Useful properties and contraindications to the use of basil

Basil is an annual plant that is actively used for culinary purposes. The delicate taste and attractive aroma of spices allows you to add it to salads and soups. In addition to the culinary value, basil has a unique effect on the human body, but it is necessary to know all its beneficial properties and contraindications.


  • description and characterization of basil
  • Useful properties
  • Contraindications
  • Use
  • traditional medicine How else can use basil in folk medicine
  • Application of pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Recipes with basil
    • Healing infusion
    • Oil
    • healing bath
    • powder
    • herbal
    • Juice

Description and characteristics of basil

Spicy aromatic plant represents the family of Cluster. Basil appeared for the first time in the Mediterranean. Further spread of the annual plant with green leaves quickly spread throughout Europe and Asia.

Basil varieties are of two types:

  • with green leaves;
  • with purple greens.
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First grade, as a rule, like lemon, is added to the seasonings , and the second is used when cooking dishes of oriental, Caucasian, Asian cuisine.

A plant with violet leaves has a sharp aroma , so it is better to add it to food in small quantities. Green basil is incredibly delicate and pleasant to taste .

Violet basil leaves have a sharper flavor
Famous chefs use spice in the preparation of dessert dishes and drinks. The grass gives a soft taste and a special aroma to food.

Useful Properties

An annual plant has rich chemical composition .It contains a large amount:

  • essential oil;
  • routine;
  • phytoncide;
  • of vitamin B and C;
  • vitamin A group;
  • tanning agents;
  • glycoside.

Basil is extremely beneficial and endowed with the following properties:

  • Essential oil gives the plant an exceptional smell and performs a bactericidal and antioxidant function .The active components of the essential oil can quickly strengthen the immune system, rejuvenate the cells of the body and stimulate mental work. The presence of bactericidal properties makes the plant indispensable in combating problems in the oral cavity. In a short period of time, you can strengthen the gums, eliminate bad breath and remove swelling.
  • Performs the function of the antibiotic .During the illness, it can reduce the temperature and ease breathing when coughing. Herbal tea based on plants reduces cholesterol and strengthens the vascular system, as well as increases appetite and stimulates digestion.
  • Given the diaphoretic and antipyretic property of basil it can be used not only for treating colds, but also for serious viral infections.
  • Annual essential oil can reduce the risk of cancer. Basil will quickly forget about the problems, relax and normalize sleep.
  • Also infusions and teas based on a medicinal plant will help to cope with manifestations of flatulence, restore normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract , rid the body of toxins, toxins and free radicals. In addition, using green or purple leaves of the grass, you can eliminate the itching after insect bites. Basil is also very useful for the female body. With it, you can forget about premenstrual pain, which torments the majority of the fair sex.
Calories 100 grams of fresh basil - only 23 kcal.
Basil can be consumed even by those who are recommended for strict diets. Its caloric content is low and amounts to 23 kcal for a fresh plant and 230 kcal for a dry type.


Despite the usefulness of basil, should not be used without first reading the contraindications of , which should include:

  • the presence of diseases of the cardiovascular system( thrombophlebitis, heart attack, low blood clotting);
  • first months of pregnancy;
  • susceptibility to the development of hypertension and hypertensive disease.

In other cases, the plant can be used for medical and culinary purposes, however, it is worthwhile to limit the dosage of the medicinal one-year plant, since food poisoning may occur against the background of excessive consumption.

Use in traditional medicine

Basil will assist in the fight against many ailments. For the treatment of by the folk method, the plant can be included in the composition:

  • medical balsam;
  • infusion;
  • decoction;
  • oil.
Pounded basil with sesame oil in ancient times cured burns
For a long time, healers learned to rub grass leaves and grass flowers and add them to white sesame oil. The resulting drug can quickly heal injuries and burns of the skin.

. How else can basil be used in traditional medicine?

    • To reduce the high temperature of the body's , an infusion of basil with a small amount of black sesame seeds can be made. Liquid is indispensable for viral infections and the first symptoms of a cold.
    • For difficult childbirth , it is advisable to feed the future mom with sour milk and basil pounded into powder. This will give her strength and accelerate the appearance of lactation.
    • With grated corn, can be treated with a gruel of basil leaves. Similarly, you can rid yourself of a headache by chafing the leaves of the plant and smearing the area of ​​the temples and occiput with the resulting mass.
    • To reduce pressure inflorescences of shrubs( dried) and its foliage must be poured with boiling water and left for 30 minutes. After a specified period of time, you can drink healing tea, which not only reduces the pressure, but also gives strength.

& lt; li & gt; When you have a cold, you can smell basil. The breathing procedure will reduce the swelling of the mucous membrane and soon you can forget about the cold.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

When carrying a baby should refrain from the use of spices, as it has tonic effect .After the birth of the child, the plant is desirable to include in the daily menu. This will avoid possible problems with lactation.

To get the most out of basil, you can make a decoction.

To get the most out of an annual plant, it is advisable for to make an decoction out of it. For these purposes, the grass is placed in an enameled container and poured boiling water. We put the container in the water bath and insist there is a decoction about 20 minutes. Drink liquid preferably daily for an hour before bedtime.

Recipes with Basil

There are a large number of recipes based on spices that are widely used in traditional medicine. The most popular ones are presented below.

Healing Infusion

To prepare, you need to prepare 40 grams of dry basil. Having placed a grass in capacities, we fill in it with boiling water( 400 ml).Leave for a couple of hours and drink 2 times a day instead of tea.

Oil A few drops of basil essential oil can be dripped onto a sugar cube. Take several times a day after consuming food in case of severe over-stimulation of .

Essential Oil of Basil

Healing Bath

After pouring 50 grams of annual herb into an enamel saucepan, pour 500 ml of boiling water over it. Insist for 30 minutes, filter and add to a warm bath. Spend about 15-20 minutes in relaxing herbal water.


40 grams of dry grass should be ground to powder. We apply the resulting product to places of edema or burns. Using the powder, you can perform breathing procedures for cold and cold .


Take 25 grams of basil, sage and lemon balm. Fill the plants with boiling water. Insist about 30 minutes. We take with a spoonful of honey every 5-6 hours( instead of tea) and vigor in combination with strong nerves will be provided.


With the juice you can quickly heal serious cuts and deep wounds .In addition, it is actively used in the treatment of inflammation of the middle ear. Squeezing juice can only be from the part of the plant that grows above the ground. For these purposes, it is better to choose the period of cultivation before flowering.

You can squeeze the juice only from a part of the basil growing above the ground.

You can collect not only the leaves, but also the color brushes, the immature part of the grass. Juice has tonic effect , provokes the excitation of the nervous system and a positive effect on the body.

Systematic use of juice will relieve a person of from urination problems, inflammation of the bladder or pyelitis .When gonorrhea juice is used in conjunction with milk. Every day you need to drink a teaspoon of liquid in the morning and evening hours.

Pre-mix juice with honey and clean water. If you drink the healing liquid on an empty stomach without water, you can provoke irritation of the esophagus and stomach.

Basil is a true gift of nature. The plant, when used properly, will be beneficial and will help get rid of many diseases, remove toxins and toxins from the body and restore lost strength. Use of infusions will provide an opportunity to relax after a busy day and improve mood.

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