fear that the spray can get into the eye.
  5. Versatility. Suitable for almost any size bowl.
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Each cook has to have a protective cap. After all, it usually takes a long time to clean the kitchen from various sprays. And if you immediately cover the bowl with a special lid, then you do not need to clean.

Domestic online stores offer this product for 270 rubles. It is quite reasonable price for such a device.

But the Chinese manufacturer on Aliexpress is selling this product for 179 rubles. This amount is almost 100 rubles less. So why pay for a protective cover in domestic online stores?

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Characteristics of the Chinese protective cover:

  • hole material - silicone;
  • cover material - plastic;
  • hole diameter - 11 cm;
  • cap diameter - 30 cm;
  • hole color - blue.

As you can see, it is much more profitable to buy goods on the website Aliexpress. After all, the Chinese manufacturer almost always indicates a rather low price for various goods. That is why you should not overpay when buying goods in online stores of the CIS countries.

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