How to prepare a multivark for the first use

How to prepare a multivark for the first use


Buying a multivark is a pleasant experience. Now you will live in a new way! You can cook so many dishes with just one touch of a button: milk porridges, soups, side dishes, meat, steamed fish, pies... Stop-stop-stop! Dreams are good, but first all the same we'll go down to earth. To make a fairy tale become a reality, a certain preparation of the multivark before the first use is necessary. What do we have to do? Yes, nothing difficult - just follow our advice.


  • 1Unpack new clothes
  • 2My multivark before use
  • 3Choose a recipe
  • 4Cooking
  • 5Caring for cartoons after use

Unpack new clothes

If you just brought a purchase from the street, do not rush to unpack it. Multivark manufacturers recommend waiting two hours to allow the device to adjust to the ambient temperature. Condensate will also evaporate during this period, if it appeared during transportation. In this case, it is advisable not to get the device out of the box at all.

You can still choose a place for multivark. It must meet the following requirements:

  1. The absence of direct sunlight. A window sill is not suitable for this purpose. Unless, the northern side.
  2. Presence of a hood or at least an empty seat from above, so that the steam can go out freely. You can not put it under the locker. In extreme cases, deploy the device so that the valve "looks" toward the hood or in the middle of the kitchen.
  3. Smooth surface. Preferably, non-slip. However, many multivarkas have good, stable legs.

Have you chosen the right place? You can unpack. Carefully remove the device from the box, freeing it from the packing bags. Remove all advertising stickers (except the serial number). Instructions, a measuring cup, a spoon and other accessories, leave, and hide the box with the warranty card away from children. To throw out do not hasten - suddenly it is necessary to return the device to the seller.

My multivark before use

The outer and inner surfaces of the multivarquet must be wiped with a damp cloth before first use. Wash the bowl and other accessories with warm water and soap solution and dry it dry. Carefully see if the multivark has removable parts. If so, remove them and wash them with a warm soap solution.


Avoid abrasive products that can damage the brittle coating of the bowl.

The very first use of a multivark is preparation for operation. To do this, pour a little water into the bowl, select the "steamer" mode and set the timer for 5 minutes. During this time, the remnants of the factory processing are removed, and the device will be fully ready for use.


We advise you to read: how to wash a multi-

Choose a recipe

To begin with, try to make something simple. So you can find out the possibilities of your new assistant, but you will not overload yourself and its complex programs. As the first side dish, rice or buckwheat (you can not imagine how crumbly and delicious are the porridges!).


Before using the multivark for the first time, do not forget to read the instructions! Manufacturer's recommendations may differ slightly from standard ones.


You can also cook vegetables for steaming on steamed, boil soup or churn meat. Recipe can be taken directly from your recipes book (if it is) or pick up on the Internet. By the way, almost all the recipes sound the same: measure the right amount of ingredients, wash and clean them, put them in a saucepan and fill them with water, then put out the desired program.



How to cook rice or buckwheat with a new multivark:

  • pour the croup into a separate container;
  • Rinse it thoroughly under running water and pour it into the bowl;
  • Pour the required amount of water (usually the proportion:);
  • add salt and butter;
  • Close the lid and turn on the "Float / buckwheat" mode.

Time in this program is not necessary to expose - the device will independently determine when the croup is cooked. You just have to wait for the sound signal.

If desired, you can use the delay start, which will allow you to take into account the cooking time as much as possible. After the sound signal, the device maintains the temperature from 1 to 3 hours depending on the model.


Recipe for pea soup:

  • Rinse half a measuring glass of dry peas and pour it into the bowl;
  • peel and cut two large potatoes;
  • add them to the peas;
  • fry onions and carrots;
  • pour them into a saucepan;
  • add spices and herbs to taste;
  • pour the water to the maximum level;
  • Close the lid and turn on the "soup / steamer" program for 60 minutes.

In an hour you can feed the family with soup. Do not be embarrassed by the fact that the products are prepared immediately and all together (not at all like on the stove). The taste of the dish will not spoil it. The fact is that the program is set to the optimum temperature, which allows you to carefully handle all the ingredients, preserving their taste.


During cooking, the body and cover may become very hot, so be careful!


Caring for cartoons after use

After use, the bowl and all other parts must be washed. To do this, remove them, clean them of the leftovers and rinse under a stream of warm water. You can use a liquid dishwashing detergent. Pay attention to the cup for collecting moisture, which is located on the body next to the lid mount (if it is non-removable). It also needs to be removed and washed.

If the products were too greasy, you can again use self-cleaning. To do this, pour clean water into the bowl and set the steamer mode for 5-7 minutes. After that, all the insides of the multivark can be easily washed.

And finally, a few tips for operating a multivark:

  • Do not leave the prepared dish in a saucepan for a long time;
  • Do not overload the device: the products should not be above the maximum mark inside the bowl;
  • Before cooking, close the lid tightly;
  • do not use the mixing bowl;
  • Do not put kitchen towels and potholders on the lid;
  • make sure that the steam from the hole in the lid loosely rises;
  • You can not turn on the appliance without a bowl inside;
  • You can not use any other dish instead of a saucepan.

We wish you a new multivarka to serve for many years, pleasing you with excellent dishes!

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