What liquid to choose for an electronic cigarette

What liquid to choose for an electronic cigarette


If you decide to stop smoking with electronic cigarettes or just want to go for a more sparing way of smoking, you can not do without a special liquid. And here the main problem begins: a large selection of brands and species can make anyone be confused. It is necessary not only to find a reliable manufacturer, but also to choose the right fortress.


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  • 2How to calculate the strength of a solution
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  • 3The taste and color

Composition and types

To better understand the types of solutions for electronic cigarettes, first you need to know their composition. Any liquid consists of the following components:

  • nicotine base;
  • glycerol;
  • flavoring;
  • propylene glycol.

In turn, the nicotine base is of several types:

  1. Usual (6 parts of propylene glycol and 4 parts of glycerin). This liquid gives off an average amount of steam and has a pleasant taste. It also has a good TX indicator (i.e. n. "Blow to the throat on the severity of which depends, among other things, on the satisfaction received from electronic cigarettes).
  2. Velvet Cloud should be chosen in case you have an individual intolerance to propylene glycol. This is a light solution of nicotine on distilled water and glycerin, which, when used, emits a lot of steam. He has a weak TX and a poorly expressed taste.
  3. Ice Blade is a liquid for electronic cigarettes based on propylene glycol and distilled water with the strongest TX and sharp taste.

If you are not allergic to propylegolic, it is better to choose a small bottle of a conventional or traditional solution with the desired strength. If even the most concentrated liquid seems weak, you can try going to the Ice Blade.

How to calculate the strength of a solution

To begin with, you need to know that a sense of satisfaction from electronic cigarettes and nicotine saturation is greater depends on the manner and frequency of hovering, as well as on the voltage of the battery, than on how strong the liquid you are Have chosen. In most cases, it is selected based on your own experience. And still it is necessary to start somewhere.

Let's take a simple example. Pay attention to the nicotine content in your usual brand of tobacco, and then multiply it by the number of cigarettes you smoke per day. For example, if one piece contains, mg nicotine, and you smoke about 25 per day, then the amount of nicotine, which your body is used to, will be equal to:


, x25 = 1, mg per day.

Based on this, you can choose the required strength of the liquid for electronic cigarettes. Usually manufacturers adopt the following classification:

Strength, mg / ml Description Note
0 Liquid without nicotine Suitable for those who did not smoke at all, or for those who finally give up nicotine
6-8 Easy concentration Can be used as a transitional phase for the withdrawal of nicotine
11-12 Average concentration Suitable if you only smoked ultra-light cigarettes or did it extremely rarely (on holidays)
16-18 Level of concentration above average Your choice if you smoked ordinary cigarettes and did it regularly
22-24 High concentration For the most inveterate smokers, smokers, -2 packs a day
36 Extremely high concentration Used to dilute weaker solutions to give them the desired strength. You can not use it in its pure form.

In our example, a solution with a concentration of 16-18 mg / ml is suitable for you. Keep in mind that in calculations it is better to round the figure down and select a weaker liquid. So, if you smoke 20 pieces a day, in each of which, in mg nicotine, your result will be:


20x, = 14 mg.

Therefore, you need to choose a solution with a strength of 11-12 mg / ml. If you feel that it is still weak for you, you can take a concentrated liquid and bring the fortress to the desired.

Video: how to fill an electronic cigarette


The taste and color

As for the taste, then everything in general is individual. Manufacturers offer such a variety that the eyes scatter in a literal sense. In general, all tastes and flavors can be divided into three categories:

  • tobacco;
  • fruit (cherry, apple, peach);
  • all the rest (coffee, chocolate, etc.).

The greatest demand is for tobacco. Fruit lovers choose hookah, and coffee or chocolate are often bought as an experiment. Keep in mind that liquids with the same name from different companies can differ significantly among themselves, and similar flavors will be very difficult to determine the difference. If you want, you can even experiment by mixing different variants with each other.

To choose a good liquid for electronic cigarettes, you need to take into account a number of parameters. If you are not allergic to propylene glycol and you prefer moderate taste and concentration, buy a solution with the mark "traditional" or "normal" (60% propylene glycol and 40% glycerol). Fortress count on the number of smoked cigarettes per day, and the taste is chosen so that you like it.

And remember: although electronic cigarettes are not as harmful as usual, you should not get carried away with them either. Better consider them as an intermediate stage before finally giving up a bad habit. Believe me, being free from any dependence is very good!

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