Diesel heaters overview

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Among the large selection of heaters our attention devices operating on diesel fuel. Today for you a brief overview of the best models.

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  1. Design and Operating Principle
  2. A Variety of Foundry in the Search Engine Cr.
  3. Overview of Diesel Heaters from Well-known Manufacturers
  4. Advice to Specialists

Designer and Principle of Operation of Heaters on Diesel Fuel

The AdHeanOr is in charge of an Adr

  • combustion chambers;
  • fuel nozzle;
  • pipes for air intake;
  • spark plugs;
  • flame stabilizers;
  • impeller and fan motor;
  • incoming and outgoing air filters;
  • pump;
  • controller.
  • Diesel is poured into the tank. The fuel enters the combustion chamber through a nozzle. To ignite the fuel, the air is blown by the fan. The air must be clean and dust-free and filters are installed for this. With the help of filters the exhaust air is cleaned from the products of combustion. Temperature control is regulated by the controller and flame stabilizer.

    Varieties of liquid fuel heaters

    Depending on the application, diesel heaters are manufactured for the garage, cottage, heating of warehouses, houses, outdoor works, industrial premises, agricultural structures.

    According to the principle of heating, instruments of direct and indirect action are distinguished. Direct heating devices are manufactured without special air ducts or filters. Due to the fact that the combustion products of these heaters enter the premises, they are used only for repair work at low temperatures or in industrial premises. In modern models of diesel heaters of this type, an automatic flame control system is installed.

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    Indirect combustion devices clean exhaust air using a chimney and an installed filtration system. It is possible to use this type of heaters for residential premises. They have built-in flame control system, protection from overheating.

    Infrared diesel heater

    When elimination of accidents in the networks of electricity, heating or pipelines in the industrial sector often use a diesel infrared heater. It is installed on the walls or ceiling, great for heating buildings with high ceilings. Infrared heaters can be seen in the winter areas of restaurants and cafes.

    The principle of operation of an infrared device is similar to exposure to sunlight. The combustion of diesel fuel generates heat rays that affect the surrounding objects, but do not heat the air itself. Heat is transferred from heated objects to the airspace.

    From a simple diesel heater, infrared devices are distinguished by installed reflectors of heat and emitters of rays.

    diesel air heater

    Experts call this type of heaters heat guns. The housing is made of durable metal to protect against mechanical damage and overheating. Heater works on the principle of a simple fan. The room is heated by a moving stream of heated air.

    The air in the room will be warm as long as the heat gun is working. After it is turned off, the temperature quickly decreases.

    Overview of diesel heaters from well-known manufacturers

    German brands of diesel heaters

    Kroll Gk 40

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    Perfectly suited for industrial premises: warehouses, construction sites, production halls. Highly reliable heating in autonomous mode provides fuses and pneumatic spraying. Heaters for diesel fuel produce 43 kW and up to 1050 m3 / h of heated air. Manufacturer's warranty - 2 years. Fuel tank capacity - 46 l.

    Fugar Passat 35

    The device is used for space heating of a not too large area. German equipment has a good quality of operation, installing a pneumatic sprayer on the burner to reduce the consumption of diesel. The manufacturer gives a year warranty. The performance of an autonomous diesel heater is 30 kW.

    Infrared French heater Caiman VaL6

    Brand has a high efficiency, equal to 99.9%.This is the best diesel fuel heater, during operation of which there is no noise, smell, smoke, dust, and fire safety has 3 modes. It works both from diesel and kerosene. The manufacturer guarantees three years of flawless operation. In automatic mode, it works 13 hours. The device is intended for professional use.

    Italian heater brand Biemmedue

    Indirect heating device used for residential premises. Design features - located on the electronic panel, high mobility index, zero heating of the external case, flame control, protection against overheating. The fuel tank holds 42 liters. Manufacturer's warranty is 12 months. Performance is 22 kW.

    Korean manufacturer of diesel heaters

    Korean brand Airex AN 300

    The devices are designed for heating large areas. Infrared heaters for liquid fuel have their own characteristics:

    • has a sensor installed to monitor diesel consumption;
    • pipe register covered with antipyretic materials;
    • minimum noise performance;
    • easy moving;
    • timer start and shutdown device;remote control;
    • does not burn oxygen;
    • protective grilles.
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    Productivity is 14 kW.

    Korean Optima brand DSPI-90

    The device is used for heating rooms up to 100 m2.The fuel is suitable diesel Euro 4.

    Technical features of the brand:

    • remote control;
    • combustion is 100%;
    • manual adjustment of heating from 0 to 40 degrees;
    • internal parts of the device are covered with high-quality catalysts;
    • can be used for residential heating;
    • has fire protection in 3 modes;
    • minimum sound effect;
    • environmentally friendly device.

    The Optima heater is excellent for heating the dacha because there is no noise and smell during its operation, minimal electricity consumption, a touchscreen display, an audible warning in case of an emergency, and the possibility of climate control.

    Video review of diesel heater OPTIMA DSPI-120

    Recommendations by experts in choosing

    If you do not know how to choose a diesel heater, listen to the advice of experts:

    • First you need to decide on the choice of a heater on diesel fuel according to the type of heating.
    • Infrared diesel heaters placed on the wall or ceiling are well used in residential areas.
    • To determine the power of the device, calculate the heating area correctly.
    • Carefully study the specifications and make a comparison between different models.
    • For non-residential premises, give preference to a device with good overheat protection and an automatic control system.
    • Choose a heater with maximum efficiency.
    • Heater body should be made of good material.
    • Ask the seller to issue a warranty card.

    Video review of diesel heat guns Aurora Diesel Heat 30 - 40

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