How to choose an iron with and without a steam generator? Rating of the best irons

The correct iron is the one that performs all the functions necessary for the hostess. Therefore, it is impossible to choose an iron better or worse - everyone will stop at a device that meets the requirements of the buyer, and they will always be different:

  1. Metallic (Bocsh) or Ceramic (Tefal) soleplate. Original solutions (Phillips) are also possible. To say that one iron is better and the other worse is wrong, as someone likes the Phillips sole (excellent slip, anti-stick), and someone chooses the simplest model.
  2. Steam boost mechanism. Dense fabric is best steamed and ironed with a steam blow mechanism.
  3. Auxiliary options: there will be protection against leakage of the iron, automatic shutdown, etc.
  4. With the constant availability of a large amount of clothing, the purchase of a steam generator is ideal.

And most importantly, any iron must be periodically cleaned of rust and limescale. Many models are equipped with anti-scale and anti-drop systems. And now - more about the conditions for choosing an iron.


  1. Power determines the efficiency of the iron
  2. Iron sole quality
  3. Ironing: steam does not spoil the fabric
  4. What is a steam generator?
  5. TOP 10 irons in 2015
  6. Video Tips

Power determines the efficiency of the iron

Electric irons are divided into devices of small, medium and high power. This is the so-called technical rating of irons. The soleplate is heated using electricity, so the heating rate depends on the power of the device. Conclusion: a powerful iron will work much more efficiently in any operations - both when ironing and when steaming.

  1. Low power iron useful if ironing is not frequent. Also low-power are irons. Such electrical appliances have small dimensions and light weight. So, the MPM YPZ-2188 road iron with a power of 800 W, Scarlett SC, Magio MG or Tefal FV with a power of 1.0-1.4 kW will be an excellent help in travel.
  2. Medium Power Irons (1.0-2.2 kW) reflect the main consumer group of goods, have the greatest demand at a loyal price. These include ROWENTA products - IS6300, DA1510 models, as well as Saturn, Phillips and others.
  3. With an electric power of 2200 W and above, the iron is considered high power appliance. Such electric irons are used with frequent ironing and are among the most effective. The minus is obvious - high energy consumption. High-power irons include: Braun TexStyle 7, Severin, Clarus or Phillips with a capacity of more than 2400 watts.

The possibility of automatically disconnecting the iron from the network is very desirable. Such a safety system saves electricity and serves as an excellent firefighting tool if the hostess forgot to turn off the appliance.

The electric cable must be at least 1.5 meters long, and all Chinese models are clearly not suitable for this parameter. A long cord allows you to set the ironing board at a comfortable distance from the electrical outlet, as well as choose a more convenient place for ironing.

Iron sole quality

How to choose an iron with a good and durable sole? First of all, this is the material from which the sole is made - the iron should slide freely over the surface. Next is the ability to retain heat for a long time. And the last - the ability to quickly and easily clean the surface of the sole from soot, lime, scale, etc. Here you can offer an iron with aluminum, teflon or ceramic soles - these materials are most suited to the above requirements.

  1. The sole of the iron for the house can be made stainless steel, which until recently was considered the most reliable, and therefore the most popular type of sole coating. The stainless steel is resistant to mechanical influences, is well cleaned and has a fairly decent weight, which is often liked by many housewives. Of the minuses - the sole is quickly contaminated, so you have to clean it more often than other surfaces.
  2. Coating ceramic - The priority of expensive models, but it's worth it. If you don’t care about the financial side of the problem, then it is better to choose an iron with a metal-ceramic sole. The ceramic sole glides perfectly, it is very easy to clean from dirt, such a sole can be ironed or steamed any kind of fabric. A significant, but the only drawback is that it is easily exposed to mechanical stress (scratches, microcracks, etc. can appear).
  3. Teflon sole - a universal surface for any iron. Teflon provides easy and safe ironing, it is very careful about fabrics, such an iron has a small weight and, as a rule, small size. The disadvantage is the same as that of ceramics: the teflon sole can be easily scratched.
  4. Iron with aluminum sole - the cheapest, but also the lowest-quality ones in ironing.

Only the budget of the hostess will help to choose a good iron that meets her needs, but you need to remember that saving is inappropriate here. Today, Zelmer and Bosch devices are considered the best in the aggregate of all technical, design and consumer characteristics.

Ironing: steam does not spoil the fabric

Our great-grandmothers also came up with the idea of ​​wetting the laundry while ironing. Today, this process has been improved in automatic steam humidification, which greatly increases ironing efficiency. A good iron is a device with a steam humidification function, and all housewives know this. But still an iron with a steamer must be able to choose. Below are a few options to consider when buying an iron with a steam function:

  1. Automatic anti-scale scaling protection on the sole.
  2. Anti-drop system that prevents moisture from entering the fabric.
  3. The system of the vertical direction of the steam jet.

