5 ways to store carrots at home

Root vegetables must be stored so that they do not wilt, rot or sprout , otherwise the carrot will lose its taste and beneficial qualities. Effective methods and recommendations of summer residents will allow preserving juiciness and freshness of the vegetable. Let's find out how and where to properly store carrots.

Table of contents

  • How to save carrots in a private house and apartment in the winter?
    • In the cellar
    • On the balcony
    • Freezing in the freezer
    • Can I keep in the apartment in the refrigerator
    • In packages at home
  • How to prepare a carrot for storage

How to save carrots in a private house and apartment in the winter?

In the private backyard( cottage) most often there is the basement - this is the best place to store vegetables .

Knowing the intricacies of proper preparation, carrots can lie inside the basement until spring. Some manage to keep it until summer.

It all depends on the grade and the preparatory work. The degree of preservation is affected by the fact that purchased carrots are laid in the basement or grown in the garden.

In flat conditions, the root vegetable retains its qualities if it is placed on the balcony, where it is not cold, in in the winter or in the pantry room. It also requires training and the right place.

In addition to being kept at home, options for harvesting root crops will be suitable here. For example, preserve, dry or freeze.

A small amount can be simply placed in the refrigerator, where the roots can lie down and will not spoil for up to 2 months.

Under the conditions, carrots can be preserved until spring and even until summer.

In the cellar

Traditionally, carrot storage containers have not been used, they just sprinkled a bunch of sand and buried roots in it. Now from this method often depart, using plastic or wooden containers.

At the bottom of the box, so that sand does not wake up, cover the paper or cellophane. Paper will be preferable, as it passes air. They pour a layer of sand on top, level it, if they come across stones, they are removed.

The roots are laid in an even layer, leaving small clearances so that the sand can wake up without problems.

Spread sand on top of a layer of carrots so that it is well covered. Everything is well leveled for the next layer of root vegetables.

Tip: instead of sand, root vegetables can be poured with sawdust or onion peel .

Alternate the layers as much as the height of the box allows. If necessary, you can store several boxes, it all depends on the number of carrots.

Covering crates other than sand is not necessary. To learn how to properly prepare the roots, read in the material below.

In the cellar, roots can be stored in wooden or plastic boxes in the sand, sawdust or onion peel

On the balcony

Before the onset of cold weather, the preservation of vegetables can be ensured even on unglazed balconies. However, is better if there is a balcony, protected from moisture and sun , where there is a temperature in winter - 0 - 1 ° C.

Store carrots in boxes, re-lingering with newsprint paper .Cover the top of the box with cellophane and a cloth; the roots will have enough moisture and coolness.

Tip: instead of paper, you can use sand as a basement version.

Freezing in the freezer

By freezing, they retain almost all vegetables, carrots are ideally suited for this purpose .This method will save time on cooking, because the vegetable will be peeled and chopped.

Before laying inside the freezer, root crops need to be cleaned and rinsed under running water with .Carrots can be frozen in different ways:

  • cut into cubes, rings or strips;
  • grate or chop combine;
  • use a grater for Korean carrots;
  • cut into sticks or whole.
The cutting method is chosen individually based on personal preferences. For example, shredded is suitable for frying, and in cubes and entirely for carrot puree.

Chopped vegetables are laid out in plastic bags or sealed containers for freezing. Place inside the freezer chest or freezer compartment. The only disadvantage with freezing is that vegetables lose 65-80% of their usefulness.

Important: you can store it this way until the next harvest, this method will never let you down.

Shredded vegetables laid out in plastic bags or sealed containers for freezing

Can you store in the apartment in the refrigerator

Inside the refrigerator root crops are able to maintain their value and shape for a long enough period.

Carrots will feel comfortable on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, if you follow some rules:

  1. Prepare the roots correctly, in no case wash them.
  2. Wash carrots are not suitable for long-term storage. If it is washed, dry it, put it in a plastic bag. Hermetically close it, then moisture will remain inside.
  3. In case of unwashed vegetables, they need to be dried. Go through so that there is no rot and damage. Put the cellophane bag inside and tie it up so that there is no air access.
  4. A special niche or shelf below the refrigerator is usually used to store vegetables.
When you need to get carrots from the refrigerator, the package is untied, taken as needed and then closed back. In this case, you should see if there are any spoiled root crops inside.

If everything is in order, do not worry. When detecting putrefactive damage, such a carrot is better to recycle or freeze.

In packages at home

If you put the roots in the package and store it in an apartment, if the vegetables are of high quality, they can last for 2-3 weeks.

However, guarantees that they will not start to deteriorate, there is no .From above, everything can look good, and inside the carrot will start to rot.

With this method, you need to regularly look at the packages for the presence of putrid changes.

If you place the roots in the bag and store it in the apartment, they can lie for 2-3 weeks.

How to prepare the carrot for storage

To avoid mistakes, should adhere to strict rules :

  1. Never wash vegetables before putting them into storage. Exception - freezing vegetables.
  2. Each root crop is carefully inspected, the slightest damage is rejected. Such root vegetables are best used for blanks.
  3. Sorted vegetables are slightly dried in the wind. It is not necessary to dry out and keep in the sun for a long time. In this case, the carrot can be turned from one side to another.
  4. Store as described above with sand or decomposed into packages.
  5. If you use bags, they must be strong and tight. Packages can be tied or stapled.

Cleaning and preparation of carrots for storage:

Safety is affected by the variety and the conditions under which was cultivated. If the season was rainy or it was watered heavily, it could rot.

It happens that purchased vegetables are heavily processed with chemistry - this also affects the safety of .

The best grades for storage: Shantane, Moscow Winter, Vitamin, Carotel.

Storing carrots delivers enough hassle to the summer residents of .However, without proper conditions, this is difficult to achieve. If done correctly, it will remain juicy and fresh until the new harvest!

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