Reliable assistant in the care of a large lawn - “conscious” lawn mower

Lawn mower

Cottage or country house - a place where you can relax in the fresh air. But besides this in the country and have to work well. And here a variety of garden tools and equipment come to the rescue.

Scientists have long noticed lawn mowers. A large number of various models have been developed that can not only bypass stones and determine the area needed for mowing, but after the energy is used up, it will return to the base for recharging. With such lawn mowers today you will not surprise anyone.

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Husqvarna and its new Robot Lawn Mower made a real splash in the market for lawn mowing equipment. This is a convenient, economical and "smart" model. It looks nothing like a classic lawn mower and, most likely, resembles a fashionable vacuum cleaner. It weighs only 10 kg. Can be charged from the battery and from solar energy. One charge is enough to mow the lawn, an area of ​​about 2 thousand. m2 The mower runs smoothly in any weather. In addition, the model is equipped with "anti-theft system." If suddenly someone wants to steal your "clever", it starts to make loud sounds, and to continue the work, it will also require the introduction of a special code! Miracles! The only negative is the price. Such a lawn mower costs about 3 thousand dollars.

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Video about a lawnmower robot

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