Calculation of heater power

Buyers are not always aware of the difference between the types of heaters, so errors and incorrect choice of the device are possible in life. Calculation of heater power is carried out taking into account design features, principle of operation. For example, infrared devices emit heat. The concept of warm floor, however, is of a different type, due to other mechanisms. At the same time the Warm ceiling is called an infrared heater on the right. Let's discuss what the difference is, let's show how they take into account the peculiarities of the work of climate control devices in an apartment.

Battle Test

Things are known by comparison. Run on the heating oil heater 2 kW.See what changes. Knowing the difference between the two states, get the item in the store that fits the existing conditions. It is useful to carry out insulation work, put glazing loggia.

Heat-insulated floor and Warm ceiling

Today, minds are agitated with film heaters. It is customary to design products on the basis of graphite planes, which compares favorably with modernity from the old cable. For example, if the conductor plane in some places is torn, fails, the other area of ​​the heater continues to work. This is a great advantage for the floor, where the film is subjected to mechanical stress. Gradually, the coating wears out, mistakenly thinking that the screed or laminate will protect the device from the feet and other aspects of the existence of the flooring.

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People recognize the principle of operation of two types of equipment for microclimate control. Film heaters today are represented by two types:

  • Heated floor.
  • Warm ceiling.

Confusion adds the same build. The mechanism in general is as follows:

  1. Waterproofing of the underlying surface is carried out to protect equipment from moisture.
  2. A layer of material that blocks heat loss is applied on top. Produced so that the energy rushes in the right direction, and not outside the building.
  3. Over mounted film with a resistive conductor, serving as a heat source.
  4. Protective decorative coating completes the picture.

True, it seems. Heated floor and warm ceiling - twin brothers, in principle, the action is similar to the use of the Joule-Lenz effect to warm the room. Other is different. This is how a heated floor works:

  • An electric current flows through the film, causing heat to build up on the resistive component protected by the substrate. Energy is transferred to the screed, then to the decorative coating. Feet feel warm, but the temperature is not too high. Walking bare feet on the floor, whose temperature is 50 ºC, is uncomfortable. The mode chosen is slightly warmer than the human body. The surface is able to radiate. Part of the heat of the lion is transferred after conduction( tactile heating of the decorative coating) by convection. Air masses rise from the floor, taking heat. The infrared component does not play a useful role, the radiation goes to the ceiling. There is an indirect benefit for the owner: if the ceiling goes to the attic, where it is freezing, the dew point goes a little further out of the supporting structures.
  • A warm ceiling works differently. Due to the flow of current on the resistive element, heat is generated, which is not leaked up insulation( see the above sequence of installation).Energy has nowhere to go, begins to heat the decorative ceiling coating. The temperature is high, not below 45 ºС.Due to such a course of events, the ceiling radiates infrared energy, rushing to the floor, furniture, people. It turns out the sun. Convection is not assigned a role here. Warm air accumulates near the ceiling, does not go anywhere, only in the ventilation holes. Feel the difference. Underfloor heating is conduction and convection, a warm ceiling is conduction and radiation( radiation).

Describes the difference between heaters that look like twin brothers. Consider the features of equipment. First, you should not apply a film of the floor to the ceiling, or be aware of what you are doing. For example, work fills the thermostat. There is a sensor in the floor area, adjusted, say, to 22 ºС.In the case of the Warm ceiling, the value will have to be slightly reduced, the film itself at a higher temperature. A warm floor immediately warms the air, and the warm ceiling first heats the floor. In this case, the mass of gas will receive heat indirectly, again by convection from the floor. Until the temperature reaches the desired value, it may lightly bake your head.

Typical power for a warm ceiling is 60 watts per square meter. If you work hard to calculate for a given case the gas boiler, you will see that the power of the latter is higher than the film heater. The point is described above. Gas boiler will have to warm the room by convection, when the warm ceiling and at 60 watts will continue to bake from above. This is taken into account when calculating the power of infrared heaters. It is inclined to believe that the restrictions are caused in addition to the operation of ceiling coverings. For example, a tile of polyurethane foam is disgustingly combined with the concept of a warm ceiling, even at a temperature of 60 ºС will begin to emit harmful substances. With further increase in heat, the process increases like an avalanche.

In the case of a warm floor, the power also imposes a restriction on a similar plan. For example, the laminate does not tolerate heating, and parquet makes with difficulty. True linoleum excellent heat insulator in combination. You see how many difficulties arise when installing a simple heating film. The key to the complexes underfloor heating and warm ceiling is a decorative coating, in the second case the factor is more important. From what has been said, readers realized that it was not enough to substitute figures in the online calculator to calculate the heater power, it is necessary to take into account operating conditions that impose restrictions. Combining the concept of a warm floor and a warm ceiling in the same room is the best option, but it will take a lot of skill to properly manage the complex using thermostats.

How to estimate the required heater power

Often the task is not to heat the room from scratch, but to calculate how much power is needed in order not to freeze in certain weather conditions. First tip:

The heater preferably has more temperature regimes that differ many times in heating efficiency.

Batteries do not always provide an apartment with a suitable climate. How to calculate the power of the heater for unforeseen cases. Quick Tip:

  • Measure the temperature of the battery( if running).The tactile method will do, feel, is it warmer than usual? This is the starting point. They created and remembered the conditions, presented for themselves whether they corresponded to the norm. Estimated for what conditions need a heater.
  • Now we take the heating device with a known power. Turn on, wait until the device comes to balance, measure how many degrees the temperature in the room has risen. Find the difference, the calculation of the heater power for the room is ready.
  • We estimate how many degrees we want to raise the temperature, divide by the difference, getting a certain coefficient. Multiply the number found by the power applied in the experience of the heater, we find the desired number. We go to the store.
  • Critically assess the figure found until the money is spent. The calculation of the power of oil heaters is appropriate within 3 kW.Anything higher is critically perceived by the flap. Each apartment is limited by the power limit of the distribution panel. The calculation of the power of the convector heater also depends on the type of energy carrier. It is clear that gas will give big numbers, rather than electricity. Hybrid heating is allowed.

The last tip is this. During the experiment, estimate the difference between the temperature outside and in the room. Linearly related to the required heater power. If the batteries are in order, and the temperature outside the window is not low enough, find the difference with the internal one and divide the desired one into it. For example, it will turn out 15 ºС and 30 ºС.In this case, double the heater power compared to that calculated by the method indicated above. The calculation is approximate, but in practice it will have a positive effect: too big numbers immediately make you think about the type of energy carrier. It is better than blindly buying an electric heater, and then freezing cold all winter.

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