How to connect multiple TVs to one antenna

How to connect multiple TVs to one antenna

. How to connect two, three or four TVs to one antenna is a question that is simply solved nowadays. If in the past this question could pose even a radio amateur, now any housewife knows the answer to it.

To do this, you need a splitter or CRAB, which in translation into ordinary human language means "cable splitter user's household". You can buy it today in any hardware store, but you could have made it yourself from the radio parts yourself. This unpretentious device consists of a body and three or four resistors with pins to the nests for connecting television receivers.


  • 1What is a splitter
  • 2Number of connected televisions
  • 3Connection Process

What is a splitter

Cable splitter - a device consisting of a certain way calculated resistances, serving to correctly match the wave impedance of feeders of one antenna and several TVs. They provide the lowest possible attenuation of the signal.


You should know that you always have to connect three TVs to the splitter with three outputs.


If you do it differently, for example, connect two or one instead of three TV sets, then for normal operation of the device you need to connect a 75 ohm ballast resistor to the free output.

When choosing a splitter, first of all it is necessary to look in the enclosed instruction range of frequencies that it is able to skip.

If you have cable TV at home, then you can make a vain purchase - not every splitter will miss the high-frequency channels of decimetre waves used by the operators to retransmit the signal.

Number of connected televisions

If necessary, or 4 TV sets can be connected to a splitter from one antenna. A larger number is already inadvisable - a very large signal attenuation:

  • one TV - the real power of a television signal 1/1;
  • two - signal power 1/2;
  • three - signal power 1/3;
  • four - signal power 1/4.

You can connect more than four televisions to one antenna, but you have to put a signal amplifier. On sale are the most different in price, quality and technical characteristics of devices that allow to do this without loss of image quality.

Connection Process

First of all, you need to determine the location of the TV set, measure and cut off the right amount of antenna cable. At the ends of the cable on the TV side, you should put the antenna plugs on, but do not plug them in. Many splitters of different manufacturers have nests of different types. Basically, these are screw holes, connected by a nut with an inserted and pre-stripped end of the cable. The central core is inserted into the hole of the screw socket, after which it is necessary to screw the nut so that the braid of the cable is pressed against the casing of the CRAB.

Some devices have common sockets for connecting plugs, and accordingly you must have them 4 and so on, that is, the corresponding number.

Older manufacturers still make types of splitters where it is necessary to use a soldering iron or a screwdriver when connecting two, three or four televisions. The braid and the central cores of the cables must be soldered into special contacts or fixed with screws.

When connecting multiple TVs to one antenna through the splitter, observe the safety procedure. It is necessary to de-energize all household equipment until the end of the work on the connection of cable plugs to them.

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