Home freezers: how to choose a good freezer

Choosing a freezer for your home is a very responsible business. What types of cameras exist, what you should pay attention to when buying, how to choose the most suitable model for yourself - we'll talk about this in this article.


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Home Freezer Molds

The shape of the camera is divided into two types:

  1. Refrigerated chests. These are horizontal freezers. They resemble those refrigeratorsin which the store sells frozen products and ice cream. It is clear that this option is often very massive, so putting it in the kitchen is unlikely to succeed. The closet or corridor is best suited for such a chest. This option is really suitable for a summer house or garden.
    Inside the chest are lattices, due to which some discomfort during storage is created. If you put the bag inside, it can easily fall down. Therefore, it is imperative that each level of the gratings be equipped with a strong cardboard.
  2. Refrigerating cases (or curbstones). Vertical freezers. This option is easy to place in the kitchen - convenient, capacious, can easily act as a bedside table or stand. It is enough to choose a model that is the same in height as your countertop.
    Outwardly, it resembles a small refrigerator, where you can easily freeze and store all the necessary products. The height of such a cabinet starts from 65 cm and can reach 2 meters. Inside, there may be both grilles and plastic boxes. This option is very convenient, because it allows you to easily sort products by type, preventing the mixing of odors. But if you need to freeze and store a large amount of food, then with a refrigerator it will be very problematic.

Speaking of how to deal with bad breath from the freezer - find out here.

Therefore, first of all, before buying, you need to decide where you want to place your future purchase in order to choose the proper shape and size. But the exterior of the freezer is not all.

What characteristics are worth paying attention to?

The price of a particular camera depends on many factors. Let's consider each separately:

  • Power during freezing. The interval is from 5 to 25 kilograms per day. Here you need to proceed from the planned number of products that will be frozen. For an average family (3-4 people), 5-9 kilograms is enough. If large volumes are required, pay attention to more powerful cameras.
  • Volume. Minimum - 100 liters, maximum - 500. Here we are guided by the same example of an average family, 200 liters is the best option.
  • Energy saving level. This characteristic is of the utmost importance given the constant rise in electricity prices. Classes A and A + will reduce energy consumption to a minimum. And therefore it is better not to spare money and buy a model more expensive, at least not lower than class D.
  • Class of freezing. This implies to what maximum the temperature in the chamber may drop. Freezing classes are denoted by stars. Each star lowers temperature by 6 degrees. That is, 3 stars is 18 degrees, 4 stars is 24 degrees and so on. This parameter should be taken into account, because at the lowest temperature the products will last much longer.
  • Energy consumption per year. Each camera model contains this characteristic. Using it, you can easily determine how much money you will pay for using the equipment every month. You just need to divide by 12 the specified number.
  • Control. It is mechanical and electronic. Of course, the second option is much more convenient, many models are equipped with a display, with which you can set the appropriate mode in a few seconds. However, the first option is more reliable, because the control system fails extremely rarely.
  • Defrost. One of the most enjoyable finds of modern freezers and refrigerators. There are two types of defrosting: No Frost (without hoarfrost) and manual. The first does not require defrosting at all ever. Although according to the rules of hygiene, it is still not out of place to turn off the freezer occasionally, wash and dry the chamber. The second type of defrost just requires you to do this procedure at least once a year.
  • Climate class. The essence of this characteristic is at what temperature the camera is guaranteed to work without failures. Considering the climatic conditions of Russia, the S and SN models are mainly brought in; they work flawlessly within temperatures up to +32 degrees. In hotter climates, classes ST and T are recommended, the first withstands temperatures up to +38 degrees, the second - up to +43.
  • Additional functions. Usually we are talking about the following:
  1. Automatically saves the previously set temperature when there is a power outage. A very convenient and necessary function, as the products stored in the camera are less likely to deteriorate in your absence if the lights are turned off for several hours. The set temperature lasts up to two days.
  2. Purification of air inside the chamber. This is done using a special carbon filter.
  3. Remote control. The regulation of the mode is controlled by the remote control, it is also possible to lock keys in case your child wants to play with it.

Video Tips

Recommended models and firms

Freezers are produced by both foreign manufacturers and domestic. Each model, regardless of the country of production, can distinguish a number of advantages and disadvantages. Consider the 5 most popular and easy-to-use models:

1. Saratov 153 (or otherwise MKSh-135). An obvious plus of the model is the smallest width among competitors, it fits very well in a small kitchen. It is also reasonable in price (on average it does not exceed 10 thousand rubles), plus it works quietly. Of the minuses, a slow decrease in temperature to the desired level can be distinguished. Saratov 153

2. Atlant M 7204-090. Very capacious camera made in Belarus. With a good capacity of more than 240 liters, the price remains affordable (12-14 thousand rubles). It also does not create noise during operation, has convenient compartments with handles. Of the minuses, one can single out a tight door opening, but this problem can be easily solved: just pry a tight rubber band with your finger and the door will open without difficulty.
Atlant M 7204-090

3. Liebherr GP 1376. Very economical model, class A ++. Among the advantages, the following can be distinguished: it maintains temperature for a long time when the power is cut off, has very capacious drawers frosts, it can easily stand even in a bedroom, as it does not make excessive noise, there is also an additional mode (super freezing). Only the price upsets, this premium class freezer costs about 20 thousand rubles.
Liebherr GP 1376

4. No Frost-Bosch GSN36VW20. Few freezers can please the customer with the No Frost system. This model is very convenient to use: electronic control, in the event of a power outage, maintains the temperature for almost a day (20 hours), there is no frozen ice or hoarfrost. In a word, caring for such a device is quite simple. The model is spacious, a sound signal is integrated when the door is opened. The price, of course, already exceeds the average, this model can cost you 30-35 thousand rubles.

No Frost-Bosch GSN36VW20

5. Samsung RZ-90 EERS. Stylish freezer. It may well serve as an interior decoration in the kitchen. The coating is made of stainless steel, it does not create noise at all, economically consumes electricity, no need to defrost, there is a super-freeze function, holds up to 270 liters, inside there are 6 shelves and 5 drawers. Of course, you will have to fork out for such a freezer, but it's worth it. The price varies up to 43 thousand. Samsung RZ-90 EERS

So, from the proposed models of freezers, everyone can choose for themselves the most suitable for the price and quality. When choosing a freezer, be guided by your requirements, consider capacity, power consumption and freezing power in the first place.

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