What is a steam generator?

Recently, you can see on sale an iron with a steam generator, which is a mini-steam station (dock) with a water tank. The steam generator is a motionless support for the iron and the iron itself. The power of the jet and the temperature of the steam can be adjusted in the settings of the docking station, and the temperature of the soleplate on the movable part under the handle.

Using a steam generator, the possibilities are expanded:

  1. You can iron any fabric with a powerful jet of steam.
  2. Cleaning and removing any stains from the fabric.
  3. Removing any stains from carpets and rugs.
  4. Cleaning tiles, sanitary ware, upholstered furniture.

However, the steam generator will not replace steamer.

TOP 10 irons in 2015

With our 2015 rating of irons, choosing an iron is easier and faster.

1. Zelmer ZIR1175H Navigator Supreme

Zelmer ZIR1175H Navigator Supreme

Iron with a steamer. Home design, outsole glides perfectly on any fabric. High power (2.2 kW) allows you to quickly straighten the most complex folds. The iron lies comfortably in the hand thanks to the new handle design, it is easy to use. A long electrical cord allows you to iron anywhere in the house.

Complaints from users - before a new start-up, it is necessary to set the temperature regime again.

2. Bosch TDA703021I

Bosch TDA703021I

Bosch iron can be considered a universal device, so it stands on the second step of the TOP-10. Designers have combined comfort and quality here. The versatility of using a Bosch iron is achieved by applying a temperature regime suitable for working with any type of fabric.

Disadvantage - after ironing, it is recommended to drain the water from the steamer.

3. Rowenta DW9035

Rowenta DW9035

In third place is the iron, the sole of which is designed taking into account the features of ironing all types of fabrics without harm to them. The steaming function forms a strong and powerful stream. The iron has the “Anti-scale” function with a self-cleaning program. That is, using this iron, you can forget about the constant cleaning of the sole. The built-in auto-off feature makes using the Rowenta DW9035 safe.

The disadvantage is that the front of the sole is heavier than the back, so when ironing you will have to adapt to the pressure.

4. Philips GC 8350

Philips GC 8350

Model Philips GC 8350. High ironing speed is achieved by using ultra-modern coating. Excellent glide is enhanced by the inclusion of a steaming function. There is also a vertical steaming function.

The disadvantage is that the cord is not long enough and the humidity is too high when steaming vertically.

5. Tefal FV 9657

Tefal FV 9657

In fifth place is the Tefal brand. Like all previous models, it has a balanced ratio of quality and price. A nozzle is supplied that turns the ironing process into a simple and convenient task. The steamer carefully treats any clothes. The sole of the iron is made of cermet and has the function of self-cleaning, which will allow the device to work much longer.

The disadvantage is the relatively large weight.

6. Braun TexStyle TS765A

Braun TexStyle TS765A

Modern model, high-power iron (2400 W) with vertical steam function. Powerful steam pressure (170 g / min) and a container (400 ml) make ironing a fun pastime. The device has a low weight, excellent ironing and steaming, equipped with a sole that is not amenable to mechanical damage.

The disadvantage is that when the tank is completely filled with water, the weight of the device becomes large for comfortable ironing.

7. Philips GC4640

Philips GC4640

In the next place is the Philips model. Feature - double descaling. Space design, replete with all kinds of LED indicators, which means that there are several programs for steaming and ironing. A sturdy sole with originally positioned openings for steam supply will serve under any conditions for a long time.

The disadvantage is the small volume of the water container and the large mass of the iron.

8. Philips GC 3320

Philips GC 3320

The 2.3 kW kW Philips GC 3320 is equipped with a vertical steam function with a 300 ml tank.

Advantages: large measuring cup, long cord (3 m), automatic shutdown, ergonomic design.

Disadvantage: the Autoscale system does not work well enough. Housewives do not like that the water from the container is quickly consumed.

9. Moulinex BRIO IM 3050

Moulinex BRIO IM 3050

A powerful two-meter jet of steam (including vertical steam) in the iron is regulated by nozzles. The system “Anti-scale” can work with water of any hardness. Stainless outsole provides high thermal stability.

Complaints: water often flows from the container and onto the fabric.

10. Bosch TDA 2630

Bosch TDA 2630

The last place was taken by a 2.0 kW model. Liquid container - 290 ml, active steam function, vertical steam, accelerated heating, smooth sole, attractive design. Low price attracts middle class customers

The disadvantage is that the hole for pouring water does not close, the Anti-drop system does not work at full strength.

Video Tips

Tips from the program “Good evening”:

After a thorough study of all the pros and cons of the 2015 models of irons, you can make your choice. Let the new iron bring joy to you and your family, and turn routine work into a pleasant pastime.

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