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Today, the problem of recycling garbage on our planet is particularly acute. After all, some waste does not decompose for centuries. And in order not to clog the earth as a whole and your own site in particular, you can use the trash with profit. For example, from plastic bottles you can create the most real masterpieces. This is both economical, and beautiful, and will help the environment.

Article in the theme: crafts from plastic bottles for the garden and garden!

What can be done from plastic bottles?

Yes, many things! For example:

  • home furniture;
  • a corner of rest on air;
  • pergola;
  • fence;
  • sandbox;
  • a children's hill;
  • flower bed;
  • garden sculptures;
  • a greenhouse;
  • homestead constructions;
  • pool;
  • country house.

Garden Sculptures

From plastic bottles can turn out beautiful palm trees, wonderful fairy birds, amazing monsters and very nice figures of animals that can be observed in nature.


There are several options for the construction of fences made of plastic bottles. One option is to thread the upper and lower rows of the fence onto horizontal wire rods. Between them on the edging whole bottles of cut, one in one. "Construction of the pyramids" starts from the bottom. The last upper row is threaded with a wire edging.

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Another way to build fences from plastic bottles is to build a solid wall of containers filled with cement, cementing them with cement mortar. Similarly, the walls of summer cottages and outbuildings are being built - this will be described in more detail below.

If the fence is made of a fence, then the top and bottom laths are lined with tank covers. Then they are screwed to the bottles themselves. Connecting the strips together in such a way that the bottoms of the ribs are inserted into each other, the slats are fastened with vertical boards together.


Sometimes, on the contrary, nails bottles bottles, and the lid glued together. And there is such an option, when using parts of tanks, stringing them on a wire, like beads.

Furniture from plastic containers

In skillful hands empty bottles turn into creative sofas, benches, chairs, chairs and tables. It is enough to tightly wrap the structure with adhesive tape. If desired, you can make furniture covers and for softness put cushions on the seats, armrests and under the back - this is true in the case when it is installed indoors.


Rest zone on the site is an important part. Very beautiful are obtained from bottles of gazebo - light and cozy.

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Buildings from bottles

But the most creative use of plastic containers is the construction of houses and barns from them. "Ecological bricks" are called this building material, because thanks to this recycling of plastic containers our planet is becoming cleaner.

In order to lay down the wall of the house, plastic bottles are filled with barren earth, clay or sand. Experts say that the moisture content of the filler does not play a special role here. The most important thing is to tighten the bottle cap very tightly and pick up a container of the same size.

"Ecological bricks" are laid in rows by a grouting solution side by side to each other. On top again put the solution in a thick enough layer so that all the containers were covered by it. Then they again put the bottles in a checkerboard pattern.

Bottles of the bottles are pulled together with synthetic lint, rubber cords or soft wire in such a way that a similarity of the plaster grid is obtained. It is possible to fence completely "bricks" only after their binding.

The wall looks very creative when the bottom drawing is cleaned of the solution. Thanks to this you can get an interesting "star pattern". But you can also completely plaster the wall, hiding the building material inside.

But the construction should not start from the walls. First, at the corners of the building should be built round vertical columns - they will hold the entire structure. They will also need filled plastic bottles that are cemented together with cement mortar. Only lay the first circular row on the excavated pit, into the center of which the reinforcement is poured and poured with concrete. Containers filled with stacked concentric circles, a few centimeters away pin necks inside already of the concrete layer. The neck is tightly tightened with a soft wire so that they touch. All the gaps between the "bricks" are poured into the solution and left to "grab" for several hours.

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Then spread the second layer of bottles, already in staggered order. The inner part of the column can be filled with broken brick, stones, glass, slag. When the required height is reached, the laying out of the rows is stopped. The outside of the column is plastered.

In general, the algorithm for building conventional brick houses and plastic bottles is identical: both The same laying floors, installing window and door frames, laying lags for ceilings and sexes. Simply replacing the building material gives tremendous savings.

And the strength of single-storey buildings built from the most real rubbish, in no way inferior to brick houses. And the thermal insulation of such houses is quite high.

By the way, in Bolivia, a program for turning plastic garbage into cheap housing has been successfully implemented for several years already.

Plastic bottles - the plague of the twentieth century... Is this so?

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