Which oil heater is better

Expensive oil heaters are better, but among the cheap ones, you can choose the right task. Decorative oil heaters are practically no different from convectors. Consider oil heaters in terms of customer satisfaction.

Decorative Oil Heaters

Convectors come complete with castors. Devices do not need to hang on the wall - use in a mobile form. This erases the difference in use between convectors and oil heaters with a chimney effect.

Oil heaters are believed to dry the air. Other varieties too. The speed of drying is different, and in central Russia, where the humidity is 70%, it should be lowered. There are norms prescribed by doctors:

  1. Temperature within 20 ºС.
  2. Humidity in the range of 40 - 60%.

The ancient hygrometer will be an excellent decoration for the wall of any well-furnished house. We supplement the appliance with an oil heater with a chimney effect. We control the temperature and humidity in the room. Guaranteed a positive result in a humid climate. Recall - we are talking about an oil heater with a chimney effect.

Electrolux convectors have long been equipped with air filters that combat pathogenic factors in the house. It consists of several steps that capture dust, hair, and wool, and kill germs. Indoor air is cleaned. And the trick is made for two purposes:

  • getting rid of the smell of burning while working;
  • increases the efficiency and service life of the device, because there will be no dust on the heating element.

When examining market offerings, you may find that an oil heater with a chimney effect, equipped with an air filter, does not exist. The temperature of the heating element is similar, the configuration of the housing is the same. Why they do not produce?

Convectors do not belong to the class of expensive devices, but you cannot call them cheap either. Especially mentioned are Electrolux Air Gate. Oil heaters are considered to be the budget choice of a greedy employer who saves money on installing ceiling infrared emitters or wall-mounted convectors. But there is a reason for this.

Convectors cannot be operated in conditions when clothes are hanging from above. Oil heaters are called towel warmers. Having arrived at the fitting room, workers can dry their wardrobe, which is important for manufacturing and Russian reality.

Place an oil heater with a chimney effect in a cozy living room, measure the humidity with a hygrometer. A device with an air filter may appear, improving the microclimate and reducing the cost of maintaining cleanliness in the house.

Oil heater for giving

For giving we will recommend the oil heater Beam. First of all, it is a Russian device, which we will count as a separate plus for Elterm. Secondly, the unit is cheap.750 rubles for 500 W looks ridiculous if you try to get a convector for this money. Thirdly, the case of an oil heater does not resemble an accordion.

Devices are made in the form of heating radiators, and the Beam is made in the likeness of flat variants. It turned out a thin tank with long vertical dents on the sides. With a weight of 7.5 kg, the oil heater The beam looks like an average member of the family and is equipped with a built-in thermostat. Not too sorry if the thieves get to the device, and the power is enough to dry clothes and keep warm.

Disadvantages of the device:

  1. The manual does not say about the protection against falling.
  2. There are no usual wheels, therefore it is inconvenient to move the oil heater.

Continuous operation will allow the product to remain on at night. For 750 rubles with a cute design - a good option for an oil heater. An additional factor of reliability - the company Elterm produces a variety of products, part of it belongs to household appliances. Among the products there are convectors.

We emphasize that it is a semi-residential dacha. The exterior design of the oil heater Beam in gray tones will not spoil the appearance of the room. It grieves that there is no chimney effect and a plastic case( protection against burns).

Oil heater for cabter

Oil heater for work purposes without a chimney effect. The hotter the enameled steel case, the better. Choose a model in the form of an accordion, on a corrugated surface it is convenient to lay out clothes. It is necessary to have a thermostat, but in most models there is a bimetallic plate. Due to the large inertia of the device, periodic shutdown is imperceptible. At times, a click of a relay is heard.

The oil heater allows operation with the placement of things and has a steel case, you can even sit on it. After an indefinite time, the wheels of the device will fall off, but the radiator can be placed on them and more carefully. Devices cheap, you can operate for a long time. Having equipped the entrance room with an expensive fragile heater, the employer risks quickly losing big money.

An oil heater is suitable for the cabinet. Take care of protection from the fall of the device.

House in the village and oil heater

In rural areas there is little money, or no sense to heat the room. A summer house in the forest, where frost occasionally occurs, can be equipped with an oil heater. It works like a little stove. The air is heated by convection, and heat due to infrared radiation.

It is permissible to dry clothes on top, the main thing is a reliable thermostat. The device is cheap, it is not a pity if it is stolen. The air does not burn like a spiral model with a fan. No fire hazard. It turns out, minus one - a considerable weight, it is problematic to take to the place.

The best oil heater in the village will suit the one for the workshop. Without chimney effect and unnecessary functions. And by the power and the number of sections is selected based on the current situation. If you carry far, 5 pieces is enough. And if you find something to take, take 12, it will be better to warm.

The main advantage is the drying of things. In the middle lane at night in the summer is cool, and the stove is not built at all.

As a result,

Considered typical situations. Except for the first, the oil heater in the apartment is inappropriate, takes up a lot of space. Better to take a ceramic wind blower. It is light and takes up little space. The rest - take the heater, which is better fit into the situation.

It is not allowed to use the device in the bathroom and in conditions when it drips from the ceiling. Reliable oil heater with inertia is not as bad as sellers of convectors want to show today. Especially in the humid climate of central Russia.

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