How to learn to prepare cappuccino in a coffee machine

How to learn to prepare cappuccino in a coffee machine


It is unlikely that what kind of drink is compared in popularity with natural coffee. Great gourmets and culinary experts, Italians have quite succeeded in preparing this magic drink, diversifying the dessert menu with various coffee delights. This is espresso, and americano, and latte, and everyone's favorite cappuccino.


  • 1What is Cappuccino
  • 2No capuchinator is indispensable
  • 3Cooking cappuccino in a coffee machine
  • 4A few recipes of cappuccino

What is Cappuccino

For many, cappuccino is associated with an instant-cooking package, in which "the entire Mendeleyev table" is collected. But this is not so, of course. A real cappuccino is a coffee drink made by adding milk to a serving of espresso and creating a luscious milk foam. Quality cappuccino is an equal mixture of coffee, milk foam and milk itself (40 ml per serving). Milk should be fat enough (about 4%) and, necessarily, cold. At home, you need to cook the espresso, and then beat the milk. Virtuosos - masters in coffee shops can do this at the same time.

Since people in the majority are sweeties, this version of coffee has gained immense popularity in the world. Italians, most often, serve it for breakfast. In coffee houses milk foam is often decorated with a pattern, thus pouring in milk, and also sprinkle with cocoa or cinnamon. When the milk is heated and saturated with air, it increases in volume and a thick creamy-sweet foam forms. Vkofemashina milk is beaten with a steam tap, which is also called a cappuccino.

No capuchinator is indispensable

Every day not everyone can walk around the cafe. Therefore, at home in a coffee machine you can drink a drink yourself. To do this, it must necessarily be a capuchator - a device that whip milk foam. According to the technological method, such devices can be:

  • steam (styler);
  • mechanical.

The styler is attached to the coffee machine and works by the principle of mixing steam with milk. A special tube descends, tightening the milk inside and whisking it with steam.

Cooking cappuccino in a coffee machine

Making a cappuccino is simple enough, but it is still necessary to use this process.

  1. First of all, you need to weld a serving of espresso and place it in a large enough cup.
  2. We take a high pitcher and pour the necessary portion of milk. The fatter milk, the easier it will be to foam.
  3. Turn the device on and warm it up. The special indicator should notify that the steam in the washing machine is ready for delivery. To dump the water that could have formed in the cappuccino, turn on the steam for a few seconds, taking the steam cock to the side.
  4. We lower the capuccinator into the milk so that the nozzle reaches almost to the bottom, turn on the device and slowly lift the tip of the styler upward to whip the foam. It is on the surface that steam, milk and air are connected, resulting in a lush mass. Saturating with air, the heated milk increases in volume twice and acquires a sweet creamy taste.
  5. Slightly tilting the container, you can increase the speed and intensity of drilling.
  6. If a sufficient amount of foam is formed, turn off the steam tap.


The correctness of the preparation of the drink is checked as follows: on the surface of the foam pour a little sugar. If the sugar is kept, the foam is beaten well enough. The temperature of the coffee for serving on the table should be about 60-70 degrees.

If the foam did not work, then most likely you overheated the milk or whipped it not at the edge, but deeper.

A few recipes of cappuccino

Penka with coffee is usually combined in two ways:

  1. In a cup of espresso milk is added, and then a foam is spread out with a spoon.
  2. Milk with foam is quickly mixed and poured into the cup, while the foam rises.

The way of making such coffee is standard, but you can always add some own delicacies.

  • Cappuccino in Viennese: in 100 ml of espresso we add boiling milk, whisk the cream, spread from above and decorate with chocolate chips.
  • Cappuccino with cinnamon: a portion of espresso sprinkled with cinnamon, foam milk poured into a cup of coffee first in the center, and then along the circle, from above, sprinkle foam with chocolate and cinnamon.

The best addition to the drink is fresh, fragrant pastries: rolls, strudels, croissants, cakes. Pleasant and fragrant coffee breaks!

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