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To receive harvests of a fragrant berry all warm season it is possible, if to plant on a patch repairing grades of garden strawberries. These are fast-growing and abundant fruit-bearing cultures that will yield 3 crops per season.

What is the repair grade

By the remontant include plants that lay flower buds throughout the growing season, regardless of the duration of daylight hours. That's why on one plant there are always peduncles, green and ripe fruits.

Advantages of varieties:

  • fast growth;
  • abundant fruiting in the year of planting;
  • resistance to spider mite and other common diseases for strawberries and pests;
  • good taste qualities;
  • high decorative.

The only weighty disadvantage of such a strawberry is the need for annual planting updates. The reason is the rapid aging of the plant.

If the bushes leave for another year, the harvest will be low, and the berries shall be small.

The first harvest of patchwork varieties of garden strawberries is harvested in June-July, the second - in August and the third under favorable weather - in September-October. In the southern regions berries are harvested even in November. The main thing is that at night the air temperature does not drop to minus.

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The most delicious representatives

Most varieties of patchwork strawberry are characterized by sweet and sour taste of fruits and good juiciness. They are suitable for fresh consumption, freezing and processing. Almost everything can be grown on a balcony and used for vertical landscaping.

The best strawberry varieties for the middle belt:

  1. Queen Elizabeth II- heads the lists of the most popular and yielding varieties. Bushes of plants are high with large peduncles. The berries are sweet, reaching a mass of 50 to 100 g. Resistant to frost. When growing between bushes stand a distance of 40-60 cm. The first fruits are removed in late May - early June.
  2. Evie 2- Drought-resistant culture of English breeding. Fruits of round shape weighing from 25 g, juicy, fleshy. The advantage of the variety is the ability to grow 2 or more years in a row in one place without updating. Gives stable harvests of the same size berries. Resistant to temperature changes and unfavorable weather conditions.
  3. Maestro- a variety of French selection. Berries of medium size weighing 35-45 g. Fruits are conical, sweet, ripen evenly, do not decay in wet weather. The variety is characterized by increased immunity to major diseases.
  4. Portola- forms tall tall branched shrubs. Berries are heart-shaped, sweet in 70-80. Medium-ripening variety, resistant to waterlogging and fungal diseases. By the end of the season, plantings are covered with a film to get the fourth crop. When boarding between rows, keep a distance of at least 60 cm.
  5. Temptation- one of the few varieties, giving large fruits with muscat notes. Berries are juicy, weighing 30 g. The bushes are tall with large leaves, so the plant tolerates heat and drought well. Used for vertical landscaping.
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The described varieties of remontant garden strawberries are grown in the middle belt for many years, so they are well studied and adapted to climatic conditions. They are successfully grown in open and closed ground, on vertical slides and horizontal beds.

Transportable varieties

Farms in selecting remontant varieties of garden strawberries always take into account the characteristics of berries density and transportability. These properties directly affect the amount of profit. Among the varieties, the fruits of which are well tolerated by transportation are the following:

  1. Albion- forms a tall shrub giving 4 crops per year. Berries ripen scarlet, juicy, cone-shaped, weighing 70-80 g. Drought-resistant, well transported over long distances without loss of presentation.
  2. Charlotte- resistant to bad weather with a bright taste of wild strawberry. Berries are heart-shaped, weighing from 20 g. The flesh is dense and sweet, the berry is well preserved even when fully ripe.
  3. Selva- high-yielding, large-fruited, American selection. Weight of berries from 30-50 g. Fruits are dense and strong in the form of a cone. Forms a large bush with 20 or more peduncles.
  4. Flamenco- a grade of English selection. Berries are red-orange, dense in weight 30-40 g. Middle-late variety. The first harvest is collected in July, the second in September. Harvest stable high. When stored, the berry is not darker and does not lose its density.
  5. San Andreas- a large-fruited and high-yielding representative of American breeding. From one bush gather up to 3 kg of berries. Fruits heart-shaped, scarlet, sweet, weighing 40 g.
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All remontant varieties of strawberries are distinguished by the fact that when grown even on a small plot they make it possible to obtain a high harvest of delicious berries. The main thing is to regularly feed the plants and remove the red leaves.

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