How to get rid of ants in the garden or in the garden

For gardeners, perhaps, one of the most important issues is how to get rid of ants in the garden. Even at the end add the word - forever. That's how boring! Garden black ants, this is perhaps the second big garden orchard trouble after the weeds. As you know, forest ants are our friends, and garden ants are enemies. For many ants in the garden - a headache, an experience for the harvest. Each of us wants to learn some simple, effective recipe.


  • Ants in the garden and the garden - features of existence
  • Fighting ants in the garden - drugs, ways and means
  • Chemicals and products from garden ants
  • The struggle with garden ants folk remedies, baits

But, unfortunately, there is no universal prescription, there is a set of methods and methods that will help reduce their quantity to a minimum, take them from those garden and vegetable places where their presence is undesirable.

Aphids on a branch of gooseberry
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Ants in the garden and the garden - features of existence

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Black garden ants are really pests of the garden, the garden. They do not build anthills. Their habitat can be seen on small holes.

Garden anthill - entrance

In the summer, these insects begin to feed on the sweet secretions of aphids. Together with aphids they form certain communities. Black garden ant protects aphids from various enemies. And she has a lot of enemies. Starting from ladybirds, ending with small birds, who also like to eat aphids. Of course, the bird of ants will not be banished, but the ladybird is their best. If you are lucky, you will be able to see how amicably they will force out the ladybird from a twig covered with aphids.

In our gardens, greenhouses, usually ants and aphids - are inseparable. Last time aphids are very much like on weeds, cultivated plants too. The aphids suck out the juice from the leaves, plant stems, causing great harm to the future harvest, and itself allocates sweet milk, which attracts ants. They are many where there are many aphids.


Of course, the gardener receives the main damage from aphids. But the ants carry aphids, their eggs in the garden and garden plants, drive away from the aphids those predatory insects that feed on the aphids themselves. Therefore, if nothing is done, the aphids will multiply quickly. And the murash only needs this - the "pastures" increase, they do not threaten the famine.

If you decide to fight the ants, then it will not be possible to do so, without paying attention to the aphids, depriving the murash fodder base. Immediately warn, it is not possible and not necessary to completely defeat black garden residents. But to reduce their number, in parallel to reduce the risk of damage to our plant aphids - this is our strength.

There are many ways to do this.

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Fighting ants in the garden - drugs, ways and means

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Chemicals and products from garden ants

There are chemical preparations that help to remove ants, for example, Muratsid, Anteater, Delicia powder, from which water solutions are prepared, they pour over places of insects accumulation. Pasty means Clean House, Great Warrior, others spread over cards, boards, lay them out where they saw the greatest accumulation of murash.

There are various sticky paper or plastic traps for them. These methods are quite effective, but have not very long duration. After 2-3 weeks they decompose. And annoying insects can again appear there.

They will leave the chosen places when there will not be aphids, that is will not be, than to eat. Therefore, I advise you to simultaneously use anti-aphid drugs - Zubr, Confidor-Extra, Decis-Profi, Tanrek, Biotlin, Alatar, BI-58, others. The solution of these preparations, falling on leaves with secretions of aphids, makes them poisonous also for ants. Eating them, they perish. If regularly carried out such treatments, then aphids, there will be no ants in these areas.

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The struggle with garden ants folk remedies, baits

There are many folk remedies. For example, flooding holes, moves the anthill with boiling water. Black garden ant does not really like the ash or the smell of crushed tomato leaves. Of course, in such ways they can not be completely defeated, but you can drive them away from certain places.

There is another way, by the way, quite effective - flooding the habitats of these insects with urine or, as they say, the contents of a night pot. As a rule, after such "fragrant processing" insects leave this place.


There are ways to kill poison baits. These are more effective methods than those described above. You can cook such baits yourself, but you should be very careful not to poison yourself.


I will tell you about some of the most effective.

To do this, we use boric acid, we mix equal parts by volume with either honey, or with jam or with sugar, that is, with something sweet. I usually use a mixture of boric acid powder with granulated sugar. With this mixture I sprinkle places of the greatest concentration of insects. At me it more often pristrovlnye circles of fruit trees - especially they like to settle under pears. After a while they disappear, I think they just leave this place.

There is one more not absolutely usual way to drive away ants from the site. Not so long ago I learned that if you fill in the usual pile of dried millet or semolina from the top of the heap, they leave this place. Spread the usual millet or semolina into the places where the insects are gathered. Why - I do not know, but the black pests are gone. One piece of advice: that this millet or manga should not be spiked by sparrows before it works, pour over scattered grains of a little dried grass, straw or foliage - for insects this is not an obstacle, and birds do not will notice.

If your site is very infected with murash, it makes sense to use stronger methods of struggle. The goal of more powerful methods is the destruction of the "ant queen". While she is alive, working ants will be on the site necessarily. "Ants queen" lives underground - the depth is more than one and a half meters. To reach it is difficult even with a shovel.

Sweet bait
Sticky trap

In our struggle against the "queen ant" we go two ways. The first - sweet traps near each fruit tree or berry shrub of sweet syrup or fermented beer - is for working ants to reduce their number. The second - protective belts from a sticky tape, on top of which we put the gel - bait-poison. Her ants will wear inside an anthill, feed her "queen".

One of the readers of my blog wrote to me: "This year some ants are inadequate - about 20 bushes of strawberry were eaten, and roots were eaten! I watched my strawberry for a week, not understanding what was happening to it - the leaves became salad color, curled like an accordion. Dug one bush, and there is a complete nightmare - the roots are sprinkled, inside of them is full of ant eggs. What to do?"

Yes, garden insects can sometimes arrange not only anthills on the strawberry patch, but even nests inside strawberry strawberry bushes. Most often this leads to the death of plants. How to help in this case strawberry? In order to choose the means or method of help, it is necessary to take into account at what stage of development the plants are now.


If your strawberry only blooms, then you can try the poisoned bait throughout the strawberry patch or clearing. Effective bait-traps from ordinary baker's yeast mixed with a small amount of honey or sugar syrup (1 tbsp. spoon dry yeast, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of sugar or honey). This is an annoying food for the ants. To decompose it between plants - it is better to take small containers, for example, caps from bottles, or smear this mixture with small pieces of cardboard.

And if already on the bushes of wild strawberry hanging green berries, then sprinkle plants with a solution of ammonia (1 tbsp. spoon for 8 liters of water - insist 20-30 minutes). Such concentration will not harm the future harvest, but shit will drive, they do not like such sharp smells.

Well, if there are already ripe berries in your garden, then, of course, no spraying is acceptable. You can advise to lay out on a bed, where they accumulate, branches of wormwood, mint, tansy. The ants will leave, they also do not like such smells. But do not forget to update the branch-repeller to more recent ones. More radical measures against insects after the harvest.


The use of all these simple techniques all together, a complex, will help, if not get rid of forever from ants in the garden, then significantly reduce their number to the minimum that will not be in the garden to interfere with.

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