How to cook homemade yogurt in an electric yogurt

How to cook homemade yogurt in an electric yogurt


The medicinal properties of sour-milk products, in particular yogurt, have been known to man for a long time. Of course, the taste and benefits of this dish directly depend on its composition and how fresh the product is. That's why many housewives prefer to make yogurt themselves. Previously, they had to resort to various tricks - use a thermos, pans with hot water or put jars of leaven near the battery. Since it is difficult to create an ideal environment for the reproduction of milk bacteria under such conditions, the resulting product was not always successful.

Fortunately, thanks to the appearance on the shelves of modern yogurt shops, making yogurt at home has become quite simple. If you are worried about health and want to feed your home with really useful and natural products, be sure to master this simple process.


  • 1The principle of yogurttnitsy
  • 2Which milk is better to use
  • 3What to take for sourdough
  • 4How to prepare the basis of yogurt
  • 5Interesting recipes for every taste
    • 5.1Coffee yogurt
    • 5.2Vanilla yoghurt
    • 5.3Chocolate yogurt
    • 5.4Orange yoghurt

The principle of yogurttnitsy

Yogurtnitsa - a fairly simple household appliance, the action of which is aimed at maintaining a certain temperature the right amount of time. To the milk bacteria intensively multiply, the temperature of their environment should be in the 37-40 degrees. It is this regime that is maintained in the yogurt for 6-10 hours, necessary for cooking the product.


You do not have to worry that the product will cool down or, conversely, overheat. The smart device will do everything on its own and will consume very little power at the same time - after all, it will only work from the network for about an hour.


From the hostess you only need to choose a starter and milk, pour the liquid on the jars and turn on the device.

Which milk is better to use


The basis for the preparation of yogurt is milk or cream, as well as leaven, which you can take a special powder from the pharmacy, natural purchased yogurt or other fermented milk product.

Before making your own dish in a yogurt, determine what flavor and consistency of the product you want get - a thick creamy, more liquid, with a light sour, with a natural taste or with some additives.

Yogurt can be made from almost any milk:

  • Pasteurized or ultra-pasteurized milk. Preparing sour-milk products from it is quite convenient, since it does not need preliminary boiling. From milk fat, -3% yogurt turns out to be quite liquid and sourish. To get a thicker product, it is better to take milk 6% fat.
  • Sterilized milk. If you want to make yogurt, you can buy milk and with a long shelf life, also not requiring boiling. True, many housewives prefer not to cook sour-milk products on this basis, because they doubt the usefulness of such milk and do not like its specific taste too much.
  • Unburnt milk. If you buy natural milk on the market, it is also suitable to make yogurt. True, before use it must be boiled, and then let cool to a temperature of about 40 degrees.
  • Baked milk. In principle, any milk can be used in a yogurt, and if you want to make yogurt with an original taste, try to take as a base a melted one. In addition, it is not necessary to boil it, it can immediately mix with the ferment.
  • Cream. Those who love a rich creamy taste, will certainly like to cook yoghurt with cream 10-15% fat. Depending on your taste, you can dilute the starter directly in the cream, and you can mix the cream with milk in various proportions. In addition, for the preparation of fermented milk dishes, dry cream is sometimes added to milk - they also make the product more dense.

What to take for sourdough

You can cook sour-milk products in yogurttree on different types of starter cultures, the main thing is that they contain live bacteria. Leaven also affects the final taste of the product, so you can try several different ways before making your final choice.

We offer you variants of starter cultures with which you can make yoghurts with different flavors:

  • Dry pharmacy leaven. To make a healthy and tasty product in a yogurt, buy a dry powder with milk bacteria in the pharmacy. For this purpose, you can take "Narine "Evitaly "Bifidumbacterin "Acidolact" or any other drug and act according to the attached instructions. The main disadvantage of this method is that often yoghurt on a dry starter can not be cooked from the first time. If after 8 hours the product in the yogurt is still liquid, you will have to do a repeated cycle to get the right density.
  • Natural yogurt without additives. If you decide to make a leaven of yogurt, keep in mind that your homemade product made in yogurt will have a similar consistency and taste. To prepare a dish by this method, you will need to stir a glass of yogurt (for example, "Activia" or "Biomax") in a liter of selected milk.
  • Sour cream. Very delicious homemade yogurt can be prepared on sour cream 15-20% fat. As a rule, in this case it turns out thick and has absolutely no sour taste.
  • Actimel. Many people like to make products in yogurt, using "Aktimel". For a starter, you can choose any glass - natural or with fruit additives. In the latter case, your yogurt will have a gentle and light fruity taste.

How to prepare the basis of yogurt

If you have already decided which products to prepare your yogurt from, it's time to start making a base for it.


Take the cream or milk, if necessary, boil and cool to 40 degrees. Even if the milk does not need to boil, if desired, you can warm it to the specified temperature - this will shorten the time of the jar in the yogurt for 2-3 hours.

Put the selected leaven into the milk. If you bought a dry powder from a pharmacy, you should do the yogurt as described in the instructions to the drug.

If you decide to cook on sour cream or purchased yoghurt, take about 100 grams of sourdough, put in milk and stir well. To obtain a uniform consistency, it is best to use a mixer.


The simplest way is to buy plain white yogurt without additives as a starter - you will only need to pour one bottle of this product into the milk and stir it with a spoon.


When the base is ready and well mixed, pour it over clean, pre-prepared jars and, without closing the lids, place in a yogurt. Close and switch on the appliance. Please note that the cooking time also affects the density of yogurt. If you like a liquid product, it is enough to stand it for about 5-6 hours, and to get a more dense dish, you will have to be patient and wait at least 8 hours.

When your yogurt is ready, put it for 2 hours in the refrigerator - there it will finally thicken. After that, you can call to the household table to take a sample. Do not forget to leave one glass - it perfectly fits as a starter for the next serving.


Interesting recipes for every taste

Even adherents of natural taste sometimes want diversity. What can we say about children who adore eating yogurt with various additives. If you also want to surprise your home with an unusual dish, we suggest that you use one of the following recipes.

Coffee yogurt


Take a liter of milk, heat it to 40 degrees, put the leaven, 80 grams of instant coffee, sugar to taste. Whisk with a mixer and spill over the serving cups.

Vanilla yoghurt

To give your dish a delicate vanilla flavor, you will need:

  • 1 liter of milk;
  • 100 grams of sourdough;
  • 100 grams of honey;
  • 20 grams of gelatin;
  • 10 grams of ground vanilla.

Dilute gelatin in a glass of milk. Preheat the mixture so that the gelatin is completely dissolved. Add honey, vanilla and remaining milk. Stir thoroughly and put the leaven. Stir again, pour over the jars.

Chocolate yogurt

To get this yogurt, you can melt 100 grams of chocolate in a water bath or buy a ready-made syrup. It should be mixed with warm milk, sourdough and dispense on portioned cups. Yoghurt, cooked with white chocolate, is very tasty and unusual.

Orange yoghurt

Peel the orange from the peel and partitions, cut into small pieces and put in a saucepan. Add 50 grams of sugar, 20 grams of water and put on a slow fire. Stirring, bring to a boil, cool and put into cups for yogurt. Top with a mixture of milk with leaven and turn on the device.

Now you can regularly treat your family members with this useful dish, constantly surprising them with new tastes!

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