Landscape design video (composition)

Video about landscape design in the countryTo make the flower garden look picturesque and beautiful, its design must be thought out in advance and carefully planned. When composing the flower arrangement of the flowerbed, it is necessary to take into account many important factors - the harmony of forms and colors, compatibility of plants in height and flowering period, biological and decorative features of flowers, shrubs and trees.

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And to start developing a spectacular and colorful flower garden you need to determine the location, size and outlines of the plot under the flower bed, as well as the selection and purchase of suitable plants and flowers for the future flower beds.

Video with Vita Bunina, a famous landscape designer in Moscow, will talk about how you can independently create interesting and spectacular landscape compositions from simple and accessible plants, which methods and tricks are used to ensure that the flower garden is fragrant continuously and until deep autumn.

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Vita Bunina will reveal the secrets of creating volumetric and bright flower compositions, will tell you about the right choice of plants for flower beds and the characteristics of their planting. Self-design of the infield is an exciting and creative process, and knowledge basics of landscape design will allow beginners and experienced gardeners to do everything correctly and without problems!

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Landscape design in your garden (video)

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