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How to twist curls hair curlers for hair


Electrical appliances for hair styling helps to make a beautiful hairstyle in a matter of minutes. Let's take a closer look at how to use a curling iron, and what kinds of them are.


  • 1Different shapes
  • 2Differences in material
  • 3How to prepare hair for a wave
  • 4Secrets of chic ringlets

Different shapes

Having bought an ordinary inexpensive fuse, any girl with her own hands can make the styling, changing the image. Straight hair has its pluses, but curled curls look more romantic and exciting. Let's consider what kinds of plaques exist, and how to correctly curl them.

  • A large volumetric cylindrical curling plate makes waves and curvy, loosely laid curls.
  • Small thin curls curl thin hair, getting small elastic spirals.
  • Cone-shaped devices are used to get curls that are more voluminous at the base of the hair, and become smaller at the end.
  • Triangular section allows you to make curls in relief. Suitable for vintage and extravagant hairstyles.
  • The corrugated nozzles are designed specifically to make waves on the even strands. The dimensions of the waves are determined by the diameter of the nozzles, but the best option is corrugated with an average wave size.

For fine hair, you can use a small corrugated plait. This will give you the opportunity to get a large amount and will radically change your appearance. For thick hair, it is better to use large corrugated nozzles.

It is advisable, before you use a curling iron, to apply a protective composition to the tips of your hair. He will make the hair more flexible, they will not break, they will lay down more correctly and naturally, they will not be bruised.

Differences in material

In addition to the shapes and sizes, the curling devices are characterized by the material of manufacture and spraying.

  • The first to appear metal ploys. They must be able to properly use, so as not to burn hair. It is better to buy such a curling bar with temperature adjustment.
  • Ceramic fuses are heated more evenly, and they are more harmless, although they wear out quickly. It is especially effective to use them, if you want to create a large volume at the roots.
  • If you use a tourmaline ploy, your hair will stop electrifying. Tourmaline spraying with heating releases negative ions, which are very useful for the body, since they protect it from static electricity. The hair becomes smooth, silky to the touch and shiny.
  • Plaiters, which are heated by infrared radiation, create strong curls. If your hair is difficult to curl, and they quickly lose shape, then the infrared model is the best option.
Characteristic Variety
Sputtering chromium;
titanium, Teflon (for professionals)
Shape of the rod cylinder;
pyramid (triangular section);
Number of rods 1, 2, 3
Diameter Up to 19 mm for fine curls;
Up to 25 mm for medium-sized curls;
Up to 38 mm for large "Hollywood" ringlets

How to prepare hair for a wave

Wash and dry your hair before curling. Dry and clean curls better curl, and their appearance is more beautiful. To curls or waves last longer, and the structure of the hair does not deteriorate, apply foam for styling. It is strongly recommended to use thermal protection means when using flat plates like corrugation.


There are other means, on the packaging of which it is indicated that they need to be used before packing with a hot hair dryer or curling iron. Choose the most optimal product for your hair (serum, oil for tips, spray or mousse), then the hair will be the way you intended it.


Secrets of chic ringlets

Then they make a parting, allocate one strand and wind it on the heated rod. Twist the strand so that it is in contact with the surface of the rod.

Some girls do not grip the handle, fearing that the hair will remain cracks, but for good ploids this problem is not terrible.

Choose the right temperature and holding time (5-12 seconds), and then your hair will be perfect.

You can move from face to neck or vice versa. You can divide the hair into two levels, first turn the bottom, and then the upper one. The shape and position of the selection should be chosen independently, depending on the type of your face and features of the hairstyle. Some have a straight central part, other girls prefer slanting or zigzagging protuberances.

Usually, the longer the curls, the thinner the strand is selected. If you make a curl with the help of corrugation, then always separate the thin strands, start to curl them from the roots, and then go down to the tips.


Do not lean the appliance close to your head, so as not to burn yourself and carefully remove the curls from the curling iron. Do not touch the curls until they are slightly cooled.


When the wave is ready, then the hair can be lightly sprinkled with varnish. In this case, it will last much longer. Curly hair can be laid, as your fantasy tells. Strands intertwine, pin up, weave flowers, and decorate with other accessories.

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