We choose roller shutters in the toilet - 9 useful tips


  1. №1. The advantages and disadvantages of roller blinds in the toilet
  2. №2. How are plumbing shutters made?
  3. No. 3. What to consider when choosing a roller shutter for a toilet?
  4. №4. Material of execution, profile and lock
  5. №5. Mechanism and management
  6. №6. Dimensions of plumbing roller shutters
  7. №7. Color and design
  8. №8. The method of installing sanitary roller shutters
  9. №9. Features of mounting rolstaven in the toilet

It would seem, which roller blinds can be talked about when it comes to the usual toilet, i.e. room without windows. We are all used to seeing roller blinds on the windows and doors of apartments, private houses, shops and institutions, where they have a protective function. In the toilet they are necessary toto hide a lot of unsightly communications. Plumbing roller shutters appeared relatively recently and today have become one of the best ways disguise pipes, valves, meters, filters and water heaters, making the bathroom interior more harmonious and attractive. It remains only to choose the right roller shutters in the toilet, determine the design, material performance, features of installation and design.

№1. The advantages and disadvantages of roller blinds in the toilet

Looking ahead, we note that roller shutters areThe ideal way to disguise all communications, located behind the toilet. Someone may argue that it's easier to hide everything under a box of plasterboard or lining, it's aesthetically and inexpensively. Do not forget that you can not hide communications strictly - they should be accessed, that's why in such boxes provide a small hatch, but it often does not save, because its size does not allow to get normal access to all sections of pipes. Happens that, it is necessary to break all the planking, and this is dirt, dust and long restoration work. In addition, if the hatch door is swinging, then it is necessary to provide a sufficient amount of space to open it, and if the bathroom is small, problems can arise with this.

All such shortcomings are deprived of sanitary roller shutters, and the rapidly growing popularity of these structures is explainedtheir numerous advantages:

  • the first and most important - roller shutters perfectly hide all communications;
  • The shutters can have practicallyany size, so you can hide both miniature and large enough niches;
  • in which case, to pipes, valves, metersAccess will be provided instantly- it is enough only to raise the blind roller shutter up;
  • Roller shutters providefull access to all pipe sections, located in the toilet. When you open the canvas folds into a box, located at the very top of the structure, without interfering with inspection and repair work;
  • the design takesminimum space. The largest element is a box, but in most cases it can be deployed in the direction of the pipes;
  • quick installationand a minimum of dirty work;
  • ease of maintenance of the structure, shutters are not afraid of moisture, they will not rot, and to keep them clean, simple washing is enough;
  • ease of management;
  • durabilityand preservation of appearance. The shutters are made of durable and safe materials with the use of powder coating;
  • Roller shutters not only do not spoil the interior, but they can also decorate it. The design can be monophonic, on it with the help of photographic prints apply any patterns and landscapes. Even more! The canvas can exactly follow the pattern of the tile, and then no one but yourself will guess where the pipe system in the bathroom has gone;
  • an additional advantage is the ability to organize behind the shuttersstorage system, if, of course, the nature of the location of communications allows it. The most unsightly, but very necessary items can be hidden away from the eyes, and if they are needed, then you can get them in a matter of seconds;
  • shutterswill increase noise insulationtoilet room and minimize the sound flowing through the sewer pipes. Manufacturers of similar designs also talk about additionalthermal insulation.

The minusesthere are practically no plumbing rolls. The main thing is the cost. They will cost you more than the usual fabric curtain (a popular budget method to hide pipes), but in terms of functionality and aesthetics, these options are difficult to compare. The gypsum board box, by the way, will not be much cheaper, and if you consider that after some visits plumbing may need its repair, then the shutters can be considered the most profitable and convenient option.


Among the minuses is often called electrostatic and the ability to attract dust. In our opinion, this property is greatly exaggerated, and it is not necessary to attach special importance to it. Blinds after all, for example, also need regular maintenance - the main thing is that cleaning roller blinds is easy, and regular cleaning will not make you regret the choice made.

№2. How are plumbing shutters made?

Roller shutters intended for bathrooms do not fundamentally differ from those that are installed on windows and doors.

The main elements of the construction of sanitary warehouses:

  • cloth, consisting of many slats. Such a structure of the canvas ensures its ability in assembled form to occupy a minimum of space;
  • shaft, on which the web is assembled due to rotation;
  • box, in which the shaft hides, provides a more aesthetic appearance of the structure and protects its elements from external negative influence;
  • lateral guidesprovide a smoother, more precise and comfortable course of the canvas.

