Without it, nowhere - automatic irrigation of the garden

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Gardeners and truck farmers have to constantly water the beds, otherwise you can stay without harvest. To help the gardeners comes the system of automatic watering of the garden, greatly simplifying the irrigation process. The simple installation has great advantages.

What is the automatic garden irrigation system

Insufficiency of moisture leads to the withering of plants, and some root crops become bitter in taste. Excess water provokes rotting roots, and the taste of vegetables will become watery. Thanks to the automatic watering of the garden you can set up an irrigation system. The device performs the procedure regularly and qualitatively, creating comfortable conditions for each plant.

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The system consists of various sensors, storage tanks, pumps, sprinklers, fittings, pipes and control panels. Sprinklers are responsible for water spraying, which are classified into the following types:

  • - Statistical, used for irrigation of plants in a small area. The diameter of the statistical sprinkler in the automatic watering of the garden is 10-12 m, the radius reaches 5 m;
  • - Rotary, used for watering plants in a large area. The radius of such an installation is up to 20 meters, it is recommended for watering flat, open areas - lawn, lawn, etc .;
  • - multi-jet, creating watering a lot of jets, released in different directions. Due to its high cost it is rarely used.
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Automatic watering of the garden has electromagnetic valves that perform zone zoning and control the water supply. The pressure in the pipes creates a pump, the controllers monitor the valves, which open, pass water to the site.

Advantages of automatic garden watering

The advantages of automatic garden watering include the following:

  • - saving the human resource - both time and strength;
  • - maintenance of regular and high-quality watering;
  • - preservation of moisture and freshness on the site;
  • - Easy to install and use;
  • - water saving, auto-irrigation will provide full irrigation with the least water costs.

Automatic watering of the garden will help even when a person leaves for a long time from the site. Having programmed the system once, you can go about your business safely. Auto-watering can competently respond in the event of a sudden thunderstorm or the onset of frost. This is a real "wand-rescue wand" for beginners and experienced summer residents.

Video instruction on the installation of automatic irrigation on the site

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