Soil preparation for tomatoes( cultivation in open ground)

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Before, they always grew tomatoes in a greenhouse, which was just opened. This season I want to try to plant seedlings on the beds in the garden. Tell me how to prepare the soil for tomatoes in the open field?

Growing tomatoes in the open field requires special attention. Indeed, in this case, it is impossible to buy nutrient soil for plants in the store, because it is unrealistic to fill it with the whole area, and there is no sense in it. Experienced gardeners have long known how to properly prepare the soil for tomatoes in the open field, so that plants get the necessary nutrients and pleased with a bountiful harvest.

Preparation of the site for tomato beds includes the following activities:

  • ;
  • tillage( digging, plowing);
  • fertilization;
  • breakdown of beds.
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Choosing a place for tomatoes

Under the garden beds for tomatoes should be a well-lit place on the site. It is better that the forerunners be onions, carrots or cucumbers. But if other representatives of the nightshade family grew on this place, it is possible to use such a plot for tomatoes only after 3 years have passed since their landing.

It has been observed that tomatoes feel great in the vicinity of strawberries - the harvest of both crops increases significantly, while the fruits and berries themselves grow larger.


It is recommended to treat the land on the site twice:

  • in the fall - after harvesting, plow the plot to destroy weeds;
  • in the spring - to dig with a shovel or forks before cultivating the beds, and zaboronovat.
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In the process of preparing the soil for planting tomatoes fertilizer also need to be applied in two steps:

  1. Autumn. During deep plowing, poor soil should be fertilized with organic matter( 5 kg of humus per 1 sq. M.).Also, it is possible to sprinkle mineral fertilizers on the site( 50 g of superphosphate, or 25 g of potassium salt per 1 square meter).
  2. Spring. Before planting tomato seedlings make bird droppings( 1 kg per 1 sq. M.), Wood ash( the same amount) and ammonium sulfate( 25 g per 1 sq. M.) Onto the site.

It is not recommended to fertilize the soil for tomatoes with fresh manure, since in this case the plants will increase the green mass at a loss of ovary formation.

If there is a soil with high acidity on the site, it is necessary to additionally add lime at the rate of 500 to 800 g per 1 sq. Km.m. square.

Breakdown of beds

In late May, it is necessary to make beds for tomato seedlings on the prepared site. To do this, form small trenches, directing them from north to south. The distance between the beds should be at least 1 m, and between rows - about 70 cm.

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Each bed should be made up to 5 cm in height. Some gardeners for convenience break the beds into sections with a width of 50 cm, using the same sides. In each section will need to plant 2 bush tomatoes. Such a planting scheme prevents the spreading of water when watering seedlings.

After the preparatory work is completed, you can start planting tomato seedlings in open ground.

Spring Bed Preparation - Video

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