Shutters for the toilet are made of completely safe materials that do not emit toxic substances, do not be afraid of moisture, easy to clean. A conscientious producer will provide all the certificates of conformity without any problems. To be confident in the safety and durability of products, it is better to cooperate only with trusted firms. Residents of Moscow can be advised by the company Rollet-Market, which has been working for 15 years in the market of production and installation of roller shutters. Examples of works can be found on the website https://rollet-market.ru/, where also a convenient designer of color matching is presented. The manufacturer carries out quality control at every stage of manufacture, guarantees the safety of the product and its exact conformity to the required dimensions.

No. 3. What to consider when choosing a roller shutter for a toilet?


Plumbing roller blinds differ in weight parameters, and above all, it is:

  • material of execution of lamellas;
  • type of profile;
  • type of locking element;
  • The type of mechanism that drives the canvas;
  • type of control mechanism;
  • overall dimensions of the structure;
  • design.

Of course, few people will want to install in the toilet powerful steel shutters with reinforced profile. This is, rather, an excellent option for protecting window openings. For the bathroom the design will be simpler, but some details of its execution will, of course, depend on personal preferences, as well as the type of toilet (public or personal).

№4. Material of execution, profile and lock

In the bathrooms used rolls of the same materials as the window and door structures. The only exception is wooden shutters. They are also rarely put on windows in our country, but in the toilet they will be completely inappropriate. Not only that they are expensive, so even the moisture is not very stable, and for the preservation of the appearance will have to constantly handle the protective means.

Optimum for the toilet materials of the roller shutter execution:

  • plastic. This is the cheapest material, but not the worst. It is not afraid of moisture, it is easy to wash (like ordinary blinds), it does not take corrosion and mold, and weighs such a design a bit. Add to the list of advantages a huge variety of shades, so that the plastic roller will fit into any bathroom. The main disadvantage is low strength, but if you are not going to lean on the design, then everything will be fine with it. On the level of durability plastic roller shutters, of course, inferior to aluminum and steel;
  • aluminum roller blindsare considered the best option for arranging a toilet in an apartment and a private house. They are available in terms of prices, are characterized by sufficient strength, excellent appearance and high durability - an optimal balance of price and quality. Such rolls are not afraid of corrosion, have a relatively low weight, and thanks to a two-layer coating with heat-treated paint, durability and resistance to humidity increase;
  • steelRoller shutters are characterized by increased strength and wear resistance. For a home bathroom of this strength, even with an excess, but if it is a public toilet, then this is perhaps the best option. It is recommended to take roller shutters made of stainless steel, in order not to encounter the problem of corrosion in a few years.

As for thetype profilemetal structures, then for the home with the head is enough for the simplest rolling profile with foam filler. Such a design will provide good heat and sound insulation, and its low break-in qualities can not be taken into account. Experts recommend steel reinforced burglarproof shutters for public bathrooms.

Asof the castleit will be enough for the apartment to have the simplest gate valve: no one from households will attempt to clean detergents and sponges, and access to them will be much easier. A full-fledged locking mechanism will be necessary only when installing sanitary roller shutters in a public place.

№5. Mechanism and management

Bytype of managementRoller shutters for the toilet can be:

  • mechanical (driven by human efforts);
  • automatic (driven by an electric drive after pressing a button on the wall or on the remote control).

There is no great sense in using an electric drive in sanitary roller blinds - these are not simple designs, and it is not so often necessary to open them. If you consider that the design with automatic control is much more expensive, then this option can be safely dismissed.

For bathrooms is best suitedmechanical drive. As a rule, two such variants are used:

  • belt driveIt is based on a tape that is attached to the shaft and the tape-laying machine. It's enough for a man to pull the tape to make the design work. This is a simple and cheap mechanism that copes with loads up to 15 kg. In terms of convenience, this is not the best solution, it takes more effort than the spring-inertial mechanism. Such shutters can not be fixed in an intermediate position. For openings with a width of less than 52 cm, the belt drive is the only option;
  • spring-inertia drive- the most modern and comfortable. The structure is arranged so that it can be fixed in any position, i. E. If necessary, you can only open the opening, if access to the entire space is not required. The control knob is located on the lower guide. The process of raising and lowering such mechanisms is as simple as possible, but with a design width of less than 52 cm, it is not possible to place a spring in it, so it can not be called a universal drive.

№6. Dimensions of plumbing roller shutters

Roller shutters are made to order, taking into account the individual characteristics of a particular room. It is important that the design provides free access to all communications, so experts in most cases consider the best version of a roller shutter height from ceiling to floor.

Companies that manufacture and install such structures perform the measurement of the existing niche, and many firms do this for free. It is also possible to conduct independent measurements - the producers of roller shutters give instructions on how to do it correctly. It is important to take into account not only the width and height of the future design, but also take into account the depth of the niche, because of this parameter depends on the type of installation rolls. The accuracy of the measurements made depends on the tightness and the absence of drafts in the future.

