Choosing a silicone set of kitchen accessories made in China


Every housewife who loves cooking should have a set of different kitchen utensils. It includes a ladle, large spoons, various scapula and much more. Each device fulfills its role in the kitchen. In addition, the set of accessories perfectly suits as a gift.

Most often in the market you can see a set of kitchen accessories made of silicone. This material is great for cooking and does not harm your health. In addition, it does not wear out, so the silicone kit can serve the landlady for a very long time.

As a rule, all the devices from the set are made in the same color scheme. This allows you to select devices that will perfectly match with the design of the kitchen.

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Advantages of a set of kitchen accessories from silicone:

  1. Diversity. In this set there are adaptations for various occasions of life.
  2. Versatility. Spoons and spatulas are used for cooking any dishes.
  3. An invaluable benefit. This set is able to facilitate the cooking process.
  4. Quick cleansing. Devices made of silicone are quickly washed. In addition, they can be washed in the dishwasher.
  5. Small size. Despite the fact that the set of 5 appliances, their presence in the kitchen does not affect the space. After all, they occupy quite a bit of space.
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A set of kitchen utensils is an excellent purchase, which will definitely come in handy in the kitchen. However, the main question remains: how much does such a set cost? In Internet shops in Russia and Ukraine, a set of kitchen accessories can be purchased for 1127 rubles. Great price.

And on the website of AliExpress, you can buy a similar set for 945 rubles. This amount is slightly cheaper than the one that the domestic producer indicated. But the characteristics of the goods are the same.

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Characteristics of the Chinese kitchen utensils set:

  • material - silicone;
  • the set includes - a noisy, two spoons and two scoops;
  • color - purple;
  • the average length is 2 cm;
  • the average width is, cm.

As you can see, the site of Aliexpress offers a more favorable price for a set of kitchen accessories. Therefore, it is best to order this product there. After all, in terms of quality, it is not inferior to domestic goods, although in Internet shops in Russia and Ukraine the price is slightly higher.

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