Latex Glove Set from China

Housekeeping and everyday situations oblige hands to get dirty in the country. Quite often, it is necessary to transplant plants, mix chemically active fertilizers, or simply to perform cleaning, putting garden facilities in order. It is for such purposes that lightweight latex gloves were created. Rubberized texture fits perfectly to the shape of the hand, tightly wrapping all the space from the wrist to the palm. Light and stretching material will not break even under the influence of strong friction or hooks. A large supply of rubber gloves bundled with Aliexpress, priced at 611 rubles, will not worry about the spoiled pair, and for a long time will protect the gardener's hands from harmful influences during work.

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There are three sizes of latex gloves for user choice: L, M and S. All gloves differ not only in their size, but also in the density and color of the material. You can individually choose the product you like, as well as get an additional discount from the seller on Aliexpress, when you buy gloves with larger bulk.

Compared with domestic products, the Gizili set of gloves is lighter and ultra-thin. These gloves are not suitable for difficult conditions or hard work, but in everyday tasks, they cope perfectly well. They do not allow water to pass through, so they can be used for washing, cleaning or working with non-aggressive liquids.

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In terms of the price factor, gloves help save a lot of money. Compared to buying similar domestic or imported Chinese gloves, buying from Aliexpress store can save you from 30 to 60% of the funds.

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Gloves characteristics:

  • manufacturer - Gizili;
  • material - latex with a special protective coating;
  • sizes - L, M and S;
  • quantity in a batch - 100 pcs.;
  • thickness - ultra thin;
  • application - everyday life, garden and dacha work, cleaning, hand protection;
  • color - blue, purple;
  • Weight - less than 70 g. In the package.

The buyer can count on significant savings, individual choice of sizes and colors, as well as the reliability and durability of the product, which will help protect and save your hands.

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