Working with a universal wonder balancer is simple and easy.


Modern trends in gardening and gardening can introduce innovative developments that simplify many of the processes for the care of a country house.

Is it possible to handle a chainsaw, a makeshift trimmer or a shovel with one hand movement? At first glance - it seems impossible. But thanks to the engineering developments of Canadian farmers, caring for the dacha area will bring only pleasure.

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With an individual holder-balance does not have to make special efforts, performing heavy work on the land. The principle of the product is very simple. When used, the main weight of the material is distributed evenly throughout the body, removing the main load from the hands. The device does not look very typical. It has the appearance of a metal-plastic construction with a pole, a system of rollers, rods and cables. The balancer wears on your back like a backpack, and its upper part rises above your head. The cable holding the tool also fastens to it.

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The device has gained popularity among many summer residents and professional farmers. Especially for bulk earthmoving or shearing a large number of bushes, this tool is indispensable.

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The device is patented by the Canadian summer resident of the Defense Ministry, who took up the production of the wonder balancer.

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