Proper cultivation of decorative sunflower seed

The ornamental sunflower is an annual herbaceous plant. Its sunny flowers will decorate any site. There are more than 150 varieties of sunflower, which makes it possible for each gardener to choose flowers to his own taste.

OFheliantus differs from an agricultural species in saturated sunny flowers. It is grown to create a unique rustic flavor on the site.

It should be borne in mind that gelianthus does not mature and cannot be eaten.

Quite often, sunflowers can be planted for:

  • creating a hedge around the fence;
  • vases;
  • creating bouquet arrangements;
  • flower garden decorations.
The heliantus hedge

The most popular varieties of sunflower

The most popular varieties of heliantuses should include:

  • Teddy bear .The annual plant has a compact size( up to 1 m) and blooms with fairly large double flowers, painted in bright yellow tones. The flowering period is delayed until the fall.
  • Red Sun .Variety of sunflower, which has bright petals of red-brown shades. Plant height reaches 2 m, and the flowering period is long enough
  • Vanilla Ice is grown to create bouquets. Flowers have a delicate vanilla color and very favorably emphasize the tenderness of the flower composition.
  • Moulin Rouge .Sunflower with an unusual color scheme. Petals of maroon-red tones closer to the edges brighten, and to the middle part of the flowers become very dark.
  • Kong - the highest representative of the sunflower. The plant reaches a height of 5 m. As a rule, such plants are planted near fences and tied up, as with strong gusts of wind, sunflowers break. This variety produces remarkable and colorful hedges.
  • Little Bear .In this variety, the flowers look incredibly rich - terry, fluffy with a bright yellow shade, they look spectacular in flower arrangements.
  • Orange sun .The ornamental sunflower begins its flowering period in July and pleases with its dark red flowers until September. It should be borne in mind that the plant loves open sunny areas. It tolerates drought well and loves sunny warm days.
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