What iron sole is better

Housewives are familiar with the problem of choosing an ironing machine, numerous manufacturers are constantly offering new units. Well-known: having stroked clothes, you will make neat, beautiful, fitted under the set forms. Rare iron will do the necessary work quickly, the problem affects the quality of the material of the sole. Understand which sole of the iron is better by reading the information on the site. Portal "VashTehnik" will share the necessary facts, after reviewing which you can easily select the product according to personal preferences.

Today, many brands use iron coating materials. It is proposed to make a choice.

Irons are equipped with aluminum, ceramic, metal-ceramic, stainless soles. Is logical. The best material is the ability to slide smoothly and easily through clothing fibers, giving an attractive appearance. The material will prompt, explain the types of ironing surfaces.

Types of soles of the

irons The material of the soles should comply with the specified user requests. The fabric material determines the selection. The sole of the iron - completely suits the family, family members will be able to use the ironing unit. The answer we get from the mouths of people who have solved the problem of choice. Seasoned advise decent options.

Aluminum Materials

Today, irons equipped with aluminum coatings cope with the tasks of ironing laundry, as they can easily slide on the surface of fabrics, giving the desired shape. The home appliance market offers similar products at low prices.

Aluminum heats up quickly, cools down. Allows you to avoid wasting time on waiting, the unit will be ready to work, or completely "come out of it."The big pluses, the named facts play the big role in formation of preferences of people.

Aluminum is easily deformed, scratched, there may be cases where the tissue is damaged. Philips provides its own solution: thermally processed Anodilium, representing anodized aluminum. In the newest irons, coating rarely deteriorates, saving things from damage. The technology makes the sole smoother, the device slides easier on the surface, smoothly smooths things.

The Braun iron sole material is equipped with several air cushions to prevent the presence of shiny areas. It has a beneficial effect on the quality of ironing, the subsequent state of clothing fabric.

Metal ceramics

Shop counters, Internet portals contain a range of irons, the soles of which are made of ceramic coating. The units are light, easily master the surface of the clothes, provide comfortable working conditions. The cooled metal-ceramic surface is easily cleaned with an ordinary sponge.

Heating of the irons is carried out by heating elements evenly. The covering easily spoils, breaks off. Metal ceramics are subject to mechanical damage.

Brands, trying to solve the problem, flooded the market with models equipped with surfaces of transverse stripes of heat-resistant steel. The specified format resists damage in the course of work, will allow to cope, smoothing overdried linen. The shape of the sole helps to focus on leveling hard-to-reach areas of clothing, the temperature of the spout is high.

Stainless Steel

Those who want to know in more detail what is the best sole of the iron, you should read the section on the most common surface - stainless steel.

Material of such a plan avoided the problems of deformation, no corrosion is terrible. Irons gradually break. The lion's share of problems is caused by improper handling. As for the stainless steel, wait a little: the next years the surface will remain pristine.

Material relatively inexpensive, durable. The stainless steel heats up for a long time, cools down. The user saves a lot of time, cleaning the iron, if there is a special mode.

The brand “Rowenta” has released a unique system of soles, provided with recesses that form airbags in movement. The user will notice improved glide, no tissue damage. Braun uses sapphire powder: it is capable of imparting increased ironing strength. Such materials cannot be scratched with a nail, buyers are protected from unexpected damage.

Cast Iron

"Samsung" uses chrome-plated materials as protection for surfaces, special enamels that resist mechanical damage, which gives the sole chic: the user is not afraid to damage the fabric of his favorite blouse and trousers.


Which iron foot is better to choose? Polymer. It's time for teflon coatings. The specified surface coating eliminates the adhesion of tissues, cauterization, damage to things. The main advantage that is present in the claimed options.

We consider material instability of Teflon as a disadvantage and wears out quickly. The user inaccurately touches the fastener, the button increases the likelihood of scratches of the iron, a direct way to spoil the fabric of clothing.

Teflon soles are synonymous with sapphire, marble - advertising words that hide the true underpinnings of the coating. Polymer!


Which iron sole is the best? Questions excite the human mind, let's summarize, draw conclusions. The following sole materials have been developed today:

  1. Ceramics( metal ceramics).
  2. Aluminum.
  3. Stainless steel.

The complexity of the choice is determined by the criteria:

  • price;
  • mass;
  • coating material.

The ultimate preference is provided by an understanding of personal needs. Wanting to save, iron things “medium style”, take the metal-ceramic. High-quality products of considerable prices will force to find out the detailed quality of branded coatings. Soles often steel, aluminum.

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