How to make a carport from a tree with your own hands

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When arranging a country house, cottage, courtyard, there is a space for car parking. To protect your car from rain, snow, hail and other adverse weather conditions, you can build a carport from a tree. This design is fast enough, but it is fully able to provide security for the iron horse. But before it's done, it's worth considering important features. It is from the knowledge of all the nuances and details that the strength and durability of the structure depends.

Types of canopies

Carport made of wood is a comfortable construction, which has many positive features. First of all, it protects the car from negative weather conditions. At the same time it is easy to install, for this reason the canopy can be made even by a novice home master.

Canopies for a car made of wood can be of several types:

  1. Extension. One side of the structure rests on the wall of the house, garage or other structure. The carport attached to the house can be made of wood, it can also be combined with metal products, bricks, slate.
  2. Stationary canopy. This is an independent design. Its roof rests on stand-alone racks. It can be made not only from wood, it can be supplemented with red brick, slate, polycarbonate.
  3. Canopies with a roof without a slope. This is the simplest design, many summer residents make it without much difficulty. But the canopy of this type has some drawbacks - a lot of garbage, various branches, dry leaves often accumulate on the roof surface. All this must be cleaned up, otherwise the roof can quickly rot.
  4. Constructions with a complex shape of the roof. It is quite difficult to make a canopy for cars with this type of hands, it is required to be able to read the drawings. It is not possible to build this structure without a scheme, because many mistakes can be made in the course of the work.

Shed materials

To carry out a high-quality and durable canopy for a car made of wood, you need to prepare yourself thoroughly. To begin with, it is worthwhile to understand what parts the structure consists of, usually it includes a frame and a roof. The most important is the frame, so it must be made of strong materials.

The car carcass washes can be made from the following material variants:

  1. Tree. This material is considered the most accessible and practical. It is easy to process, does not require the use of special tools for cutting and joining. But still, compared to other types of bases, wood is not durable. The material eventually cracks, spoils, decays, becomes covered with a fungus. And in order to increase the service life it is necessary to apply special care. In addition, the surface of the tree is recommended to be treated with impregnants, varnishes, protective paints;
  2. Steel profile pipe. In order to make a canopy for cars with their own hands, a welding machine is required from the metal. But the finished design will last several decades. However, the steel profile pipe has negative sides - under the roof of wide canopies it is required to create curvilinear trusses. If this is not done, the entire structure may collapse under the weight of the snow;
  3. Combined options. Often, when constructing a carport, two types of material are used at once. Beautiful and stylish look buildings with a steel frame and planking of wooden slats. They combine durability and stylish design.
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The second part of the carport is the roof. It can be made of profile sheet or polycarbonate material. Both materials have good strength characteristics, durability and beautiful appearance. Canopies made of polycarbonate for the car will look more airy and aesthetic.

For areas where there is often a large hail, it is recommended to use more expensive varieties of polycarbonate, which have a protective film.

Features of site preparation

It is recommended to start the construction of a carport with the organization of the place. Its size depends on the number of machines that will be installed. If a small design is planned, the space area should accommodate one standard car.

When preparing a place for a canopy, it is worth the following recommendations:

  1. After the site for construction is chosen, it is necessary to cut off all the grass, turf, weeds.
  2. It is necessary to remove the upper part of the soil to a depth of 12-15 cm. Instead, he pawns a pillow of sand, gravel, and in addition tamping is applied.
  3. In preparation, a slight slope is built in passing. And if the terrain is low, then along the perimeter the drainage pipes are laid.
  4. After the manufacture of a canopy on the sand pillow, any parking cover can be laid.

If the canopy is built for a heavy SUV, then the reinforced concrete screed is suitable for the base.

For this, a board formwork is created, it needs to be poured with concrete before the middle, then reinforced mesh is laid and concrete mix is ​​added. Full hardening of the site occurs within a month.

Optimal dimensions of the structure

To make carpentry out of wood convenient and comfortable it is important to think out the dimensions, it is required to do this at the stage of preparation, which will allow to avoid serious problems in the future.

To accommodate a standard car with a length of about 4 meters will be a convenient canopy with dimensions of 5x, meters. But for parking large cars, for example a minivan or a jeep, it is worth making a design with dimensions not less than, x, meters.


Be sure not to forget about maintaining the required level of height. The design should not only enter the machine itself, but its load on the upper trunk. But still it is not necessary to make the canopy too high, it can negatively affect its service life. The fact is that with a strong wind, there is a possibility of loosening the roof and its supporting elements, and this often leads to the destruction of the entire structure.

If carports are planned for cars made of wood with a height of more than 3 meters, it is important to plan the arrangement of the cross beams with a powerful base in advance. They should cover the whole structure around the perimeter, this will greatly increase the strength of the canopy made of wood. The roof should be gable, this variant of the roof is considered to be the most durable and stable.

Preparatory stage

To make a durable and durable canopy for a car attached to a house or a stationary structure it is important to prepare the necessary tools and materials. First of all, we place a space for the future structure - for this purpose the machine is installed in the zone for construction, places for supporting elements are planned. Be sure to check that the support elements do not interfere with the installation of the car and the opening of doors.

Usually the roof is longer in length than the canopy. It can extend beyond its perimeter by 50-100 cm, this is considered the norm.

