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Today, perhaps, you will not find a single gardener who would not have the desire or planted more than a couple of bushes of tasty and very useful gooseberry on his backyard. After all, the gooseberry contains a lot of vitamins A and C, is well stored, transported and suitable for both raw consumption, and is an excellent raw material for jam and all kinds of medical infusions. Ripe sweet and sour berries are very fond of both adults and children.

In order to achieve high yields from one gooseberry bush within fifteen to twenty kilograms of berries, you need to know the features of its planting and seating for breeding purposes.

Features of the gooseberry

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  • Loves moisture, demanding enough of it, both in summer, especially when the ovary is formed, and in autumn, when the maximum growth of young shoots of the bush is reached.
    In spite of the required moisture, the gooseberry responds very badly to the stagnation of water, so it doesn’t survive well in the marshy lowlands, it hurts and as a result produces very little yields.
  • The gooseberry is not too fastidious in relation to the quality of the soil, but the more fertile and drained it is, the more grateful the harvest is.
  • Gooseberry loves sunshine and territory without wind drafts.
  • If the planting place is ideal for the gooseberry bush, it will grow and please the eye with large berries without any problems, usually in favorable conditions the bush can grow up to fifteen years if properly care for it.
  • Gooseberry can be planted both in autumn and spring.
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The right place for planting gooseberry

Flat areas, not shaded areas, are perfect for planting gooseberry seedlings.

Gooseberry bushes can be planted both along the fence fence and within the garden area of ​​the plot, but it should be remembered that the bushes tend to grow very much, a gap of several meters must be left between them and the fence.

Do not plant gooseberries very close to the trees, since a lack of sunlight leads to a disease like powdery mildew, when the berries are covered with black spots.

Several basic methods for planting gooseberries correctly

Despite the fact that gooseberries are pliable for transplanting both in autumn and spring, experienced gardeners prefer the autumn period.

An excellent planting time is the end of September - the beginning of October, but at the same time they are strictly guided by the weather forecast, since you need to have time to plant a gooseberry two weeks before the first frost.

Young seedlings during this time have time to settle down and get a little stronger, due to which they overwinter well and are actively developing in spring in young fertile bushes.

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Spring is less effective in terms of gooseberry planting, but, nevertheless, many gardeners planted seedlings before the beginning of April - during the period when buds did not start, andthe plant itself is in a state of vegetative rest.

Large perennial bushes are the basis for reproduction, the quality of seedlings directly depends on their condition and health.

They should be carefully looked after and not skipped pruning of old, dry, diseased branches, this is done in the fall. Thinning bushes gives the plant the power to drive out new and fertile shoots in the spring.

How to plant a gooseberry in the fall?

For the gooseberry planting in the fall, the method of dividing the bush is used. This method allows saplings, separated from the main rhizome, to settle down perfectly and in the spring with a new force to release new shoots.

The division of a bush is a great way to plant gooseberries and transplant existing bushes to more favorable areas for its growth.

The gooseberry bush division is performed in stages:

  • pruned the bush from extra branches digging in from all sides, do not break in the gooseberry at the very base, but deviate thirty centimeters from it and do the action around the circumference, if old roots fall under the spade, they should be cut off with an ax;
  • a trenched bush is removed from the ground with a shovel and scrap metal and placed on the prepared film;
  • , evaluating the condition of the root system, dividing the bush into parts so that each of them has a main root and appendages to it;
  • prepared seedlings are planted in harvested pits with a depth of no more than fifty centimeters, pre-filled with water, planted gooseberries on top of the base covered with mulch.
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How to plant gooseberries in the spring?

The spring period is favorable for planting gooseberries with the help of shaped cuts; for this, one-year or two-year branches of the gooseberry bush are instilled into the ground with the purpose of rooting. Moreover, rooted cuttings can be separated only next spring, when their root system is fully formed.

There are three methods of forming otvodok:

  • horizontal;

  • arcuate;

  • vertical.

An equally effective spring method for planting gooseberries is reproduction by cuttings. To form the cuttings, woody branches are selected, the prepared planting material is planted into the ground at an angle.

Knowing the basic ways of proper gooseberry seating, you can safely take up the rejuvenation of your garden.

Pruning and reproduction of gooseberries( video)

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