At what height from the plate to hang the hood: the basic rules

At what height from the plate to hang the hood: the basic rules


Ventilation and ventilation in the kitchen are of great importance, therefore, over the stove in good civilized kitchens are set hoods. Together with this, the problem arises - to calculate at what height to hang the hood, so that it works as useful as possible and does not spoil the appearance of the room.


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There are some rules and recommendations related to the safety and efficiency of the hood. On the one hand, it should tighten the smells as much as possible, and on the other hand the distance between it and the plate should not interfere with the work of the housewife and create a fire hazard situation. We suggest you look at the standards for the installation of hoods in the table.

Type of oven Approximate height, cm
Gas (direct extraction) 75-85
Gas (inclined) 55-65 (lower part)
Electric (direct) 65-75
Electric (inclined) 35-45 (lower part)

The altitude range is not accidental. Choosing the exact level, you will start from three factors:

  • power output;
  • design, room configuration;
  • the growth of the person who most often stands near the stove.

At your discretion, you can slightly increase the height of the installation, but you can not reduce it.

Firstly, it will make the work at the cooker more difficult, the cook will constantly bang his head, it will not be convenient for him to look into the pots. Secondly, the hood can become very hot, and in some cases there is a chance of ignition of soot that has settled on the filter.

The instructions usually indicate how the distance from the plate to the hood should be, which greatly simplifies the choice. In addition, if an expert is involved in this issue, he will advise you on how best to install the entire system, including the location of the outlet and air duct.

Mounting Features

Measure the distance between the hood and the hob from the lowest edge of the hood to the burners. Strengthen it should be strictly according to the level, since the opportunity to regulate the situation in the future will no longer be.

Before you hang the hood, you need to pay attention to two more important issues related to the choice of location. It is necessary to take care of the removal of gases into the ventilation shaft and about the connection of the device to the power supply. In this regard, on the kitchen plan, the location of all communications must be clearly indicated.


If you enter a new apartment or make major repairs, then you need to make a plan taking into account the installation of all electrical appliances in the house, including hoods. If it's just about replacing some equipment in the kitchen, then you have to adjust to the circumstances.

Hood configuration

When choosing a hood, be sure to pay attention to its size and power. It must fully cover the hob, then the work will be effective. For very high people, you can stay on a model made at an angle. In this case, it will be more convenient for you to approach the stove.

You probably noticed that the height of the hood above the gas stove is greater than that of the electric stove. This is due to the burning flames on the gas burners. Soot that settles on the exhaust filters can ignite if the device is hung too low. Above the electric stove, the distance can be shortened, since it is less flammable.

Correct the height of the installation, depending on how the installation is done. There is a special classification of hoods by type of installation:

  • Dome and fireplace hoods are attached to the wall;
  • island is fixed to the ceiling;
  • The corner is mounted in the corner of the kitchen;
  • flat - the top part is fixed in a hanging cabinet, and the back side to the wall;
  • built-in - installation is carried out completely in a hanging cabinet.

If the size of your kitchen is small, then you can recommend installing a flat or built-in model. They fit well into any room and have enough power to eliminate kitchen odors. In addition, many flat models pull the bottom panel, which allows you to increase the area of ​​the device.

When you decide to purchase hoods, we recommend that you measure the width of your slab, specify the kitchen area and the height of the ceilings. You need to take into account how many people live in the apartment, how often you cook at home, whether someone smokes in the family. Knowing all these parameters, you will be able to choose the best model, and after that, easily determine the height at which it should be hung.

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