Characteristics and description of tomato varieties Watermelon

The tomato variety of tomato Watermelon will definitely intrigue the gardeners who like to grow original crops in the garden beds. And for farmers, there is a curious feature - the bushes planted in greenhouse conditions, according to the characteristics, produce large fruits, the weight of which, according to the description, reaches five hundred grams.


  • mature. Several dark stripes are clearly visible on them. The number of leaves is slightly above average, their shape is normal, the shade is green.

    The plant is mainly intended for growing in the greenhouse .But in areas with warm climatic conditions, tomatoes can be bred in open garden beds.

    The bushes are impressive by description, reach a two-meter mark in height. Naturally, he will have to work with the variety, because he needs to form and tie up .But there is nothing complicated about it.

    Shrubs of the variety need mandatory binding and forming

    Summer residents like tomato variety Watermelon because of their appearance and ability to produce excellent yields. In addition, the bushes perfectly resist the most common diseases.

    By maturation, the variety should be attributed to the medium level. The first crops can be obtained in a hundred and ten days after planting seedlings.

    Characteristics of fruits

    Tomatoes are colored red, have a green-tinged rib located at the stem. The shape of the tomatoes is slightly flattened.

    The average weight of tomatoes is 200 grams , but with proper care you can grow larger specimens. From the bush, a gardener gets from 3 kilograms of crop. During ripening, fruits may crack.

    According to the characteristics, the fruits are characterized by excellent taste and aroma, can be stored for a long period. Inside they consist of several chambers filled with seeds. The flesh is fleshy, excellent taste, juicy.

    Fruits and flesh have an unusual shade, their weight is about 200 grams.

    Tomatoes are great for use in fresh salads. Their unusual appearance and ability to remain in transit are often the reasons why is grown for commercial purposes.

    The history of breeding and the region of growth

    By its origin, the variety Arbuzny is obliged to the specialists of the selection of our country, who brought it and entered it into the State Register.

    In the open way it can be grown only in areas located in the south of the country.

    Advantages and disadvantages of the

    variety. Among the positive signs are the following:

    • unique appearance;
    • excellent taste characteristics ;
    • long-term fruiting.

    As negative points, the following are distinguished:

    • mandatory garter of plants;
    • weak fruit, prone to cracking.
    The disadvantages include the weakness of the fruit and their tendency to cracking.

    . Planting

    seeds. As a rule, seeds of Watermelon varieties are planted in March by in order to start getting the first fruits by mid-summer. The soil composition for seeds should be different neutrality or low acidity .

    Sowing is best done in separate containers or peat tablets filled with drained soil mixture. Planting containers covered with plastic wrap.

    When the first sprouts appear, the boxes must be moved to a more illuminated place, periodically water the seedlings, loosening the ground and turning the boxes so that the seedlings do not arch. It would not be superfluous to apply complex fertilizer formulations.

    Seeds of Tomato Variety Watermelon

    Transplant seedlings no earlier than after forty days , pre-hardened seedlings. When planting, it is recommended to follow the "40 by 60" centimeters scheme in order to provide the tomato bushes with space to grow. Placing a seedling in a staggered order will allow you to easily move between the bushes, performing a garter or picking ripe tomatoes.

    The beds before transplanting are dug up, spilled with special compounds from harmful parasites, and holes are arranged for each square meter of space - no more than three bushes. In each landing pit fertilizer is laid, humus or a spoonful of ash, taken in equal shares. Landing is completed by watering.

    During the growing season, it is necessary to to loosen the soil, moisturize it, remove weed vegetation , apply fertilizer several times.

    When watering it is necessary to ensure that water does not fall on the foliage and cause burns.
    Watering the variety must be done exclusively at the root of

    . Methods of reproduction

    As already mentioned, the watermelon variety is cultivated through seedlings. Planting material is recommended to purchase in specialized stores.

    Peculiarities of this variety

    Gardeners assure that there are no peculiarities in growing Watermelon Tomato. Like the rest of the tomato culture, this plant responds well to the introduction of fertilizing compounds, loosening the soil on the surface of the beds, removing weeds, periodic irrigation, for which only warm water is used, bedding and tying to the pegs.

    Watermelon makes only one requirement - to the soil composition of .If you comply with all the conditions of agricultural technology, then delicious fragrant fruits can be enjoyed before the first frost.

    Watering should be done under the roots. To keep moisture in the soil longer, it is recommended that mulch beds.

    One of the main advantages of the Watermelon variety is the fact that several tomatoes ripen at the same time on one brush. For maximum yield, the bush is formed into one stem and tied to the support.

    On one tomato brush Watermelon ripens several fruits of

    . Diseases and pests

    Gardeners who grow such tomatoes, confidently assert that the variety Watermelon is excellent against late blight and fungus. But it will not be superfluous if at the early stage of the growing season the bushes are treated with special preparations for prophylactic purposes.

    Wood ash, tobacco dust, and special preparations will help against harmful parasites.

    If you decide to grow this tomato variety, then you will be provided with fresh tomatoes until the frost. Care for them is minimal, no features. Watermelon Tomato is recommended for breeding, even novice gardeners.

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