Installation of video surveillance at home or in the country

Installation of video surveillance at home or in the country


More and more owners of suburban real estate discovers that their house was taken away by thieves or vandals. So there is a natural need to protect the dwelling from intruders by using CCTV cameras. The security system is often installed independently, having previously understood the principle of operation and the types of equipment.


  • 1Application and operation of security cameras
  • 2Independent installation of video surveillance system
    • 2.1Selecting the type of equipment
      • 2.1.1Table: the main manufacturers of CCTV cameras
    • 2.2Selection of cable
    • 2.3Mounting the camcorder
      • 2.3.1Video: CCTV camera review and installation
    • 2.4Setting Up the Camcorder
      • 2.4.1Video: connecting video surveillance devices
  • 3User Reviews

Application and operation of security cameras

Video surveillance is a system that operates on the basis of electronic devices that perform tasks for visual control of any territory. In order for an object to be monitored, the following functional elements are needed: cameras, DVR, hard disk, storing records, and cables, providing communication between the listed devices. An additional element of the video surveillance system is a monitor that reflects the images of the cameras.

In addition to cameras, the video surveillance system includes a DVR with a hard drive, a power supply, a connecting cable and a monitor

In the installation of a security system most often need:

  • stores in which it is necessary to keep cash transactions and the work of sellers under control, and also to see what the visitors are doing;
  • offices where management needs to keep a strict record of working hours and monitor what is happening inside and outside the premises;
  • enterprises that are important to protect around the perimeter and protect against emergencies;
  • children's educational institutions, where the director should ensure the maximum protection of children;
  • private house, whose owners want to monitor events near and inside the premises, to know that occurs outside the building even in the dark, and contact the security company in case of theft property;
  • apartment, the owners of which want to see what happens in their homes in their absence.

The video surveillance system functions as follows. Occurring outside or inside the room is fixed by the camera. The image captured by this device needs to be sent further, processed, converted again into a picture and saved. The transmission of video signal can be carried out by wire, wireless and optical way. The received message is processed by the DVR and converted into an image on the monitor.

Independent installation of video surveillance system

Before you have in place the elements of the video surveillance system, you need to understand what this equipment is and find a suitable option for yourself.

Selecting the type of equipment

The first step is to understand which systems are better - wired or wireless. Those that send a signal over a radio channel are vulnerable.When installing a wireless video surveillance system, it is possible to steal confidential information, because it is able to intercept any attacker, standing in the signal propagation zone.

The camera, connected to other devices of the system by wires, is better protected from breaking. For this, the places of cabling are restricted by unauthorized persons. But with a wireless system, this will not work. The attackers will be able to mute the video signal if they turn on the portable noise generator. Because of this, the wireless system is reasonable to install only in some cases: when there is no possibility to lay cable communications or the house is in a remote location.

By its device, the wireless system is similar to a wired one, the only difference being the communication link between equipment that can be hacked

Wireless surveillance systems based on Wi-Fi networks can be called a security center in miniature.With such equipment, the signal is sent with video and audio only through the radio channel, which is why the system can not guarantee reliability.As practice shows, the functioning of video surveillance devices based on Wi-Fi networks is unstable, that is, there is a high probability of signal loss, which can lead to a loss important information.

Table: the main manufacturers of CCTV cameras

Camera Brand Distinctive characteristics
Alteron by Smartec The resolution of the camera is from 1 to 4 megapixels, equipped with a case for protection against vandals, fixed optics, infrared illumination, a relatively low price.
Arecont Vision High resolution (up to 10 megapixels), good sensitivity, a line of small, dome and cylindrical cameras.
Axis A wide selection of cameras of standard design and dome type, fixed and high-speed models, full details of darkened and heavily illuminated sections of the surveillance zone.
Bosch The variety of cameras, due to the focal length of the optics, photosensitivity, form factor, street performance and the availability of video analytics.
GANZ A wide range of equipment for video surveillance, including street devices with a resolution of up to 4 MP and 6-megapixel panoramic IP-cameras, automatic adjustment of brightness of illumination for an exception highlights.
JVC High reliability and fault tolerance, excellent performance and processing speed of video and audio data, and also an open architecture and the ability to integrate with the hardware and software of others manufacturers.
Pelco The exemplary quality of shooting under constant, changing, insufficient or contrast lighting, since the cameras are equipped with a complex video signal processing system, an anti-defocusing function, 3D noise reduction and an enhancement mode color rendition.
Samsung Video surveillance with auto iris and WDR, a new standard of image quality (1920x1080 pixels at 60 fps), support for the latest high-performance video codec H.265.
Sony Resolution up to 5 MP, IR illumination, high frame rate, dynamic noise reduction, image stabilization and efficient operation even in poorly lit places.