If the canopies are planned for a polycarbonate machine, the drawings will be the most important stage of construction. They will help to do everything correctly and accurately on the given parameters. Drawings can be made independently or found in the finished form on the Internet.

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When self-made on paper, it is recommended to draw a planned construction in several projections - from above and from the side. It is important to correctly calculate the required amount of material. It is desirable to add 10%, this will eliminate the need to purchase the missing funds for construction.

For the frame, you can use a steel pipe or a wooden beam, it all depends on the desire of the owner. But if a tree is chosen, it will necessarily have to be treated with special protective coatings.

Canopies for cars are manufactured using tools and materials from the following list:

  • saw;
  • a hammer;
  • if a canopy is constructed from a bar, then nails will be needed to fix it;
  • To work with a profiled pipe, you will need a Bulgarian and a welding machine;
  • level;
  • plumb bob;
  • pegs;
  • twine, as any good rope or cord;
  • shovel;
  • Clamps;
  • Self-tapping screws are required for fixing and fixing;
  • screwdriver.

How to make an attached shed for a car made of wood

As it was said earlier, in order to produce a durable and durable shed for a machine made of wood, the drawings must be made in advance. Without them, the construction process will not be entirely correct, they will help to perform calculations beforehand and will allow you to purchase the necessary amount of materials.

When everything is ready, you can start the process of building a single-deck structure:

  1. First, support elements are installed. For them it is necessary to use a strong bar, preference should be given to options from pine. Its cross-section should be, -16 cm.
  2. In the ground, holes are drilled into which the support pillars will be installed. The depth of the holes must be,
  3. The installation of poles must be correct. To do this, you can use the level or the rail, it is placed on top of the supporting items. Usually there is space between the hole and the post, it is recommended to fill it with cement mortar, this will strengthen the posts, and they will stand firmly in their places.
  4. At the next stage, the rafter system is assembled. It is made of a bar with dimensions of 15x5 cm. The distance between the rafters should not be more than 100-120 cm. On the one hand they are attached to the surface of the wall, and on the other hand to the supporting elements. For fastening you will need self-tapping screws and metal corners;
  5. In a perpendicular relation to rafters, edging boards are nailed, they should have a thickness of about 4 cm and a width of 15 cm. As a result, small cells with dimensions of 90x90 cm are obtained;
  6. The roofing sheets are laid along the grid. Slate or metal coating options are suitable for a single-sloped roof.
  7. To prolong the life of the canopy, the wood must be treated with special protective mixtures - impregnation, varnish, paint.

Manufacturing of a stationary canopy

Many often wonder how to make a polycarbonate canopy for a car with a stand-alone structure? Of course, it is not necessary to use polycarbonate, slate, metal roofing, this is not the case at all. To perform a durable and durable construction it is important to stock up with the necessary materials in advance.

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For the manufacture of a small canopy for one machine, the following consumables will be needed:

  • three bags of cement;
  • sand;
  • crushed stone with a fine structure;
  • supports of wood - 6 pieces;
  • board with dimensions 3х10х60 cm - 15 pieces;
  • cantilever 5 × 15 × 60 cm - 13 pieces;
  • roofing materials, polycarbonate, slate, metal tile. Total required 18 square meters;
  • bolts with dimensions 10x150 - 10 pieces;
  • self-tapping screws for metal tiles - 160 pieces;
  • 500 grams of nails.

To make a shed with a gable roof it is important to do everything correctly in accordance with the scheme. Drawings in this case will be necessary, they will help to calculate all the elements and will allow marking the location of all important parts of the structure.

Before making polycarbonate awnings for the machine with your own hands, all the necessary lumber is prepared. They are treated with antiseptic coatings that will protect them from insects, mold and fungal damage.

Using the tape measure, the length and width of the building are marked out. Then, a rope or cord is stretched over which the supporting elements will be installed. In each corner of the future canopy, one support post is installed, and they are placed along the walls every 3 meters. Then dig holes in the ground to a depth of half a meter.

The process of building a canopy

After that, the following actions are performed:

  1. In the holes in the ground, the pillars fall. It is important to make sure that they are evenly deepened by using a level or a long board.
  2. After the extreme support elements are completely aligned, you can proceed to install the intermediate posts.
  3. It is necessary to ensure that residues from sediments and debris do not remain on the roof surface. To do this, you need to make a height difference between the left and right sides of the building. The size of the drop should not be less, see.
  4. To ensure that the supports are firmly in place, they are poured with cement mortar. It is prepared from gravel, cement and sand in the following proportions 1.
  5. At the top of the racks is placed a bar with dimensions of 5x15x60 cm. The distance between each beams should be about 80 cm.
  6. Cross bars are also laid out across the canopy. In the center and along the edge of the beam are fastened with planks of 3 × 10 × 60 cm and nails.
  7. At the end, the roof is installed. It is attached with self-tapping screws, and all the excess is cut off.

It is necessary to build a drainage system through which water from rain and snow will escape from the roof.

For this purpose, ebbs are established along the perimeter of the canopy. Throughout the length fix special fasteners for gutters, they are screwed with screws. And then in the fasteners are mounted ebb.

The construction of canopies for cars is not an easy task, but feasible. The main thing is to think ahead and prepare, to calculate correctly. In this case, help drawings or schemes that you can do yourself or use the ready-made options. Preliminary calculations will help you to purchase the necessary amount of material, and will also allow you to do everything as necessary.

The process of building a simple canopy for cars - video

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