How to wash sneakers in a washing machine? Can i do it

To wash sneakers in the washing machine, you need to understand the shoes, and know which type is suitable for such cleaning and which is not. For example, if the sneakers are made on the basis of a foam mixture and a rubber sole with leather elements inserts, then there is a risk of damage, but fabric sports shoes are quite suitable for washing in automatic machine. This and other nuances of machine-washing sports shoes will be discussed.


  1. Is it worth it to wash sneakers in a typewriter?
  2. Under what conditions is washing possible?
  3. Washing rules
  4. Detergents for safe and efficient cleaning of athletic shoes
  5. Sneakers washing video
Dirty sneakers

Is it worth it to wash sneakers in a typewriter?

Manufacturers of athletic shoes claim that it is best to clean by hand. Another wash using the technique reduces the life of the shoe. For example, a sole made of “bubbles” that allows shoes to be resilient and cushioned is deformed and sags. Thermal bonding due to water and friction can be broken, and the shoes are not as durable as before.

But nonetheless, machine wash - This is a reliable and quick way to get rid of dirt, and many housewives use it, you just need to know some rules for the care of sports shoes. In addition, it is a quick way to achieve cleanliness and significant time savings.

Thus, the answer to the question: “Can sneakers be washed in a washing machine?” Can be positive under certain conditions and rules.

Under what conditions is washing possible?

To clean the shoes with the help of technology you need to follow some recommendations of specialists in this field:

  • Initially inspect the shoes, if it seems to you that they are fragile and fragile, you should not risk it, limit yourself to ordinary cleaning.
  • If the sneakers are made of natural material (for example, leather), then they should also not be machine washed. Wet cleaning is best, after which shoes should be rubbed with cream.
  • But the synthetics and fabric are perfectly cleaned by washing, after which the shoes look like new.

Wash sneakers in a washing machine You can, just follow all the rules and then you will not have problems with this.

Sneakers washing process

Washing rules

How to wash sneakers in a washing machine:

  1. To wash the sneakers in the washing machine, the first thing to do is choose the right mode.
  2. Buy a shoe bag. An ordinary machine can handle this task if it is technically sound and there is a special bag for washing sneakers, which can be purchased at any supermarket.
  3. Prepare the shoes. If the sneakers have foam rubber and reflectors, do not risk taking such a wash, as they can fall off and cause damage to the equipment. Also, do not forget to remove the laces from the shoes, otherwise they will damage the drum and the machine will break down. Insoles also do not need to be left in sneakers.
  4. If there is no bag, use the alternative. If you don’t have the opportunity to purchase such a device, sew it from an old pillowcase.
  5. But there are times when you need to urgently wash, but there is nothing suitable at hand. You can add unnecessary rags, a rug or a towel to your sneakers. So you protect the drum from damage and prevent loud noises at the time of the process.
  6. Before washing, wash your shoes under running water so that all foreign objects are washed away and do not harm the washing machine. Remember laces, insoles and other accessories. They can also be washed, just put everything in the bag separately.
  7. Lay only one or two pairs of shoes in the machine.
  8. The temperature regime is set at 40 degrees, this mode will not allow shoes to stick out.
  9. Turn on the easy wash mode (delicate). If the crosses are colored, then the powder that you usually use is suitable, for the white fabric, add a little bleach.
  10. Not worth installing spin modeotherwise, the bearing will be damaged, which will start to make terrible noises when washing.
  11. The drying mode is also not set, otherwise the shoes will lose their original appearance. You get instead of smooth sneakers - a cramped-like shoe.
  12. Drying. After completing the washing process, the sneakers must be thoroughly dried. Blot them with paper towels, but do not use a newspaper, otherwise it will leave prints on the shoes.

Drying sneakers need in vivo, but not on batteries. If it is winter time, and there is no other way to dry your shoes, then first, put a towel on the battery, and then put shoes on it. Fill the containers with paper, it is better if it is white, so the sneakers will not lose their original appearance.

Detergents for safe and efficient cleaning of athletic shoes

  • Weasel "Active & Fresh" - the first washing liquid produced in our country, designed specifically for sports equipment. Some users do not like the strong smell of liquid and a wide measuring cap, which is a waste of liquid. You will need to choose a dosage yourself. The manufacturer assures that the weasel cares for the fibers of the fabric, has breathability, controls humidity, is resistant to climate change and dries instantly.
  • Dalli Fresh & Clean Gel - It is indispensable for washing not only sneakers, but also other devices for sports, unfortunately, it is difficult to find in supermarkets. The pluses include budget spending and a delicate aroma.
  • Tarrago Hightech Performance Wash + - Most often, the product is used to wash things that do not pass moisture well, but at the same time they conduct air well. This is not only shoes, but also clothes, tent material, sports bags and other equipment.
  • Water repellent impregnation. Currently, they are used quite often. It is worth processing sneakers with such a tool, so you can forget about dirt and getting wet for a long time. Water is not absorbed into the tissue surface and flows in drops. Another liquid does not stain the surface of the shoe. At the same time, the fabric remains breathable.

In the end, you should give one piece of advice - use components on a liquid basis for washing sneakers and sneakers, so there will be no soap stains on them.

Sneakers washing video

Watch this video, all the rules for washing sports shoes using an automatic machine are disclosed here:

Today, all the secrets were revealed and the answer to the question - how to wash sneakers in the washing machine. Follow all the rules and wear clean shoes. And if possible, clean your shoes manually, so they will last you even longer.

Good to know: how to clean a washing machine.

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