Video: growing tomatoes in open ground

MedvedevTomato is a tasty, healthy and indispensable vegetable on the home table, almost all gardeners plant tomatoes in their garden. More familiar and more convenient for central Russia is the cultivation of tomatoes in the open field. There are many varieties of tomatoes, to each of which apply individual methods and techniques of agricultural engineering.

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Valery Medvedev for his many years of experience in growing tomatoes himself has become a real expert in this field. In the video he presents, in an accessible and understandable form, he will tell about the care and formation of tomatoes in open ground, as well as give useful tips and practical recommendations regarding this topic.
Valery will acquaint viewers with the peculiarities of growth and ripening of tomatoes of different varieties, will reveal the secrets of protection and care for each of them.
To get a high yield, tomatoes need care and attention at every stage of their development, not only before, but also after they are planted in the ground.

According to the author of the video presented, it is better to pick tomatoes in an unripe or brown state in order to rule out the likelihood of rot and various diseases.

Practical advice from the masters of their craft are always relevant to collect a good and high-quality harvest, so watch the video and put knowledge into practice. Good luck!

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Video: care for tomatoes in the open field

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