Garden fountain - an integral part of the landscape design of the dacha


Gardeners who decide to decorate their country house often create their own landscape design projects. One of the components of such projects are fountains.

Own construction of such elements is accompanied by certain difficulties associated with the acquisition and installation of additional equipment. But these difficulties are quite surmountable.

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To build a fountain, you must purchase:

  • The container is round or oval in shape, from which water flows upwards and then returns through a closed cycle;
  • Hydraulic pump that runs on 220V. It is mounted inside the tank to the exhaust mechanism;
  • Fine mesh treated with moisture resistant paints;
  • Decorative elements (smooth, round pebbles or finished garden fountains in the form of decorative figures);
  • Waterproofing materials (films, tar, silicone).
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To install the fountain you need to choose a place that would ideally fit the overall landscape. Then dig a pit to the size of the tank and install it. Inside the tank is mounted pump with exhaust mechanism and water is poured. After checking the pump for operability and connecting it to the network, it is possible to install a metal grid and place stones.

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When the fountain has fully acquired a decorative look, you can enjoy the sounds of running water.

Beautiful fountain idea - video

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