Which is better: a steamer or an iron with a steam generator?

Traditional ironing with regular iron not always gives an excellent result, but it takes enough time and energy. Moreover, most often difficulties arise when working with multilayer fabrics and various finishes on them. What better copes with them - an iron with a steam generator or a steamer?


  1. Steamers
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  3. Which is better?

To cope with voluminous and heavy objects (bedding, curtains, bedspreads), things with a complex cut and decor (multi-tiered dresses, clothes with ruffles, pleating, embroidery beads and sequins), with delicate fabrics (silk, knitwear, fine synthetics, cashmere) will help both special irons with steam generators, and separate devices - vertical steamers. Both the first and second work with steam, but the principle of operation, conditions and advantages are different. This article will sort through the features of each option and help you make the right choice.


The device is very similar to a vacuum cleaner in its design and appearance. It also consists of a body, a long hose and a special spray, from where the steam comes out. In addition to this minimal configuration, many manufacturers offer a telescopic tube, a coasters for clothes, various nozzles and brushes.

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The principle of operation is based on the processing of things with hot wet steam, which is very similar to the "grandmother" way of ironing through a wet cloth. In the boiler, which is enclosed in the appliance body, the water first boils, and then naturally rises and goes outside. That is why steamers are called vertical: in another position, the steam will come out much worse or not at all.


  1. The possibility of not only quick ironing, but also cleaning furniture, curtains, washing windows.
  2. Disinfection of the treated surface.
  3. Very quick readiness for work - in just half a minute.
  4. Elimination of unpleasant odors.
  5. Work is almost effortless - the steamer brush is very light, and the device itself is mobile.
  6. No need for ironing board.


  1. For proper ironing, some skill is required so as not to leave new folds or burn.
  2. The steam is hot (98-99 degrees), so protection for the hand holding the thing is necessary.
  3. Without special tools, the device does not cope with textured things, does not save arrows on trousers and pleating.

In the next article you will learn how to use a garment steamer.

The best models of steamers

Among the many models, many are positioned by manufacturers rather as cleaners than ironers.

Euroflex Monster MB-10035

Model Euroflex Monster MB-10035

It can be classified as inexpensive and simple, but effective. Made in Italy, it comes with a folding hanger for comfortable ironing on weight, there are also two types of brushes for removing lint from clothes, and a nozzle for creating arrows.

Philips GC670 / 05

Model Philips GC670 / 05

This model belongs to the category of professional, ideal for working with delicate and delicate fabrics, as well as with clothes of complex cut and with an abundance of decor. A big plus of the model is the presence of a special rack-hanger, a protective glove and additional nozzles, with with the help of which you can easily make straight arrows, iron out small details and even clean things from fluff and hair.

The video provides an overview of the Philips professional steamer with a detailed analysis of its functionality and advantages:

Steam irons

Among the models with improved and expanded functionality, irons with steam generators stand out. Such devices are also called ironing stations or systems for their rather massive design and really wide practical possibilities. A similar station consists directly of an iron and a tank of water - a steam generator. Two main elements are connected with a flexible hose. Usually these units are heavy and bulky, better suited for stationary use in one place.

The principle of operation is to supply hot and dry steam under pressure directly from the iron, providing a powerful "steam boost".


  1. Strong steam treatment greatly facilitates and speeds up the ironing process.
  2. The steaming function works in any position: both horizontally and vertically.
  3. Only steam comes from the steam generator, so water does not get on clothes and linen.
  4. The possibility of successfully ironing the laundry folded in several layers - this greatly reduces ironing time.
  5. The water tank in the steam generator is much more capacious than the built-in tank in the iron itself - there is no need to often add water.
  6. If the steam mode is not needed, the iron can be disconnected from the system and used as an ordinary device.
  7. The presence of brushes with different pile lengths in the kit will allow not only ironing or refreshing clothes, but also cleaning them.


  1. Bulky, heavy, requires quite a lot of space in the closet.
  2. It is difficult to carry around the apartment - it’s unlikely that curtains can be freshened up without removing them from the cornice. Or this process will take too much time.
  3. High cost, not always justified.

The best models of irons with a steam generator

Philips GC 8350

Model Philips GC 8350

It is very difficult to choose the best devices, but this model is one of the brightest and most beloved by customers. Powerful system for affordable money. A large, almost one and a half liter tank and, importantly, the possibility of using unfiltered and even hard water. There is a scale indicator and a self-shutdown function.

Vitek VT-1224

Model Vitek VT-1224

The model is another representative of the middle price category. This is an ironing system with a ceramic sole on the iron and a tank volume of 1 l in the steam generator. Steams both horizontally and vertically. It weighs about 6 kg, features good ergonomics and a stylish design.

Which is better?

To determine which steamer or iron with a steam generator is needed, you should disassemble the standard tasks that need to be solved with its help. Typically, manufacturers and sellers recommend purchasing a steam generator for frequent and volumetric ironing, and a steamer for cleaning and cleaning. But this rule has its exceptions.

For example, if you need to iron a large number of things, but these are mainly clothes (in a dry-cleaner, a store, a wedding salon or just in a large family), then it is preferable to purchase a steamer. He is in this case preferable. While household ironing with lots of bed linen and towels will be much more pleasant if you use the ironing station.

Let's find out the main points again.

An iron with a steam generator is more suitable for you if:

  • you have to iron a large number of large and easily creasing things - in particular, home textiles;
  • it takes too much time and energy to iron;
  • antibacterial treatment is required (for children's things);
  • you are used to working on the board.

Better buy steamer, if a:

  • iron in large quantities clothes made of thin fabrics, with a complex cut and decor;
  • love multifunctional equipment;
  • Want to make it easier not only for ironing, but also for cleaning the house;
  • someone in the family is allergic and needs regular removal of dust from furniture upholstery and curtains;
  • there is a small closet in the house or someone smokes, so even clean things get a stale smell - the steamer quickly copes with such a problem.

Therefore, the acquisition of a particular device ultimately depends on individual factors and preferences.

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