Down with the extra hair! Minichudo technology will save unwanted vegetation in the nose and ears

Down with the extra hair! Minichudo technology will save unwanted vegetation in the nose and ears


Most people are faced with the problem of undesirable vegetation in hard-to-reach places. Sticking out of the nose or ears hair looks repulsive, and get rid of them is difficult and painful. Especially for solving such issues, a trimmer was invented.


  • 1Trimmer and its functions
  • 2Technical characteristics and mechanism of the device
  • 3How to choose a trimmer for hair removal in the ears or nose and for eyebrow correction
  • 4Rating and reviews
    • 4.1Table: 4 best trimmers according to consumers
    • 4.2User Reviews
  • 5Vidio: overview of the Philips trimmer from Artem Gik Art TV
  • 6Use and care
  • 7Possible malfunctions and their repair
    • 7.1Overheat
    • 7.2No response to startup

Trimmer and its functions

Trimmer is a mechanical device designed for hair cutting. Used to eliminate vegetation in the nose, ears, haircut, eyebrows, beard and bikini zone.

In appearance, the trimmer for the nose, ears, eyebrows resembles a classic machine for cutting only a small size. The apparatus has several specialized cone-shaped tips, adapted to different parts of the body.

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Trimmer is used for hair cutting in the nose and ears

Technical characteristics and mechanism of the device

The internal arrangement of the trimmer is extremely simple. It includes: engine, power unit and cutting element.


As an addition - nozzles and brushes. Brushes are designed for cleaning the device and combing the eyebrows. With the help of attachments you can cut your hair, both in the required length, and completely. The machine runs from various power sources: mains, battery or battery.

Trimmer with nozzles for nose, ears, whiskers, beards and hair cutting on the head

Trimmers are small in size. Its length varies from 12 to 17 cm. The diameter of the body does not exceed 7 cm - especially to fit in the palm of your hand. The average weight is 40 g.

How to choose a trimmer for hair removal in the ears or nose and for eyebrow correction

At the choice of the trimmer, there are a number of recommendations:

  1. Value for money. The understated price is a test of low reliability of the device. As a rule, the blades and the mechanism of rotation quickly fail.
  2. Strong blades, in particular steel, are indicative of a quality product. However, at home, ceramic blades are also well maintained. Both those and others do not require specific care. Before the purchase of the trimmer, it is necessary to take into account the replacement of the cutting elements.
  3. During operation, the apparatus should not emit a smell of burnt plastic or simply plastic. This is a sign that mekhpnizm will not be able to be used for a long time.
  4. It is best that the trimmer is equipped with several high-speed modes and a regulator of cutting height. Thanks to them, it is convenient to distribute time and intensity of work.
  5. Models with batteries are quite practical, both for home use and for use on the road. They are designed for 40-minute use. This time is enough to handle hard-to-reach areas of the body.
  6. When choosing it is necessary to take into account the ergonomics of the trimmer - to take it in hand and determine how convenient it lies in the palm of your hand.
  7. It is best to buy the device in a rigid package, or even better together with a specialized case.

Rating and reviews

Having considered the basic criteria for choosing an ideal trimmer, you need to pay attention to what consumers are already using.

Table: 4 best trimmers according to consumers

One of the Internet sources published a rating of the best devices for localized haircuts. When exhibiting the ratings, functionality was taken into account (the presence of nozzles for the nose, ears, beards, whiskers, cutting regimes, heightening hair cutting), ergonomics, body strength, quality of haircuts, durability blades.

1 Wahl 5546-216 10/10
2 Philips NT3160 10/10
3 Moser 4900-0050 9.9/10
4 Babyliss E650E 9.7/10

User Reviews


My sister gave me a Philips trimmer - very easy to use, but it performs its task perfectly. In the kit was the device itself, two nozzles, a brush for cleaning. In a few minutes the machine cleans all unnecessary vegetation. There is still a function for cutting the eyebrow, but I somehow do not risk using it.

Владимир, 35 years old


The machine for cutting hair in the nose in 5 minutes makes of my husband handsome. I help him to take care of the nose, ears, trim the whiskey, cut off excess hair from the neck, adjust eyebrows. For the entire period of operation, the trimmer with nozzles Philips has never failed. I can advise him - take it, you will not regret it. For men, such an apparatus is indispensable.

Christina, 28 years old


I ordered the Good Look trimmer, in general, they are satisfied. The machine belongs to the category inexpensive (inexpensive), I paid for it about 500 rubles. Powered by a battery, it has to be changed frequently. To cut your hair well, you need to use a ten minute machine, scrolling it well, otherwise there will be hairs. The blades are cleaned with a brush.

Alexander, 40 years old


Vidio: overview of the Philips trimmer from Artem Gik Art TV

Use and care

Using a standard thrommer nozzle for the nose and ears

Using a trimmer is easy enough. The included apparatus is simply inserted into the nostril or the auricle. Deep insert the tip is not necessary. It is worth knowing several recommendations before applying:

  • it is necessary to clean the nostrils and ears well;
  • It is forbidden to use a trimmer during a runny nose, bleeding, or illness;
  • to be cut must be in front of the mirror and in bright light;
  • at the end of the work, the machine must be thoroughly cleaned.

It is not recommended to transfer the personal trimmer to another person's use. Many microbes live in the nose and ears. They can become the causative agent of the disease.


A few days later, the hair begins to grow, as after any haircuts. The growth rate is individual. Because the machine is safe to use, you can use the machine as needed.

Possible malfunctions and their repair

Trimmers have two classic problems:

  • overheating of the device;
  • no reaction to the launch.


Overheating trimmer for one reason - heavy contamination of blades and blades. To solve the problem, remove the cutting element, clean it thoroughly and soak it in soapy water for several minutes. Then carefully dry, then continue using.

No response to startup

First you need to test the device:

  1. Remove the cutting element.
  2. Switch on and off several times.
  3. Replace the cutting element.

If after all the manipulations the trimmer does not turn on, then the following problems can occur:

  • pollution. It is necessary to soak the cutting block for a couple of minutes in soapy water;
  • low battery level or end of life of the built-in battery. The device must be charged or replaced with a battery;
  • the polarity of the batteries is not observed. This applies to devices with batteries. It is worth checking their installation - "plus" to "plus and "minus" to "minus".

Trimmer - a small device, simple, both in use and in care. Suitable for permanent use by men and women. Does not spoil the skin and does not require the use of additional lubricants.

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