How to properly hang a TV on the wall with your own hands

How to properly hang a TV on the wall with your own hands


With the advent of a flat-screen TV in the house, the question arises as to how to hang the TV on the wall correctly and in the best place. Modern plasma and LCD panels fit perfectly into any room, do not occupy space and allow to embody in the interior a wide variety of design solutions. When studying some features of the premises and observance of the basic rules, it is quite feasible to place and reliably hang the device with your own hands, without extra costs and professional equipment.

The place of the flat screen on the wall is determined solely by individual preferences and interior features. Strict restrictions when disposing the LCD panel and fixing it on a brick or plasterboard wall, there is no need to hang it in the center or corner of the room, on a bracket or without a bracket. Usually, the equipment is trying to attach in such a way that the middle line of the screen is at eye level and at an altitude of less than 1 m from the floor.

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  • 1Preparation for installation of equipment
  • 2Ways of fastening
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  • 3The order of installation of TV equipment
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Preparation for installation of equipment

To properly hang the TV on the wall, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Characteristics of the equipment. When installing, it is important to know the weight, type and diagonal of the plasma or LCD panel screen. This information is usually listed in the manufacturer's documentation. Installation by own hands of the device in weight more than 25 kg is recommended to make together.
  • Wall type. It can traditionally be concrete, brick, wooden or plasterboard. Depending on the finish, the bracket, fasteners, fittings and tools required for its mounting on a particular wall are also selected.
  • The location of the wiring on this wall. The correct place of the TV helps not to disrupt the wiring system and at the same time to hide the cables and wires of the installed equipment more qualitatively.

Ways of fastening

Hanging a TV on the wall with your own hands is possible in one of two main ways:

  • Fixed mounting. Suspension of the TV is mounted directly on the wall or on the duralumin profile. Such mounting is the simplest and most reliable, but does not involve tilting and rotating the LCD screen.
  • Adjustable or fixed mount on the bracket. Depending on the model and weight of the TV, a swivel, swivel or fixed bracket can be used, which allows to vary the angle of inclination relative to the vertical plane and the optimal position of the device for a more comfortable viewing and absence highlights.

When installing a TV with a small diagonal LCD screen is recommended a movable bracket, for large and bulky models it is more appropriate to use a fixed bracket.

Video: How to choose the bracket for your TV


As a rule, when purchasing such a holder for mounting equipment separately in its kit are also included and the corresponding fasteners, which are suitable for both drywall and other types of finishing surfaces.

The order of installation of TV equipment

So, preliminary preparation is carried out, the place for the device is defined and marked, a reliable assistant is found, it remains only to hang the TV on the wall. First of all, you need to make sure that the bracket of the chosen model matches the existing fasteners and tools - the type of trim and bracket.

Video: how to hang a TV on the wall


To hang the panel on the wall with your own hands, you must first install a suspension on the wall. Here you will need a drill or perforator, as well as dowels for concrete and fasteners such as "snail" and "butterfly" for walls made of drywall, special wood screws are suitable for finishing wooden boards.

When mounted on gypsum board of heavy and bulky structures, it is advisable to further strengthen wall plywood panel for greater reliability, as gypsum board can fail at a large load. In the event that the repair is already completed and you need to hang the plasma on your own with drywall, you can fix the hanger by means of metal corners in the areas of the profile on which it is mounted drywall.

Next, a TV or bracket guides are attached to the suspension, using special bolts, to securely tilt or rotate the LCD panel, or securely mount it to the wall. With the help of the installation level, it is checked whether the bracket is placed horizontally on the surface and only then the TV is finally fixed.

Cables and wires of the TV should be hidden from the eyes in camouflage boxes or cable channels. To create additional holes, the surfaces of plasterboard are ideally suited, because gypsum cardboard allows to make similar works without dust and the wires will be absolutely invisible.

Hanging up the TV with one's own hands is a responsible, but feasible task. It is enough to make a little effort and the new TV will find a worthy place in the interior and decorate any wall, whether it's drywall or brick, concrete or wood. Independently to equip a comfortable TV-zone in accordance with the general design of housing and its own ideas, it is quite accessible to everyone.

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