Some companies offer products of so-calledstandard sizes. Well, if they just fit into the opening - it will be possible to save a lot. More often it is necessary to alter a niche, expand or narrow it, and as a result all these works are more expensive than ordering a roller blind with the necessary parameters.

Much more expensive will cost to manufacturerolls of non-standard form(arched, triangular, etc.). Mounting in a bathroom is not easy, and from a purely functional point of view, they lose to a simple and familiar rectangular version.

№7. Color and design

Plumbing roller shutters are able to successfully disguise all communications and not spoil the interior. In order for the design to fit as organically as possible into the bathroom space, when selecting, one must take into account the color scheme used and determine whether you want to turn the shutters into an accent of the interior, or, conversely, you need them to attract a minimum attention.

Manufacturers produce shutters of any colors, and with the advent of UV printing, it is also possible to apply images. All possible variants of registration rolstaven in the toilet can be divided into such groups:

  • roller blinds repeat exactly the color of the walls. Since it is possible to apply almost any shade to the canvas, it is not difficult to choose a color that matches the tone of the tile. The more precisely the colors match, the less invisible the roller shutters will be;
    . . . . .
  • roller blinds of contrasting colorlike people who do not like boring monophonic interiors, even when it comes to the interior of the toilet. It is important to correctly combine colors and not go too far with the number of shades in this small room, so it is better to select two, maximum three colors that will be used in the room. For example, if the walls are beige, and the roller blinds are blue, then you can support them with a blue carpet;
  • Roller shutters with photo printing- the most interesting, but also the most expensive option. Previously, an image wasfilms, but very quickly such a coating began to wear out, especially in places of contact with the guides. By the way, unscrupulous manufacturers still use this technology. A modern way of drawing a picture isUV printing. The image thus created retains its original appearance for at least 6-7 years, is resistant to moisture, does not burn out. In the catalogs of companies a huge number of ready-made images: flowers, landscapes, architecture, animals, cartoon heroes, patterns, various kinds of ornaments - to choose, indeed, is from what. You can easily choose a pattern suitable for the color scheme and subject matter to any type of interior. If nothing is found, then you can apply any desired image, for example, a photo brought from a vacation. You can even applyA drawing that exactly follows the pattern of a tile or wallpaper, however, this will require the help of designers.
    . . . . .

The simplest version -white shutters. This is a universal and safe color - it just fits into any interior. Most advantageous this design will look against the background of white and light walls, but in other cases it will be appropriate.


№8. The method of installing sanitary roller shutters

It is best to mount roller shutters during the repair of the toilet room, when the pipes have already been replaced, installed counters, filters, water heaters, etc. First, it is already clear which equipment should be hidden and where to install shutters. Secondly, the installation costs are significantly reduced.

There are only three options for setting shutters in the toilet, and they differ only in the arrangement of the box:

  • box installation inside. The most optimal option in terms of aesthetics. The box, the most massive part of the design, hides behind the canvas, and in a closed form we get a perfectly flat surface. It is important that the depth of the niche allows you to place a box there. Measurements are best carried out after leveling the walls, before installing the tiles, so that the construction eventually flush with the wall. If the tile is already laid, such installation is also possible, but it is better to consult the manufacturer about the correct measurement of the opening;
  • box installation outsideIt is executed when the depth of the niche does not allow to place the box there. Measurements and installation are made after all facing works, the fixing is carried out on the tile. It is important to take into account the length of the canvas - it should be free to fit in the box, completely freeing the opening;
  • box installationIt is used when the wall is made of plasterboard and will not withstand a strong load. The box is located only outside, the design is complemented by the bottom guide. Fastening to the ceiling is not required.

№9. Features of mounting rolstaven in the toilet

Roller installation is easier to entrust to the company that produced them - the absolute majority of manufacturers provide the installation service. In this case, you get the confidence that the design will be installed correctly, without distortions and errors. However, if there is some preparation and confidence in your abilities, then you can try to make the installation yourself. Savings are guaranteed.

The sequence of works is as follows:

  • installation box. It removes decorative protection, after which there is a fixation either between the walls of a niche, or on the wall in which a niche is formed. In the necessary places on the walls, the perforator makes holes, plugs are inserted into them, after which a screw or dowel is installed. It is important that the box is installed clearly horizontally;
  • Installation of the feigned bar is carried out in the pre-planned holes;
  • installation of guides. After measuring the distance between the lower part of the drum and the feigned bar, both guides are adjusted to fit. They are attached to the screws in the butt of the niche. Mount the canvas will be easier if you simultaneously wind it in both guides, and then then cap it securely to the wall.

If you have doubts that you can not cope on your own, it's better not to waste time and not to spoil the construction, but immediately call specialists.

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