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Window finishing is an important part of any repair. Plasterboard slopes - the best opportunity to give the opening tidiness. This building material has many advantages, which allows it to be used also for finishing surfaces, technical ducts, piers, and creating curved lines. Since its inception, drywall has repeatedly changed and improved, but now it is simply indispensable for dry construction.

What is drywall and what are its types?

A gypsum plasterboard consists of a flat gypsum core, which is lined on both sides with cardboard. The design is durable and reliable, and various variations of the filling will directly affect the purpose of the material.

Depending on the purposes for which you need drywall, it is divided into the following types:

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  1. Budget option - a sheet of light gray color, used to cover wooden and steel structures of ceilings and walls, for covering three-dimensional elements. Only suitable for rooms with low humidity.
  2. Waterproof plasterboard - durable and versatile material, often green. Thanks to a special filler, the fabric is resistant to mold and mildew. Used for installation in bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, loggias and balconies, is a material for various slopes.
  3. Flame-resistant gypsum plasterboard - gray material with red marking. The core of the product withstands the temperature several times higher than that of other species. It is used for covering rooms that are exposed to high temperatures, for fire protection structures, and as a protection of walls with communications.
  4. Moisture and fireproof drywall - used for decoration of offices, industrial and public premises.

In this article we will talk about how to finish window and door slopes from gypsum cardboard by own efforts, without causing masters.

Window drywall slopes: preparation of

Window and door slopes are created using the same technology. The process always begins with preparatory activities. Often, in most modern houses and apartments are installed plastic windows. For their fixation, an assembly foam is used to fill in the empty spaces between the window opening and the wall, making the structure strong and airtight.

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After attaching the metal plastic, there is foam around the perimeter;This is done easily by means of a construction knife. All actions need to be done very carefully. Next, remove the protective film from the window frames, for which you will also need a construction knife. Then, armed with a corner and a level, you need to mark the labels on which to install the drywall. The plane of the slopes should be perpendicular to the window frame.

Before you make the slopes on the windows of plasterboard, you should take the right measurements.

In order for the drywall to firmly hold on the wall, you need to use a putty. First of all, it is worth clearing the surface of everything that is superfluous: dirt, bricks, remnants of building materials. Next, apply a primer on the wall, which increases the adhesion of materials. Treat the need to fluid and drywall. This can be done before cutting the details. But, in this case, the material will need to be dried well first, and only then cut.

Using a tape measure to make measurements around the window to set future slopes. Then transfer these measurements to drywall and cut rectangles of the desired size with a construction knife. All these activities are not too difficult, so install the window slopes of drywall can do it yourself, without calling the wizard.

The measurements of windows before their production and installation are not always made by professionals. As a result, the products are small, and the remaining space is simply filled with foam. The slopes, therefore, should go in this plane, and not just be around the window. The output will be mounting strips of plasterboard: not lost any kind, nor functionality. From excess drywall you just need to cut strips in size with a construction knife.

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Installation work

When all the details are ready, you can start creating a plaster adhesive mixture. It is bought in the form of powder and kneaded, following the instructions. For more thorough mixing, you need a construction mixer or a special nozzle for a drill. It should make a mixture of consistency of thick cream. Further, if necessary, proceed to the installation of narrow strips around the frame. Using a spatula, the adhesive mixture is applied to the pre-primed side of the drywall strip. If desired, you can put glue on the window opening. The next step is to glue the strips to the wall.

To make the slopes you need to use only moisture-resistant drywall.

Now proceed to the formation of slopes. First attach the top panel. It is trimmed and primed. Glue the wall next to the frame with a strip along the window. The same amount of the mixture and put on a drywall sheet.

In order to lay part of the drywall clearly horizontally, its position can be checked using two level directions.

If one of the sides or any place on the surface needs to be brought closer to the wall, it is worthwhile to knock it lightly. But the panel can not be pulled away from the wall, because it will remain so unevenly. Subsequent work is done after the top panel glue hardens.

Installing the side panels

The lateral parts of the drywall are mounted in the same way as the top. You need to prepare the cut panels, glue mix and tools. Further, the wall and drywall are also coated with glue and mapped strictly according to the marks. The flatness check is determined by the vertical level in one direction. When all the panels are in place and their glue hardens, measures should be taken to gloss over the gaps with the same mixture.

To make beautiful drywall slopes with your own hands, it is recommended to use material of the same thickness.

The next and final stage will be finishing work. To make the ribs perfectly flat, you will need to use metal corners. These products will protect the surface from various damage.

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Measure the corners of the required size and cut them with metal scissors. Knead the finishing putty and put it on the angle of the slope, and then install the metal part. Then apply a plaster mix on the pre-primed surface of the slopes. Trowel movements should be perpendicular to the slope. Next, using a wide tool to pull the putty along the drywall. When the surface becomes beautiful wait for it to dry. Then abrasive mesh to remove bumps.

Installation of door slopes

The process is not fundamentally different from the installation of window slopes:

  1. The surface must also be primed and cut the required rectangles of drywall. Side panels should be 10 cm wider than the desired size. As they will be mounted in the furrow, previously made in the foam around the door.
  2. Installation start with the side parts. Drywall need to get into the furrow and measure the angle. Then, without removing the sheet, bend it a bit and fill the groove with foam. Secure the second edge of the panel with masking tape. Voids are also filled with foam. Mount the second side slope in the same way.
  3. The top panel is cut 1 cm wider because it will also go into the recess of the foam. Along the length of the upper slope should lie on the side edges. Pre-coat the panel and wall with a primer and allow it to dry. In the same way, insert the element into the furrow, check the angle, fill the voids with mounting foam. Press down the structure and leave to dry for a day.
  4. Further carry out finishing work. Initially puttying corners and slopes. Further, if desired, arrange wallpapering or painting with water-based paint.

As you can see, the process of installing door and window slopes made of plasterboard is not very complex. To carry out this work, it is enough to have a standard set of tools with you. It is important to purchase high-quality drywall and adhesive mixture, so that your construction lasts a long time and looks aesthetically beautiful. In addition, the correct calculations and accuracy of work will also become a guarantee of beauty.

Warm plasterboard slope - video

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