Selection of cable


In wired systems, the situation of equipment malfunction due to interference is avoided. However, intruders can damage the cable, which can also cause the loss of important information. For CCTV systems, the following types of cables are used:

  • coaxial. Only a video signal can be transmitted over such a cable, separate lines must be laid to power the cameras;
    The coaxial cable consists of a central conductor and a screen and can transmit only the video signal
  • combined. Used when power and video are transmitted over the same path;
    The combined cable combines coaxial wire and power conductors, so to connect the camera to other wires it will not be necessary to plot
  • twisted pair. It is used to connect IP cameras or analog devices at a short distance (10-15 meters). In such a cable under the protective braid is 8 wires.
    Twisted pair consists of 8 pairs twisted (twisted) conductors

Mounting the camcorder

In the set of each camera there is a bracket with which it can be installed on any flat surface. Depending on the place of installation, the bracket can be fixed on self-tapping screws or on double-sided tape. Let's give a sequence of works for the case of installing a street camera on self-tapping screws:

  1. The holes chosen for the installation of the camera are drilled. The number of holes and their location is set by the mounting plate of the bracket. Usually in the set of the camera there is a template on which it is convenient to mark the places of fastenings.
    The location of the holes for attaching the camera is indicated in the template that is in the camera set
  2. If the installation is made on a brick or concrete wall, then dowels are inserted into the drilled holes, if the surface is made of wood, then you can immediately screw in the fastening elements.
  3. The bracket is fixed. For massive cameras, the bracket is installed separately, and then the body with the lens is attached to it. If the device is small, it is usually assembled.
    Small cameras are usually mounted together with the bracket
  4. Mounting the back box. Next to the camera is a sealed box, inside of which all cable connections are made.
    Raspaychnaya box is needed in order to protect the location of the connection of cables from external influences
  5. Cable connection. Inside the terminal box, cables are connected from the recorder to the camcorder. Then the lid of the box closes.
  6. The camera's initial orientation. The lens of the installed camera is sent to the side, which it will need to service. At this stage, you can specify only an approximate direction, the exact positioning of the camera will be performed during its setup.

Video: CCTV camera review and installation

Setting Up the Camcorder


Preparing the camera for work consists in adjusting the focus, that is, changing the distance from the lens to the matrix so that the entire zone of interest of the host of the system hits the camera's field of view. To do this, loosen the screw and rotate the lens through the threads.While insisting on focusing, the clarity of the image is achieved by looking at the picture in real time.After adjusting the operation of the camera, tighten the fixing screw.

By adjusting the focus, the desired approximation of the subject is achieved

Sometimes the setup of the camera is complicated by the following problems:

  • predominance of artificial lighting, which is reflected in the quality of the picture;
  • changes in the illumination of the camera's field of view, which leads to the receipt of those lightened and darkened pictures;
  • illumination of the object behind, which makes the image unnaturally dark.

However, correctly adjusting the camcorder, all this can be avoided. In addition to focus, do not interfere with the adjustment of the white balance, so that the picture does not become reddish or bluish.

Running the motion recording program occurs when special detectors and the monitor are turned on. The recording mode can be set so that the camera does not work constantly, but only when people appear in the place of its review.

Video: connecting video surveillance devices

User Reviews


On many cameras Activision, the AVC-211 series due to poor-quality processing of aluminum cases, the thread is bitten the front cover of the camera when assembled in the factory, which leads to a lack of tightness and very great difficulty in disassembling camera. Also, in a very large number of cameras in this series, there is a "cloudy image" disease, evaporation of the rubber sealant of the camera's glass, settling on the camera's glass and on the rear window lens. On the MVC cabinet outdoor cameras, very low-quality lead wires were encountered, the copper in them blackens and becomes brittle with time... The result is the disappearance of the video signal due to poor contact ...



In KPC at a relatively low price, good picture quality. Of the disadvantages - there are not enough cameras for 220 V. Germikom, in my opinion, is the best of the ready-made street options. Put, turned on and forgotten.

GenaSPB =2278


We use AVtech, Z-ben. There are no censures (special). Oltec - consistently variable quality (from horseradish to ...). This summer they installed cameras, and in the beginning of winter they came to launch video surveillance, beautiful mirror brackets turned into solid rust. Interestingly, until next summer they at least do not crumble? There was also fogging. There was somehow a party STS 316VF - fasteners (apples) clamped, everything is OK. A week passes and the camera falls. Thanks superglue - now do not fall. In the same batch, the power of the IR illumination was significantly different. In short, not boring, always something new.

Alexander Eduardovich =2278


We purchase cameras SpezVision, Novicam, Innovi. Sometimes we buy SpyG (ay-pi) and Germikom. The latter is not particularly like, most likely due to the fact that no one can properly tell on these cameras and show how to adjust, it does not work out very well. The only thing for which I respect, - germik-backlight is quite high quality. On spetsvizhenu I can say that before normal were, now began to haly: in the afternoon they show normally, at night - disgusting. By innnovi and novikamu - good enough cameras, with a bunch of settings (as well as with other modern cameras). There were no refusals.

vaisper =2278


It is important not only to buy a good camera for video surveillance, but also to properly fix and configure it. For this, the instruction is thoroughly studied and the operating mode of the tracking device is regulated.

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