Choose a beautiful and reliable roof for a private house

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The content of the article is in the area of ​​ of our changeable weather. Whether it is heat, rain or hail, the roof reliably protects the house for many years. To extend the service life of materials, as well as to make the protection more effective, the design is established on the basis of a specially designed layout for a specific building structure and the general climate of the region. In addition to the protective, the roof also has a decorative function, therefore its appearance and original design play a big role.

Classification of Roofs

To understand which roof to choose, it is necessary to get acquainted with the types of structures and the criteria by which they differ. If we summarize a lot of nuances, then the selection criteria for the coating will be as follows:

  • type and angle of slope;
  • material;
  • form.

As a rule, the choice depends more on the weather conditions in your area. For example, if in the region there are often snows and heavy rains, then a roof with a small incline will be a bad decision. Downfall of precipitation will be minimal, and they will begin to accumulate on the roof, thereby gradually destroying the structure. Thus, the magnitude of the slope depends on the climatic characteristics of your region.

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The most popular materials for the manufacture of roofing are wood, tile, slate and steel. Wooden roofs are durable( serve up to 50 years), have good moisture resistance and have high heat and sound insulation properties. It is also the most environmentally friendly material. The disadvantages include increased fire risk and long installation.

Slate and tile attract with ease of installation and relative cheapness. A feature of soft tile is the ability to install directly over the old roof without having to dismantle it. It looks more attractive than slate and lasts much longer.

An important role to play the ability to repair damaged areas by replacing a specific section without removing the entire series.

Tiling is also divided into several types, which are selected depending on the slope and climate:

  • ceramic( put on a slope of 35-60 degrees);
  • metal tile( the most demanded material, with the only requirement of a minimum slope of 15 degrees);
  • bituminous( well suited for non-standard rounded roofs).
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Depending on the design of the house, several types of pitched roofs are used in suburban construction.

Odnoskatnaya, gable and chetyrehskatnaya

Such roofs are popular in all types of buildings. For example, a single-pitch roof is most often used in commercial buildings, while a classic country house has a gable roof. The four-ply roofs are placed on any type of building that stands apart from the others, however, installing such a roof is a painstaking and troublesome job.

Mansard roofs

This type is the best option for a house with an attic, which can be arranged for residential premises. It is distinguished by slopes of curved shape( one part is flatter, and the other level is at an angle).

Arched Roof

As the name implies, the slopes are arch-shaped. Such roofs are most often made in industrial buildings, although, often there are examples of residential buildings.

Expanding the functionality of the roof

In addition to the obvious tasks that the roof of the house performs, it can be productively and profitably operated as a platform for a comfortable pastime. Depending on finances and space, you can organize a swimming pool, patio, and even a whole garden.

Residents of warm regions can make a complete power source from the roof by installing solar panels. This is an effective way to generate electricity, which allows significant savings on the payment of bills. They are mounted quite easily.

Many turn the roof space into a true masterpiece of landscape design. Often, a garden is also organized there, because the plants will not suffer from a lack of sun, and there will be less weeds.

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Flat roofs

Horizontal, or roofs with a minimum slope, are more often used in unusual design projects than in ordinary country construction. They allow you to install pools and recreation areas, and are often made of reinforced glass. Thus, the top floor will always be flooded with light.

To ensure drainage, an inconspicuous slant is made. However, in regions with heavy snowfalls such roofs are not recommended. Snow will stagnate and spoil the structure.

A competent approach to the choice of design and color solutions will make the roof of your house not only reliable protection, but also a beautiful, eye-pleasing element.

Self-installation is very real, but some types of roofing require special skills, so it is better to entrust the work to professionals.

Video about roof forms

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