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The fight against insect pests is that under the power of the drug, which is called the Akropercote. The Akro insecticide, an instruction that states that the drug, due to a special mechanism, affects the nervous system of pests. The product has proven itself in practice. It perfectly combines high activity against insects, as well as complete safety for the human body and animals.

Principles of drug exposure

Insecticide Akro's opercrete has only two main components in its composition. These ingredients have completely different effects. This combination makes it possible to have a harmful effect on the intestinal receptors of parasites. The mechanism of action of the remedy is as follows: a poisonous product enters the body of parasites and, with repeated consumption, paralyzes the work of the intestinal tract. The insect as a result of this can not eat and dies. In the case of direct ingestion of the substance, paralysis of the insect's nervous system occurs and, as a result, instantaneous death.

Insecticide provides plant protection for a period of 14 days to 3 weeks.


The drug that we offer you can be actively used for sowing winter crops, alfalfa, rapeseed, and legumes. Nevertheless, there is evidence that the Acro's insecticide, Acrcot, has proven itself in the protection of vegetable crops. Gardeners also use a means to protect orchards. The product is very effective in combating sucking, as well as leaf-eating parasites. It is in fact a universal means of protecting your plants. The product is used in many agrarian branches. The drug has proved itself from the positive side, so you can apply the acrococcus Acroc insecticide in agriculture for instructions for good purposes.

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Product Benefits

To insecticide Ocercot was appreciated by you, read the main advantages of this drug. Here are the main features:

  • the threshold of damaging effect is minimal;
  • system-contact universal application;
  • the drug is harmless to your plants, but deadly to the pest;
  • the product does not give a single chance to pests, as adaptation to existing components is impossible;
  • long-term protection;
  • the drug has a high striking effect, the use of the insecticide of the ocercate, even in a small amount, will exceed your expectations;
  • the product can be mixed with other substances.
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If you decide to purchase an insecticide, which is called Acropercote, go to specialized stores.

How to apply an insecticide?

The drug belongs to the middle class of danger to humans and to the higher class in relation to insects (high level of toxicity). Because the product is dangerous to insects, therefore, it is toxic not only to pests, but also to useful individuals. Do not treat plants that are located near the apiary. At least, you need to try to limit the flight zone of bees. It should be five kilometers. Summer time should be limited (3 days after treatment).

The product is sold in powder form, which should be moistened. Prepare a toxic mixture on the day of processing your plants.

In the Acroc insecticide, the instruction says that the required amount of the substance should be mixed with the correct amount of water. Processing is carried out after complete dissolution of the product. Work is carried out during the growing season.

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The product has the same effect on all pests. It can be used in summer and in spring. Shelf life of the product is three years, subject to storage conditions. The drug is resistant to low and high temperatures.

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