How to use the washing machine

We recommend using this manual. Technology invented a lot, just can not list. We are going to give only general advice and consider common options. Learn how to rinse, where to pour the funds. At the end of the review, we hope, you will understand how to use the washing machine.

How to start

How to use the washing machine after unpacking? The duties of the workers do not include the installation of the product in place( unless otherwise specified).The washing machine is supposed to be put in the chosen place, preferably on a rubber mat. The legs of the regulators are set by level. Deviations in fractions of a degree are allowed.

Better in advance to buy in the store laying under the legs of the washing machine. These are rubber damping elements that do not allow the equipment to ride across the bathroom floor. Then the shipping bolts are removed. Say, this was supposed to start, we do not agree. The drum is heavy, bricks( concrete) are laid on the tank. We do not recommend loading the springs once again.

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Washing machines

Shipping bolts and other fasteners rely neatly folded in a bag in case of future shipments or sent for repair. This is the responsibility of users. Pay attention to the intermediate elements - often strive to fall inside the washing machine.

Filling linen in a washing machine

Suppose we wash the blanket from padding polyester. The weight of the blanket is small, it is like a feather, but it is impossible to stick it inside the drum. What to do? First we roll the blanket along so that the width is equal to the width of the drum. Now we get up on our knees and begin to roll up a tight roll. Try to twist extremely tight, the width of the loading door is much smaller than the diameter of the drum.

In this form, we begin to push through the side of the blanket inside. We look so that the cuff is not hiked, holding the drum with your free hand. Do not think that the operation is easier to perform together, there is little room for maneuver. When the blanket comes inside, the object will straighten and prepare for washing. Removing is easy. The only thing, try not to include the spin in full. The blanket will begin to actively rub on the cuff, an unpleasant white stripe will appear.

Do the same for curtains with a complex texture. It is usually easy to download, it is impossible to press at all. On the invoice there are traces of the cuff, uneven whitish and wiped stripes.

Loading the laundry into the tank

Now about the weight of the laundry. People take the scales and start weighing. Today, no washing machine in a calm state can not do the procedure. Manufacturers recommend doing much easier:

  1. Things are weighed only once. No difference, before washing or after.
  2. A label with a mass is indicated on each, or it is necessary to create a table.
  3. According to a priori data is going to download.
  4. Linen sorted by modes. This applies mainly to temperature.

Now for pre-soaking. Bleach manufacturers comment on the situation like this:

  • If the stains are not too strong, it is permissible to simply moisten them with a detergent, then wash them with a reinforced program.
  • Medium and strong stains are washed by hand, and better in hot water( if the type of fabric allows).

Linen with stains will really have to soak or wash problem areas separately with your hands.

How to properly use the detergent tray of the washing machine

Few people know that the detergent tray is easily pulled out. He holds on to the plastic latch under the top panel of the washing machine. Try pressing the top with your thumb and pulling the tray towards you. There are three compartments, the location varies depending on the settings of the intake clan. Most often on the left is the powder for the main wash, on the right - for the prewash, in the middle - the rinse.

Filling the compartments with the powder

It works like this:

  1. Side inlet valve connections crosswise. Diagonally.
  2. When you turn on the left, the right tray is filled, the prewash begins.
  3. Similarly, the right nozzle is responsible for the left tray and the main wash.
  4. When turning on both side channels, the jets meet in the middle and fall into the central tray with rinse aid.

Remember that overdose of detergents or rinse aid is not allowed. Otherwise, the excess settles at the bottom of the tank. Do not drum! The drum rotates inside a cylindrical tank. Its walls are visible through numerous holes, if you shine a flashlight. Try to use when filling the washing machine with detergents, taking into account the measures specified in the instructions.

The accumulation on the bottom of the sediment tank leads to the growth of bacteria. Gradually, a terrible smell begins to spread from the washing machine. Cleaning the tank is not easy. To do this, you have to disassemble the entire( !) Washing machine from the top and bottom. Then the tank is disassembled into two halves. Better not be about sad things. In most cases, the reverse factory assembly is no longer performed, it is necessary to break the mass of plastic teeth. It was conceived that the user did not imitate the process, and outside interference could be seen.

A compartment for detergents

The situation is worth a considerable amount of time and effort, including the amount of money. Moreover, the malfunction in the form of smell under the warranty does not fall. Carefully dispense detergent and rinse aid.

How to set the wash program

If your family has allergies, sensitive skin or nose, always put a rinse on the maximum. The names of the programs are stupid and it is worth being guided by the fact that with each press of the button responsible for rinsing, the washing effect is enhanced. There is a difficulty if one button( !) Is often responsible for a number of functions. For example, exhibits a combination of prewash and rinse.

Do not set the temperature above 60 degrees Celsius( unless absolutely necessary).Scaling will begin to settle down more, plus - powders and detergents, by and large, are made to work at the specified temperature. We believe this is due to the European norms of heating systems, where washing machines are often connected to a hot water riser.

Masters say that it is not necessary to press more than 800 revolutions per spin. This only leads to excessive wear of the fabric. In addition, the load on the drum, its axis, and depreciation system increases shock. As a result, the washing machine is able to start jumping as if the locking bolts were not removed after transportation.

Time is often not selected, calculated by the machine. Right in the process of washing( the function is called Fuzzy Logic) or in advance( hard-coded algorithm).

Feature in the washing machine

Notice that at the bottom of the rubber cuff, framing the boot window, there is a small hole. This is not a defect, do not change the cuff. The hole is needed so that after washing excess moisture in the glass tank. Variety of drainage.

How to maintain a washing machine

It is periodically noted that the drain is difficult. It means that the drain pump filter is clogged. Need to clean. To do this, remove the lower decorative panel of the washing machine. It is easier to do with two screwdrivers on the slot, prying at once from both sides. Then the fingers remove the decorative panel from the washing machine. Holds on 3-4 latches.

The drain pump should be searched in the right corner. The position varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is possible to find the desired cover on the secondary basis. Each machine has an emergency drain system. Under the decorative panel, it looks like a small plastic cap with a hooked rubber hose.

Near it, you will need to unscrew a cover with a diameter of several fingers. The thread is right. Pre-substitute under the washing machine basin. Rinse off about a glass or two of water, just water after rinsing.

The lid is tight. Under it is the cross. This is called a pump pump filter. Pull over, remove excess hair and thread. Sometimes there is excess debris, it seizes the movement of the blades of the drain pump of the washing machine. Therefore, the drain does not work.

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