How to properly connect the electric stove with your own hands

How to properly connect the electric stove with your own hands


Modern electric cookers are already good because they explode much less frequently than gas. The only rule that must be observed when using an electric stove with a ceramic surface is not to put dishes (pans, pans) on it that have a convex or concave bottom. And, of course, do not drop bricks or other foreign objects on fragile ceramics. However, before you start to enjoy the convenience of cooking, you need to know how to connect the electric stove to the home power network? There are some more nuances of installation, preparation for work and care of various models, which we now consider.

In Soviet times, with the cast-iron plates of two existing models of electric stoves, it was possible to heat the entire apartment. How to distinguish a plate brand "Brest" from absolutely similar "Minsk" did not know anybody, including the masters of warranty service. Now manufacturers offer many modifications of these household appliances, which are conventionally divided into three main types:

  • Independent, separately standing.
  • Built-in surface and oven with separate control.
  • Built-in surface and oven with a single control panel.

Correctly mount and connect any electric stove is fairly easy on your own, if possess basic information, some skills in working with the tool, and directly tool.


  • 1What you need to find out before starting the installation
  • 2Connection of an independent plate
  • 3Installation of embedded equipment with a single control center
  • 4Installation of separate hob and oven

What you need to find out before starting the installation

Almost all models of electric stoves are connected with equal success to a single-phase, and three-phase socket. The wiring diagram in both versions is large drawn on the accompanying documents and duplicated on the back cover of the contact panel. By properly connecting the electric stove, you will save considerably on the purchase of the next one, so try to give the schemes maximum attention. They look something like this (Fig. 1).

Information that you need to learn from an electrician who posted the wiring in the kitchen:

  1. How many phases did he lead to the outlet for powering the electric stove?
  2. Is the system really grounded? Some instead of "land" connect another "zero" - and this is unacceptable.
  3. What section of the wire did he use and did not he mount (by mistake) aluminum instead of copper ones? Optimum cross-section of the wire, millimeter, and conducted from a separate RCD on the switchboard.

Let it designate phases with a marker directly on the wall opposite the corresponding wires or contacts of the outlet - it will still close with a stove and will not be visible.

Connection of an independent plate


A fairly simple task, if you understand the scheme. Do not forget to turn off the machine before starting work and at the same time check its characteristics: at least 16A for independent electric cooker or combined unit, and at least 24A on a separately connected panel with oven.

The greatest difficulties that can occur when installing such an electric stove - fine adjustment of the horizontal by means of rotating legs and protection of the ends of the adjacent countertops. For the latter, we recommend special metal strips, which are sold in furniture fittings stores.


Installation of embedded equipment with a single control center

The connection diagram is also valid for such a device. The only difference is that the oven should be connected directly to the network, and the hob is equipped with plugs that plug into the connectors of the main unit. They do not get mixed up in places, because in the "foreign" connector the plug just will not rise.


The problem for those who decided to connect the mounted plate themselves can be an electric jigsaw, a drill and other tools to cut the opening under the hob in countertop. However, in our time, any power tool is easy to hire, and the skills obtained in school work lessons will be enough to cut through the hole you need according to the attached template.

Care should be taken to ensure that the edges of the cutout are parallel to the edges of the table top, further using a slight play between the surface and the resulting opening for the final alignment.

The oven is fixed to the pedestal by four self-tapping screws, which is not applied after fixing the hob. Self-tapping screws are enclosed in the delivery set, and the fixing points are indicated in the accompanying drawings.

Installation of separate hob and oven

How correctly to connect a part of the electric stove with the burners and mount it in place we have already described above. Nothing has changed, except that the scheme of electricity supply will be drawn on both the hob and the oven.

ATTENTION!!! If only one power or multi-phase wire is connected to the kitchen, then it is necessary to connect it to the plate, that is, the built-in surface! In terms of power and power consumption, it roughly corresponds to all other kitchen appliances, taken together - it's no wonder that residents of apartments with electric stoves reduce the cost of energy.

The oven with a separate control panel, as a rule, is built into the so-called "case for technology combining several household appliances. Designers offer different options for placing equipment on height, but, in our experience, it is most appropriate to arrange in such a case (from the bottom up):

  • The freezer.
  • Electric oven.
  • Microwave oven.
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