The drum does not spin in the washing machine: what are the reasons? How to rest and prevent breakage?

The drum is a central element in the washing machine, providing its functionality in the domestic environment. Sometimes such a nuisance happens that it becomes worthless. In this case, it is necessary to determine the reason why the drum does not spin in the washing machine. This will make it possible to decide whether it is worth the repair itself, and if so, how.


  1. Causes of malfunctioning drum
  2. Determine the cause of the malfunction yourself
  3. Self repair methods
  4. Prevent the problem
  5. Video tutorials on how to troubleshoot a drum washer

Causes of malfunctioning drum

There are a number of standard reasons why the drum does not spin, or spin with difficulty:

The drum in the washing machine
  • Overloading laundry in a typewriter. Modern models do not start the wash cycle until the amount of loaded laundry is in accordance with the norm.
  • Engine Drive Belt Wear. With this problem, the drum can be turned by hand, but the washing machine does not rotate it automatically. A similar situation arises in a situation where the belt jumps off its working position.
  • Damage to electric motor brushes. In older models or in situations where you wash frequently, brushes can simply wear out. It is enough to replace them with new ones, then the mechanism will start working again in normal mode.
  • Software module failure. This problem is considered serious, because often you have to install a new part or update the firmware - it costs quite a lot.
  • Engine failure. If the drum of the washing machine does not spin at all, and there are no natural reasons for this, then the whole thing is in the engine. The case may be in a temporary circuit or in a breakdown. It is simply impossible for a layman to fix this problem on their own, so it is best to contact the workshop.

Determine the cause of the malfunction yourself

The power of any ordinary user to conduct a small initial diagnosis and establish possible reasons why the drum does not spin in the washing machine:

  1. Check the allowable weight of the laundry that each washing machine usually has. These data can be found in the instructions. Make sure this rule is followed in your case. Try to slightly free the drum from the laundry and start the wash cycle again.
  2. Check if the door opens. If it does not open, and the washing machine does not spin the drum, then it is possible that you have a clogged drain filter.
  3. Try spinning the drum by hand. If it is possible in the off position, and when the device is turned on, it blocks rotation, this may indicate problems with the tachometer, wiring, or electronic module.
  4. Make sure there are no foreign objects in the space between the drum and the tank. Didn’t find anything? Then the problem is with the heating element. It is highly likely that it simply burned out and a replacement is required.
  5. Inspect bearings and belt. In situations in which the drum of the washing machine does not spin well or the action is tight, problems may lie in them.

If the reason could not be established (or you are not 100% sure of it), then it is best to wait for a specialist.

Self repair methods

To fix it, you will need patience, instructions for the device and, first of all, independent primary diagnostics in order to find out why the drum of the washing machine does not rotate.

If the brushes are worn out in the machine, they can be replaced. To do this, the electric motor and old brushes are removed, after which the new parts are installed in place. It is better not to remove the engine before purchasing them.


In the case when the heater exploded in the washer, first of all, it will be necessary to completely remove its remains and debris. After that, the device will need to be replaced with a new one.

TEN in the washer

To check the condition of the engine belt, you need to remove the back cover from the washing machine. A belt twisted or slid off easily returns to its standard position. If the belt is not suitable for further use, you will have to purchase a new one and make a replacement.

Engine belt

Removing a foreign object from the washing machine will not work until you remove the back cover, as well as the heater. Only after that the item is removed through the opening hole.

Foreign object in the washing machine

When a malfunction is associated with the electronic module (the “brains” of the washer), it will require zeroing, flashing, or a complete replacement. For non-specialists, the task is not realizable - therefore, we turn to the workshop.

Prevent the problem

An automatic washing machine is a device with which you need to work very carefully, and according to the instructions. There is a certain set of easy rules that will help prevent a problem with the drum:

  • Before starting to wash, make sure that the pockets of the clothes are empty, they are free of coins and other items
  • Before starting operation, check the permissible amount of laundry to load. Never exceed the norm, even better if you are laying less laundry: this will extend the life of the device.
  • When the drum does not rotate at all, it is forcibly forbidden to do this: you will only harm the system.
  • For washing underwear, handkerchiefs and other small items, it is best to use special bags.
Underwear Laundry Bag
  • Observe the amount of detergents acceptable for the device. Use special care with Calgon type powders. They negatively affect bearings and seals, so you can’t overdo it with them in any way.

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Video tutorials on how to troubleshoot a drum washer

If you find that the drum does not spin due to the belt, then a clear instruction on how to replace it will help you:

Do you need to replace the brushes? Then look at the video how to do it:

The following video shows how to remove a foreign object from the tank of the washing machine:

If you need to change the heater, then pay attention to this video:

If you have a breakdown in the drum of the washing machine, do not be discouraged: most often the cause is a slight circuit or a completely fixable trifle. If it was not possible to eliminate the cause of the breakdown or fix it yourself, you should contact the master.

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