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The high cost of Tefal and Philips irons is justified by the quality of the product. If you do not want to spend money, you should buy the device for 200 rubles for the action in Eldorado. Below is a story about the benefits of expensive models. You will learn that Tefal has once again raised the power of the steam blow. So much so that now the iron does not need to be put on clothes. This is done to pre-empt Philips with its Optimal Temp.

Position in the sales market for irons

Quite recently, Tefal FreeMove was popular. This is a brand of cordless iron with a self-cleaning sole. The brand successfully competes with Philips, but the Dutch have a great technology. This is OptimalTemp. Not in the sense of optimal speed, but the temperature of ironing. Now you do not need to continuously monitor the device - once the program is set in any position it controls the temperature of the sole.

Iron FreeMove from Tefal

We believe it was difficult for consumers to choose from two, but when Philips equipped cordless irons with temperature optimization technology, Tefal had to think about innovations to maintain leadership:

  1. Catalytic technology of fat splitting on a palladium-coated sole does not leave dirta chance.
  2. The FreeMove steam blow had a capacity of about 200 grams per minute, surpassing individual steamers in size.
  3. The cycle of a wireless Tefal optimal iron: approximately 4 seconds.you need the device to work without electricity for about 20 seconds.

OptimalTemp technology looks even more attractive. Philips Philips allows you to stop being afraid for clothes. And on the official website of Tefal, something new has appeared! The steam generator has replaced the wireless iron.

There are a number of major drawbacks of steam generators. First of all, the need to clean the water. And I would like to increase the power of the steam strike, and it is impossible to do this, because salt deposits grow proportionally. So, you have to buy distilled water or sacrifice the beauty of clothes.

Steam generator

In this regard, Tefal focuses on 3 main points in steam generators:

  1. The power of steam impact increased to 360 g per minute. This covers at least twice the technical indicators of typical devices from this category. Steam is produced, but at times it can be enhanced by pressing the appropriate button. Suppose you need to iron the sheet. You fold the crumpled cloth 8 times, hold the steam generator over it and put it in the closet. We assume that the device is also suitable for vertical ironing.
  2. Ultimate Anti Calc, an anti-calcification device inside, helps to get rid of scale. Once a quarter you need to throw a tablespoon of sediment out of the owl. The technology is patented by the company Tefal, we believe that in the near future no one will tell how the novelty works. It seems that some positively charged electrode is used, attracting metal ions to itself, causing the greatest harm.

    The ideal surface of the working surface of the steam generator is the

  3. . To avoid the formation of contaminants, the sole is covered with palladium, which breaks fats into a decent layer. This metal is a known catalyst used in turbines, where due to such a stroke the completeness of fuel combustion increases and efficiency increases.

This is 3 whales of the Tefal brand, and the cordless iron has gone away. Tefal has introduced semi-automatic control into the steam generators, the iron now controls the temperature of the sole and the power of steam generation. There are from three to five programs, depending on the models, for example:

  • flax;
  • cotton;
  • silk;
  • synthetics;
  • wool.

Technology is brand new. But it is interesting, whether it is permissible to leave such a steam generator on clothes without damage to things. We believe that yes, because the difference, in fact, is in the temperature of the sole. We remind you that it is smaller for a steam generator. Perhaps for this reason, ordinary irons temporarily moved aside. Tefal wants to quickly respond to a competitor, but with a hot sole does not work.

Iron from Tefal

In this case, the French decided to kill two birds with one stone: to conquer the market of steam generators and create a device that is relatively safe for clothing. The manufacturer claims that the unit itself closely monitors the production of water from the tank. More details about the features will tell consultants in stores.

At steam generators Tefal spacious tank - 1.8 l. The characteristics of the device indicate the pressure of the jet at the outlet of the sole, amounting to 6.5 bar. This is twice the performance of a typical steamer. In standby mode, the production of steam is 120 g per minute. The considered steam generator from Tefal costs 25,000 rubles.

The simplest steam generator costs 13,000 rubles, this is a typical price for this type of device. And in the item card it is written that adjustment is not required. Characteristics are more modest, there are no programs, an explicit answer to Philips OptimalTemp technology.

And do not forget about the exclusive means of protection against scale Tefal. This is the most important detail, because the ferry can shoot and Saturn for 200 rubles.

If there is no money for an expensive iron

If you want to save money, you should make a compromise. For example, the top models of Roventa cost an average of 4,300 rubles. In general, these are traditional steam irons. The jet does not have an increased power, one and a half times less than that of Tefal steam generators in standby mode, but we will keep silent about the impact. Roventa - good irons, popular and relatively inexpensive.

For the same price it is possible to buy Azur Perfect Care with OptimalTemp technology from Philips. Here there is an automation of the process, but the parameters of the irons are inferior to the steam generators.

Iron manufacturers compete for the customer. But we consider prices for steam generators to be slightly bloated - laboratories cover research costs.

The types of irons are considered - traditional, wireless and steam generators, which are the next step in increasing the power of devices from the point of view of semi-professional use.

The best iron manufacturers are listed during the review. Quite good models are produced by Panasonic. After reviewing the varieties of irons, it will be easier for readers to make a choice. With an average income, we recommend to take Philips OptimalTemp exclusively for convenience and safety. Unwilling to mess with cords should choose Tefal FreeMove. The cost of the devices is about the same.

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